He is the protagonist of 1984 who does not conform to society.
She is (#1)’s secret lover.
He owns a junk shop and used it to betray (#1) and (#2).
Mr. Charrington
He was (#1) and (#2)’s connection to the rebellion of the party. During their meeting, (#1) and (#2) accepted to do anything for the rebellion.
He was (#1)’s friend who one day disappeared from all records. This happens frequently for people who are arrested and never return.
This Ministry created (#5)’s disappearance and changed the records of who the country is at war with.
This Ministry is where the criminals go.
This Ministry deals with war.
This Ministry handles the rations.
This fictional country was the setting of 1984.
This is the fictional country that (#10) is at war with for the end of the book
This is the fictional country that (#10) was at war with at the beginning of the book.
This is the person who embodies the political party (#48).
Big Brother
This person is the head of the rebellion against the political party (#48).
This device is in every single room except those owned by the (#45). It shows messages and broadcasts while simultaneously recording its surroundings.
One of the sayings of (#48): Ignorance is ________.
One of the sayings of (#48): Freedom is ________.
One of the sayings of (#48): War is _______.
These mansions are where (#1) lives. They are in desperate need of repairs.
This is the brand of gin that Winton drinks despite his thoughts on how bad it tastes.
Winston writes in this out of sight of (#24), (#48) would arrest him if they found it. In it he writes his thoughts and emotions.
When (#1) and (#2) escape to their secret spot, (#2) brings illegal goods including this real drink.
When (#1) and (#2) escape to their secret spot, (#2) brings illegal goods including this real substance. (In addition to #31)
This was (#1) and (#2)’s first meeting spot where they were able to be together in peace.
The Ministry of (#7) takes in guilty (and some innocent) people, turning them into this, and tries to get confessions out of them.
(#48) is constantly at _____ because it benefits the country economically and politically.
Since the country is at (#35), citizens have to endure many _______ on food including chocolate.
This is the setting of the book (the year).
The book was written in this year.
In Room ___, (#1) was threatened to be tortured with ravenous rats.
At the ____ shop, (#1) bought his (#41) and was able to be alone with (#2) in an upstairs room.
(#1) bought this item because it reminded him of a lost time: the past.
When (#2) was in the Ministry of (#7), (#4)’s goal was to make him _____ again so he could live a conformed life.
(#48) based its political system on this real life type of governing.
The ______ police search for people who want to overthrow (#48) or even anyone who thinks divergently.
This class is the poorest in society. They hold the power to create a rebellion but they are not educated enough.
(#1) is a part of this class. Most people in the class live in run down apartments and can never turn off their (#24)s.
Outter Party
Members of this class live in nice houses and are allowed to turn off their (#24)s whenever they want. This class is much smaller in comparison to the other two.
Inner Party
This is the political group that rules over (#10).
The Party
A ______ is only dreamed about by the few divergent thinkers who wish to live happily and freely.
He is the author of the book who created this dystopian future.
The Newspeak word for immediately stopping a dangerous thought from being pondered in one’s head.
The Newspeak word for the action of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously and accepting both of them.
This is an official language of (#10) that is set to be (#10)’s only language by the year 2050.
The Newspeak word for controlling the past by altering it through records.
The Newspeak word for (#5) after he was erased from existence.
The Newspeak word for the tendency to enjoy being individualistic.
The Newspeak word that encompasses all words and actions related to love or sex.
The Newspeak word for the occurrence of unacceptable thoughts. These included hatred towards (#48) of deviations from the norm.
The Newspeak word for the blind and enthusiastic acceptance of ideas.

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