The horizontal value of a coordinate
The vertical value of a coordinate
The measure of steepness of a line
Two numbers written in a pair; used to locate a point on a coordinate plane
Ordered Pair
A mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign to show that two expressions are equal
The set of values of the independent variable(s); usually X values
The resulting values of the dependent variable; usually Y values
An equation that forms a straight line when graphed
Linear Equation
A relation between a set of inputs and outputs, where an input relates to ONE output only
A straight line drawn in the middle of data points on a scatterplot
Line of Best Fit
A line that cuts through a set of parallel lines
Four ways to manipulate the shape of a point or line; Dilation, Translation, Reflection, Rotation
Where the graph either crosses the X-axis or the Y-axis
A method of solving system of equations by canceling out a variable
A method of solving system of equations by solving for one variable and replacing that answer to find the other variable

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