Refers to all mental activities associated with thinking and knowing.
Concept or mental framework that organizes and interprets information.
Interpreting new experiences in terms of existing schemas.
Adapting current schemas to incorporate new information.
The inability to take another's point of view.
Stage where infants learn about the world through sensory impressions and motor activities.
Stage where children represent things with words and images, but lack logical reasoning.
Stage where children gain the mental skills that let them think logically about concrete events.
Concrete Operational
Stage where kids begin to think logically about abstract concepts and form strategies about things they have not experienced.
Formal Operational
Any kind of phase-sensitive learning that is rapid and independent of the consequences of behavior.
A Swiss psychologist who believed the way children think and solve problems depends on their stage of cognitive development.
Developed the ladder of Moral Development.
An Austrian ethologist that who proposed theories on imprinting.
Developed a theory of social development that shows how certain issues peak during different periods in life.
When the menstrual cycle ends; also refers to the biological change a woman experiences as her ability to reproduce declines.
A progressive and irreversible brain disorder characterized by deterioration of memory, reasoning, language, and physical function.
Ability to reason speedily and abstractly.
Fluid Intelligence
Accumulated knowledge and verbal skills.
Crystallized Intelligence
Looks at the unconsious thought processes, but not focusing so much on childhood conflicts.
Psychodynamic Perspective
Personality test that provides ambiguous stimuli to trigger projection of inner thoughts and feelings.
A test in which people express their inner feelings and interests through stories that they make up about ambiguous scenes.
A test developed by Rorschach that uses a set of 10 inkblots designed to identify people's inner feelings by analyzing their interpritations.
All our thought and feelings about ourselves; an answer to the question "who am I?"
One of the first to personality, he believed in the study of psychoanalisis to figure out underlying causes of behaviors and unconsious motives.
Hopeless feelings when a human or animal can't avoid repeated bad events.
Learned Helplessness
First to study personality. "Personality is shapped overtime; every person's personality os unique"
Came up with the 16 human traits; if you where strong/weak in one area you would be weak/strong in the opposite
Used a statystical analysis to divide people into four groups; stable/unstable introverted/extroverted
A pioneer of Positive Psychology. Found that happy people were those who use their "signature strengths," such as humanity, temperance and persistence.
a cultural specific timetable for events to occur. a "time frame", or culturally prefered time for tansitional events.
Social Clock

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