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Plate Tectonics Crossword Puzzle


What describes large scale movements of the Earth's lithosphere? Plate Tectonics
The lithosphere is divided into... Tectonic Plates
Two plates collide they make... Convergent Boundaries
When two plates move away from each other this is called... Divergent Boundaries
A boundary at which two plates move past each other horizontally is called a... Transform Boundary
What is the outermost rigid layer of Earth? Lithosphere
What is a layer of weak or soft mantle that is made of rock? Asthenosphere
What is the strong lower part of the Earth's mantle? Mesosphere
What explains the age and magnetic patterns of sea floor rocks? Sea-Floor Spreading
What is the outermost layer of Earth? Core
What is the movement of matter that results from differences in density? Convection
What is located between the core and the crust? Mantle
What extends from below the mantle to the center of Earth? Core
What element makes up most of Earth's core? Iron
What is the liquid layer of Earth's core? Outer core
What is dense and is in the center of Earth and extends from the bottom of the outer core to the center of Earth? Inner core
What are the huge trenches on Earth's seafloor? Ocean Trenches
What pushes the rest of a plate away from the mid-ocean ridge? Ridge Push
What is the portion of motion of a tectonic plate that can be accounted for b the portion of motion of a tectonic plate that can be accounted for by its subduction? Slab Pull
What is the slow creeping motion of Earth's solid silicate mantle caused by convection currents carrying heat from the interior of the Earth to the surface? Mantle Convection

ANSWER KEY Crossword


The maximum or minimum point of a quadratic function. vertex
The line of symmetry that runs through the vertex; can be found algebraically: x=-b/(2a) axis of symmetry
All the input values of a function. domain
All the output values of a function. range
x = -b ± √(b² - 4ac)/2a quadratic formula
one of the possible outcomes of a probability experiment event
a possible result of an experiment outcome
a diagram that shows how two or more sets in a universal set are related Ven diagram
a collection or list of items SET
events such that the outcome of one event does not affect the probability of the outcome of another event independent events
'sides and angles' that are images of each other will be equal if the two triangles are congruent. CORRESPONDING PARTS
Any number that can be written as a simple fraction, with a whole number numerator and denominator, such as terminating decimals, repeating decimals and integers. rational number
A square with a whole number root. perfect square
An angle of exactly 90 degrees. right angle
A triangle that contains a right angle. right triangle
Any number that cannot be written as a simple fraction, such as non-repeating, non-terminating decimals, square roots of non-perfect squares, pi. irrational number
The result of multiplying a number by itself square
Greek philosopher, 570-495 BC. There is no evidence that Pythagoras himself worked on or proved the Pythagorean Theorem, which was used previously by Babylonians and Indians. Pythagoras
A mathematical symbol that indicates the extraction of the root of the square inside. radical sign
the statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal equation
a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression Coefficient
solving a problem solutions
value that,when multiplied by itself,gives the number roots
relationship between two numbers indicating how many times the first number contains the second ratio
two ratios or fractions are equal proportion
relationship between two numbers indicating how many times the first number contains the second ratio
a single number or variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together terms
an unbroken part of a circle arc
an angle whose vertex is at the center of a circle central angle

Exploring Careers Crossword


knowing one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions self awareness
the different ways people naturally think and learn learning styles
favorite activities interests
a skill that has been developed abilitiy
an individual's feelings, actions, habits, and thoughts personality
the potential a person has for learning a skill aptitude
the ability to perform a task due to training and experience skill
ideas a person lives by values
the things about work that are important to a person work values
values that reflect the importance of money in a person's happiness economic values
what a person does for pay job
a set of related job skills and experiences occupations
a work history of one or more jobs in the same of related fields of interests career
working at least 40 hours per week full time
the way a person uses his or her time, energy, and other resources lifestyle
the ways people make make, buy, and sell goods and services economy
items that people sell goods
activities people do for others for a fee services
all the world's economies and how they are linked global economy
the need for workers and the kind of work available to them job market
all people over the age of 16 who work or are seeking work labor force
the buying and selling of goods and services via the internet e-commerce
equal emplyment opportunity for all, regardless of gender gender equality
a change over a period of time trend
a group of people who work together to set goals and make decisions to solve problems and put ideas into action team
a wide varietyof workers with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and skills in the work place workforce diversity
a flexible work arragement that allows 2 part time employees to divide one full-time job job sharing
using outside resources to preform activities traditionally handled by internal company staff outsourcing
working at home for a company telecommute
a work schedule that allows workers to choose work hours that fit their particular needs flex time
designing and constructing structures that enclose space to meet human needs architecture
building structures construction

90's Movies Crossword


"For who could ever learn to love a beast" Beauty and the beast
Life's like a box of chocolates Forrest Gump
Family left, robbers, protect the house alone Home Alone
It's the circle of life The Lion King
"You're killin' me smalls" Sandlot
War, search, Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan
Lightsabers Star Wars
"I'll never let go, Jack" Titanic
"Buzz Light-year to infinity and beyond" Toy Story

AG Crossword Puzzles


Police Dog K-9
Companion Rabbit minirex
The goat used for milk suffolk
A type of pig Duroc
The only companion ag fish Fancyguppy
Use for service Hollandlop
Use for companionship Goldenretriever
Service Dog labrador
Work, Service, and Companionship dog Germanshepard
Service reptile Beardeddragon
Show Cat Persian
Therapy Monkey Capuchinmonkey
Helps Flowers Honeybees
Horses used for companionship minihorses
AG snake Ballpython
Service Bird cockatail
Horse used for work Quarterhorse
Bad for dogs Chochalate
Are fatal for animals Onions
Toxic Poisonous Plants

Economics Chapter 1 Crossword


condition that results from not having enough resources to produce all the things we would like to have scarcity
The study of how people try to satisfy seemingly unlimited and competing needs and wants. economics
a basic requirement for survival need
something we would like to have want
tangible economic product good
work performed for someone service
land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurs factors of production
the value of the next best alternative given up opportunity cost
consumer rights were part of the a movement called consumerism
sum of people's skills, abilities,health, and motiviation human capital
learning a task very well specialization
where all of the factors of production are bought and sold factor market
market in which goods and services are bought and sold product market

Pre-Calculus Crossword Puzzle


A number says how many times to use that number in a multiplication Exponent
A number with no fractional part Integer
An equation that makes a straight line when it is graphed Linear Equation
The distance from the center to the circumference of a circle Radius
The differnce between the lowest and highest numbers. Range
A point where two or more straight lines meet Vertex
The amount of 3 dimensional space and object occupy Volume
The line that divides something into two equal parts Bisector
The size of a surface Area
A number used to multiply a variable Coefficient
A line segment connecting two points on a curve Chord
The largest exponent for a polynomial with one variable Degree
A straight line going through the center of a circle connecting two points on the circumference Diameter
Does not converge, does not settle with some value Diverge
A way to pinpoint where you are on a map or graph by how far along or how far up or down the graph is Cartesian Coordinates
Curved outwards Convex
The length of the adjacent side divided by the length of the hypotenuse Cosine
The longest side on a right triangle Hypotenuse
This creates an arched shape when graphed Hyperbola
How far a periodic function is horizontally to the right of the usual position Phase Shift
The ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter Pi
A vector with a magnitude of one Unit Vector
The shortest diameter of an ellipse Minor Axis
A sequence made by multiplying by some value each time Geometric Sequence
A value that you get closer and closer to, but can never reach Limit

Diversity and Inclusion Crossword


The act of encouraging belonging Inclusiveness
Understanding and acceptance of belief, values and ethics of others Intercultural Competence
Subjective reactions to the world around us Values
System of shared beliefs, ideas, values + behavoirs Culture
Core VALUE OF THE DO- A quantifiable measurement- of all the ways people differ Diversity
Committed to facilitating change by modeling appropriate behaviors change agents
Competency- replace barriers to maximum our values and uniqueness Inclusion
We passionately bring different people and perspective together to collaborate, innovate and grow the business Mission
Associate Resource Groups ARG
Process where a group adopts characteristic, customer and attitudes of the "prevailing" culture assimilation

Neuroanatomy Crossword


The PNS that controls voluntary movement somatic nervous system
Group of axons that connects the two brain hemispheres Corpus Callosum
Medial most structure of the brain Pineal Gland
Rostral most portion of the brain, directly dorsal to the eye sockets. Orbitofrontal cortex
Portion of the thalamus that project information to the primary visual cortex Lateral geniculate nucleus
Cross section for optic nerves in the brain optic chiasm
Structure that signals the initiation of neurulation notochord
Fiber bundle that carries information from the hippocampus Fornix
A coronal plane that splits the frontal and parietal lobes Central sulcus
Structure connecting the third and fourth ventricles Cerebral aquaduct
Name for the fibers that convey sensory neurons to the brain Afferent fibers
Relays sensory info to proper portion of the brain Thalamus
Visual field attention area Posterior parietal cortex
Motor related structure located on ventral side of the brainstem pons
Layers that protect the brain and spinal cord meninges
Group of structures connecting the cerebellum to the midbrain cerebellar peduncles
Section of brainstem involved in processing auditory information inferior colliculus
Crossover area for upper motor neurons medulla
Positive regulator of the hypothalamus Amygdala
Learning and memory center Hippocampus
Structure derived from mesoderm that creates bones and muscles. Somite
Directly caudal from central sulcus Primary somatosensory cortex
GABA filled structure that is stimulated by the Primary motor cortex Substantia nigra
Structures connected to the fornix Mammillary bodies
Fiber bundle connecting the amygdala to the hypothalamus Stria terminalis
Connective structure were portal system begins Infundibulum
Term for "crossover" Decussation
Portion of the brain that contains tons of nerve fibers, discovered by White matter
Structure that controls speech Brocas area

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