What was the nickname for the big-band jazz of the 1930s
Where was the Savoy Ballroom located
What drummer led the house band at the Savoy Ballroom
What was the name of the radio program that offered Benny Goodman a national audience?
What was the year of Goodman s Carnegie Hall concert
The Benny Goodman Trio expanded to a quartet by the addition of what vibraphone player
What electric guitarist gained national exposure playing in the Benny Goodman sextet
What is a popular song that has become part of the permanent repertory for jazz musicians
The early career of Count Basie is representative of the style of jazz associated with what city
What tenor saxophonist was a star soloist in the early Basie band and was also one of Billie Holiday's preferred accompanists
Chick Webb achieved commercial success and a national audience when he hired what singer for his band
In what city was the Palomar Ballroom located, the dance club that was the venue for the successful concert that catapulted Goodman to stardom
What was the 1939 song performed by Billie Holiday that dealt with lynching
What alto saxophonist was the soloist for "Come Sunday" in the Carnegie Hall premiere of Duke Ellington's Black, Brown, and Beige
Coleman Hawkins (who came to fame while playing with Fletcher Henderson), Ben Webster (who came to fame while playing with Duke Ellington), and Lester Young (who came to fame while playing with Count Basie) were the three great pillars playing what instrutment
What was the piece composed by Billy Strayhorn based on the directions that Ellington gave him to his apartment
Used band members as instruments and wrote music based off their strengths
What tenor saxophonist, who modeled his sound after Coleman Hawkins, after playing with Benny Moten, Andy Kirk, Fletcher Henderson, Cab Calloway, and Teddy Wilson, made a name for himself as a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra
What was Johnny Hodges instrument
What pianist and arranger, who would become Ellington s musical alter ego, was the composer of Take the A Train
In what year was the first Newport Jazz Festival presented
What bass player with the Duke Ellington Orchestra would record the first bass solos that departed from the walking bass style in favor of a freely melodic conception
What pianist and entertainer was also the composer of many songs which became standards, including "Ain't Misbehavin“
What pianist was acknowledged for both his virtuosity and complex harmonic substitutions
a person who excels in musical technique or execution is know as a
What was the instrument of Roy Eldridge, the first black musician to sit in a white orchestra (Gene Krupa's band)
Django Reinhardt, considered to be the first European jazz master, played what instrument

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