One time as a child, I awakened in a big room with no one there. Searching around with no sight of my paps, I began to cry. Tears fell faster than the speed of light- I tried to get off the bed of which I was on but it was too tall and I could injure myself so I stood there and cried until my paps came. He came 10 minutes later. Once he came, I stopped crying and was as happy as a man receiving his paycheck. During that time, I felt ______.
When I was in my younger years around 8-9, I was interested with the world of tech. Everywhere I looked, it seemed so advanced. I saw computers for the first time and was like "wow, what a sight!" After that, I seen TV's and those were what confused me. Motion pictures in an object. It fascinated me so much that I asked my mom to get me something for my birthday related to technology. This thing, on my birthday- I received a phone that was touchscreen, 3rd generation of its kind, had an appstore, a camera, and could make calls as well as listen to music. I owned a ________.
Once time, My family and I took a trip on my birthday to see my 'other family' which was in Vietnam. It was very hot, so hot that I wanted to just go into a coma. Anyways, I entered the bus and traveled to this city. Now, this city is commonly known as 'Saigon' and it's located in southern Vietnam. Hints to the answer is that the first part of the name is the name of a garden tool but without the E, the second part is a part of your head; right under the mouth and after that is another that is something you put in your mouth to keep it fresh but replace the T in that ending and replace it with and H and bam, _____________city.
Ho Chin Minh City
Quite some time ago, I won a bet from a friend and won this console. Now, this console, owned by Sony- is the 8th generation console. This particular 8th gen console of Sony has the shape of a quadrilateral. Controllers aren't that different in appearance from the 7th gen but quite a drastic change in console.
A year or 2 ago, a friend of mine convinced me to buy this console owned by Microsoft- competed against other console's such as the Playstation and Wii. This particular console I owned- you could see it from all angles, 360 degrees around- It was shaped like a small and thin rectangular box as well as the box was like an X shape embedded into it. What am I? I am also 7th gen in consoles
A year ago, my mom, for my birthday, bought me a phone. This particular phone, had an appstore, 12 megapixel camera, no headphone jack
Hanging out with my friends at the park at 11pm, one of my friends decided to hang with his old friend before we all went home. Now, he told his friend some bad words (b/c apparently that was how he talked to him before), caused a fight in which the 'old friend' was no longer friends with him so that friend had a squad which ambushed me and my friends which led to one of them being chased by 8 random guys, another with a broken nose, and me with a scar, being punched to the ground. I was ________.
My friends and I were the "somewhat" adventurous type and we'd often do things that were unnecessary and so one time, one of my friends decided to check this thrown away bag full of goodies that was packed away in a large green metal bin. Now, my friends opened the bin with gloves of course to check for games in the thrown away bags and we did find something! We found games that Gamestop had allegedly thrown away but some cops came and stopped the operation. None of us got in trouble but we lost some goodies. We were ______________.
Every year, my paps buy me these things I put on my face so I could see. It did help actually- It let my eyesight improve but wearing them all the time kinda killed my eyesight and made it even worse. But! Every year, I'd often break them, leaving me "legally blind (lol)" so I would have to use my iPad's Camera to see or fix them myself.
My hair used to be an afro back then since I always combed and used various brushes to make my hair fluffly until I was introduced to something that I thought was revolutionary. This product I use, people called it "crispy" since my hair was always rock hard. This particular thing I used was specifically made for hair(obviously)
After the discovery of hairgel, I quickly discovered another alternative product which was much better than hairgel. This product was better since it was made for your hair and besides using hairgel which you would have to apply to your hair by hand, this product I recently found out was worked using a spray-
During my time in Vietnam, a new friend of mine introduced me into riding a vehicle. However, I was the one to be in control. Now this was a 2-wheeled vehicle that I rode for over a mile. During my time "driving" this, I almost crashed it into a person. What is this vehicle?
First day of school was a blast, students were kind of nice as well as teachers but what made things worse is that I received the best portable technology ever, in school- it had restrictions, a camera, apps, bigger than a phone, and not an android.
This particular object- first received it when I was 10- This was portable, came with a charger, a bag to carry it, had a built-in mousepad, keyboard, leg screen, everything! Even the Internet to search on. As a kid, I was interested in a lot of stuff
Another time ago, I went to Vegas and stayed there for a week and a half. During my time, it was very fun until I got darker. My skin was getting darker than before and I was a kinda of pale person. I got a ______.
Last days of my 8th grade year, me and my classmates were ordered to prepare a song for the last day of the school year. We'd line up on front of the stage and sing and wait for one of the valedictorian's to say the final speech of our grade before we transaction from 8th to 9th
My friend and I were walking down the street one day and this homeless man asked for change. Of course I had no money at the time so I said "My other friend might have some" and my other friend didn't so the homeless man said some things that were considered bad.
Long time ago, I went to this guy, first time ever- this guy gave me a fade, it was nice actually but I was scared of the people. They were all staring at me. However, after going there many times, i got used to it. This guy giving me cuts was the best thing that ever happened to me, ever
I once calculated all my grades and it was a 3.6 average and when I did research, I found out it was a good average and that the average for a regular grade point average is around 2.
One time, before school started- I had to buy uniforms and I was fine with it until the prices. The vest I had to buy was over $40 and same as well go for the shirt but cost slightly less. These were too much but I had to do what I had to do.

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