Christianity Crossword

Jewish kingdom controlled by the Roman Empire
Jesus of __________________
A leader or savior of a particular group
The Roman method of execution where the victim is nailed to a wooden cross
The group of people that killed Jesus
Issues of right and wrong and how to treat people
The _____________ Rule states treat other as you would like to be treated
People that followed Jesus's teachings and believed he was a Messiah
The Greek word for Messiah
the 12 people that were trusted followers of Jesus
Leader of the Church after Jesus' death
Change in one's beliefs or opinions
The Roman citizen that became a Christian and helped spread the religion throughout the Roman Empire
Roman Emperor that made Christianity a legal religion in the Empire
Religious groups
This animal was used as a secret symbol for Christians
The Emperor that blamed a fire in Rome on Christians

Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity Crossword

Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity Crossword

a representation of the people
the general that led the Carthaginian army over the Alps
forced the Roman Senate to make him Dictator
Caesar's Chief general
the last pharoh
Caesar's grandnephew
the major racing and military chariot center of Rome
held public events including gladiator fights
civilization that is a blend of Greek, Hellenistic and Roman achievements
the founder of Christianity
those who spread the word of Jesus
Christians who were persecuted and died for their beliefs
the two key leaders that made up the executive branch of Rome in 509 BC
translated from Latin to English as Roman Peace
trading network that connect China, Rome, and many other ancient civilizations
emperor who divided Rome into two parts
Emporer who built a new capital in Constatinople
an aristocrat or nobleman
common folks
an artificial channel for conveying water

Crossword Puzzle for the Roman Empire

Crossword Puzzle for the Roman Empire

Disciple of Jesus Christ
Man-made channel for moving water
An annually elected ruler of the republic
Record of Jesus Christ's life
Combination of legal and military customs
Large land in Rome, worked by slaves
Large unit in the Roman army
Group of three men that held power in Rome
The man who is the head of a family
Person killed for their religious beliefs
Professional soldier hired to kill
Was the savior for a group of people
Temple dedicated to the gods
An aristocrat
Peace existing between Rome
Person not part of a civilization
Single person with complete power over a place
Commoner of ancient Rome
A division of a empire
Ruled by the people who elect representatives
A governing body
Official chosen by plebeians to protect them
Right to reject a proposal
Commander of Rome
Housing complex in Rome
Leader of Catholic church

Roman Empire Crossword Puzzle

Roman Empire Crossword Puzzle

Historian who wrote "The History of Rome"
Wrote the Epic Poem "The Aeneid"
Doctor who studied anatomy
Astronomer who mapped over 1,000 different stars
Strong emperor of the Byzantine Empire
Justinian's wife who championed greater rights for women
Romans borrowed ideas in art & architecture from the...
Romans began to _______________ when coins rapidly devalued
Roman builders were the first to use this strong building material
The Roman Empire officially ended when ______________ removed Romulus Augustulus from power in 476 A.D.
Religious center of the Byzantine Empire?
Leader of the Byzantine Church
Capital of the Byzantine Empire (Modern-day Istanbul)
When money decreases in value and the costs of goods rise
Emperor who divided the Empire in two parts
Emperor who moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantium and renamed it after himself
Someone who stands in for a ruler who is too young or ill to rule
Era of peace and prosperity in Rome that lasted for 200 years
Pictures made from tiny pieces of colored glass
Roman engineering innovation which brought water from far away sources to cities
Roman philosophy that encouraged people to live in a practical way
Political changes that are aimed at making improvements
Romans believed in many gods. We call this belief system...
Romes first Emperor
Name of the Byzantine area that rivaled the Roman Colusseum

Christianity Crossword Puzzle

Christianity Crossword Puzzle

Largest Christian denomination
Leader of Catholicism
Vow Catholic priests take that make them different from other Christian priests
Number of governing bodies of the Eastern Orthodox church
Number of Holy Days observed by Roman Catholic church
Number of Holy Days observed by Eastern Orthodox Church
Considered by many Christian groups the most important city of their faith
Holy book of Christianity
denomination of Christianity developed within the Greek-speaking eastern branch of the Roman-Byzantine Empire
denomination founded over disagreements when Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses outside a Catholic Church door in 1517
Founder of Christianity
Sacrament typically celebrated more by Catholics than other branches of Christianity

Christianity crossword

Christianity crossword

Greek for "Universal"
Jesus died for all sins of people; Belief in him meant eternal life
Official religion of the Roman Empire
The main unifying force in western Europe
The Book that explains the importance of a good Christian Life
The First Christian Emperor
Standardized Christian Doctrine
First 4 books of New Testament
Died on a cross; Was soon resurrected
Belief in One Almighty God
Jesus' Brithplace
Contains the Life and Teachings of Jesus
Jesus is Greek for ______________.
Persistence of early Christians led to this
Leader of the Catholic Church
Rasied from dead
Wrote the Latin Translation of the Bible
The Latin Trasnlation of the Bible
Christinaity conflicted polytheiesm and changed the______________ ______________.
Was issued by Constantine and ended all Christian persecutions.

Ancient Rome Crossword

Ancient Rome Crossword

A large body of water surounded by Europe, Asia, and Africa.
A sense of pride in one's country.
The leader of the Roman church.
Sold off to the highest bidder.
Jewish places of worship.
Punished for their beliefs.
A Jewish man born in Judah or Judea.
Jesus gathered a small group of followers also known as _____.
Underground bural rooms.
Roman writer.
He poisoned his stepbrother & murdered his wife and mother.
Professional fighter.
The ruler of an empire.
Those who are elected to represent the people.
In a _____ citizens have the right to vote or or pick their leader.
Rome was saved when this general attacked Carthage.
The Senate appointed these men to protect the rights of the plebeians.
Roman representatives served in a governing body called ____.
Murdered the king and seized power.

Byzantine Empire Crossword

Byzantine Empire Crossword

Body of Roman civil law, collected and organized by Emperor Justinian
Church in Constantinople, built by Justinian, currently a mosque
A principal bishop in the eastern branch of Christianity
A religious image used by eastern Christians
A split between the eastern and western branches of Christianity
An alphabet for the writing of Slavic languages
People from the forests north of the Black Sea. Ancestors of many eastern Europeans today
A landowning noble of Russia
Russian leader responsible for helping to spread Christianity in Russia
Created new legal code in Russia, Vladimer's son
Challenge Mongol rule and took title of Czar
Russian Emperor
Turkish group who migrated to the Abbasid Empire, would later establish their own empire
A prime minister in the Muslim kingdom or empire
Mongol leader, led the Mongols in the early 1200s
A group of European invaders from present day Hungary

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Crossword

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Crossword

a push for Jews to have a homeland is Israel
Jewish house of worship
food that is satisfies Jewish law
father and founder of Judaism
religious teacher of Judaism
rules of morals that Jews must follow
denomination that strictly follows the rules of Torah
son of God
Christian house of worship
day of worship for Christians
name of Christian calendar
celebrates birth of Jesus Christ
he made Christianity official religion of Roman Empire
he made Christianity official religion of Roman Empire
name of God in Islam
founder of Islam
believe that most qualified should be leader of Islam
believe that Muhammad's nearest relative should be leader of Islam
celebrates the time that the Qu'ran was revealed to Muhammad
declaration of faith, daily prayer, charitable giving, etc.
religious place of worship for Muslims

Judaism & Christianity Crossword

Judaism & Christianity Crossword

savior sent by god
leader or teacher of new faith or movement
an apostle who taught the gospel of the Christ to the first century world
person who suffers or dies for his/her beliefs
saw himself as an "emperor of the Christian people"
the body of people who conduct Christian services
high-ranking church official with authority over a local area or diocese
head of the Roman Catholic Church, in ancient Rome bishop of Rome who claimed authority over all other bishops
in the Rome and Byzantine empires highest church official in a major city
religious belief that is contrary to the official teachings of a church
an early christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and philosopher
believing in one od
refers to 5 books of Moses orventire Jewish bible
founded the religion now known as Judaism
a binding agreement God made with Abraham
the greatest prophet, leader, and teacher that Judaism has ever known
six pointed star associated with Judaism today
a wealthy and wise King of Israel and a son of David
relating to a society of which men hold the greatest legal and moral authority
a day of rest and spiritual enrichment
spiritual leader who interprets God's will
moral standards of behavior
the spreading of Jews beyond their historic homeland

Vocab Chapter 10 "Rome's Decline and Legacy" Crossword

Vocab Chapter 10 "Rome's Decline and Legacy" Crossword

Roman emperor who made Christianity one of the empire's legar religions
local church leaders withn the Roman Catholic Church
bishop of rome and the most important bishop in the Roman Catholic Church
Christian church based in Rome
statement of beliefs
union of three divine beings-Father, Son (Jesus), and holy spirit- in one God
non-Jewish people
soldier for hire
Roman emperor who restored older to the empire and divided it into eastern and western parts
someone who was primitive and uncivilized
to loot, or to take things by force
founder of a Frankish kingdom in the former Roman province of Gaul
term describing people who make a living by herding animals and moving from place to place as the seasons change
eastern half of the Roman Empire that survived for a thousand years after the fall of Rome
leader who has total power
emperor who expanded the Byzantine Empire
uniform code of law based on Roman law
branch of Christianity that developed in the Eastern Roman Empire
people chosen to speak and act for others
Christian church based in Rome