Type of engineer who researches and builds aircrafts?
Type of engineer who deals with the design and construction of roads, buildings, bridges, etc?
Type of engineer who creates medical equipment, using both engineering and biology
Type of engineer responsible for our Heating, Ventilation, and AC
Type of Engineer who is responsible for products that move, or involve movement in any way(k-----c)
Type of engineer who tries to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, by developing machines to ameliorate lives(think of a synonym to "hard-working")
Type of engineer who manipulates DNA to achieve the desired qualities of an organism(crop, animal)
Type of engineer who researches and uses qualities of elementary particles(particles of matter that make up our world) to improve our lives
Type of engineer who seeks to discover the life in the depths of the ocean, and constructs marine technology to do this
Type of engineer who endeavors to allow quicker and accurate communications(radio towers, satellites)
Type of engineer who attempts to treat the injuries and diseases of animals
Type of engineer who seeks to design more effective and less dangerous x-ray machinery
Type of engineer who tests manufactured items to test their legitimacy and deem if they're acceptable(L-b Q-----y)
Type of engineer who designs, develops, and maintains machinery
Type of engineer who act as arbiters for the quality of items
Type of engineer who maintains sewers and other water transmissions(water o------r)
Type of engineer who strengthens computers' defenses against viruses, and administers other sorts or programming(J---)
Type of engineer who constructs and makes use of able AI(Artificial Intelligence) to improve humans lives
Type of engineer who develops and designs furniture
Type of engineer who insures protection of the environment by exercising rights, or by researching possible methods of defense
Type of engineer who maintains utilities
Type of engineer who designs animal habitats and other microcosms
Type of engineer who develops artificial limbs and organs for the misfortunate
Type of engineer who increases efficiency of programs and computers(d-----l)
Type of engineer who constructs satellites for the purpose of taking images of the universe

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