This character is one of Holling's best friends. He is known for standing up for his beliefs and his friends. For instance, in the story when his friend, Mai Thai, was being made fun of, he went and punched the person who did it. He is also part of the track team alongside Holling.
Danny Hupfer
This is the family business that runs through Holling's family. To his father, nothing is more important than this business.
This is the type of literature that Mrs.Baker gives Holling Hoodhood every Wednesday.
This is the character that Holling played in Shakespeare play. This character wore yellow tights and white feathers.
This word is the theme of the book which symbolizes Holling Hoodhood's growth throughout the story. It shows how he completely changed from one mindset to another. It shows how he saw the world then and now.
This is the name of the teacher that spends every Wednesday afternoon with Holling because he does not attend any of the religious classes. This person also has a spouse fighting in the Vietnam War. This person connects more and more with Holling throughout the story and helps solve his problems.
This word is the religion that Holling Hoodhood belongs to. There are no religious classes offered for his religion.
This word is the name of Holling's house. He calls it this because all the cement squares on the sidewalk were perfectly white, it had perfectly matching azalea trees, and it was perfectly painted.
This word is the name of Holling Hoodhood's school
Camillo Junior High
This is the name of the street Holling lives on.
This is one of Holling's good friends in 7th grade. She has liked him every since 3rd grade. Soon throughout the novel, Holling goes out on a date with this friend of his. This friend is the daughter of an enemy architecture business, Kowalski and Associates.
Meryl Lee Kowalski
This is the main character and protagonist of the novel. He is a 7th grader at Camillo Junior High. He has a sister named Heather. He is the son of the business, Hoodhood and Associates
Holling Hoodhood
This is the name of the old principal of Camillo Junior High. He acts like a dictator who controls his school with tons of power. He is the person who made no exceptions and forced every student to attend school on a very frigid,bleak winter day for a standarized achievement test.
The war that was taking place during this novel. In this war, were two men who each had a connection to one teacher. Mrs.Sidman's husband died in this war and Mrs.Baker's husband took part in this war. This war opens Holling's eyes to the real word.
This word is the big M. that unexpectedly bounces into different times of Holling's life to boost his spirit.
This is the type of curse that Holling learns about from Shakespeare's words, The Tempest. Holling loves these types of curses and uses them quite regulary because others, excluding Mrs.Baker, do not really know what they mean. An example of this type of curse is toads, beetles, bats.
This is the location of where the Vietnam War took place and where the soldiers were fighting.
The name of the news reporter that reported the status in the Vietnam War from Khesanh every night.
Walter Cronkite
This is the month that was known for atomic bomb awareness. Mrs.Sidman believed during this month, the students needed to practice what would happen if the Soviet Union ever launched a bomb on them.
The word Mrs.Baker uses when someone in her class has done something good. The tip of giving a code word was given to Mrs.Baker by Holling. The word was created and used toward the end of the story.
This is the name of the two rats who belong to Mrs.Baker, but they have escaped their cages. It is not easy to catch these rats and is extremely annoying to hear them crawling above in the ceiling. These rats were named after characters in Shakespeare's work, The Tempest.
Sycorax and Caliban

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