an equation whose solution falls on a line on the coordinate plane
linear equation
amount of vertical change (difference in the y-values)
amount of horizontal change (difference in x-values)
ratio of rise to run
slope = 0
horizontal line
where the line crosses the x-axis
slope = undefined
vertical line
where the line crosses the y-axis
y = mx + b
slope-intercept form
How many points do you need to graph a line?
point slope form
A line which is flat--having no vertical change from left to right.
no slope
Two coordinates used to graph a point on a coordinate plane. Written as (x,y)
ordered pair
standard form of a linear equation
ax + by =c
one of four regions created by the x-axis and y-axis in a coordinate plane
the point (0,0) where the x-axis and y-axis intersect on the coordinate plane
a plane formed by the intersection of the x-axis and y-axis
coordinate plane
the y-coordinates tend to decrease as the x-coordinates increase
negative correlation
the y-coordinates tend to increase as the x-coordinates decrease
positive correlation
Two lines that do not intersect. The slope of parallel lines are the same.
parallel lines
Two lines that intersect at a right angle. The slopes of perpendicular lines are opposite reciprocals of each other.
perpendicular lines

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