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Rahab Saves Joshua's Spies Crossword


Who was Moses's assistant? Joshua
Who was the father of Joshua? Nun
Which river did the Lord instruct Joshua and all the Israelites to go across? Jordan
What is the south boundary of the land which God was to give to the Israelites? Desert
What is the north boundary of the land which God was to give to the Israelites? Lebanon
What is the east boundary of the land which God was to give to the Israelites? Euphates River
What is the west boundary of the land which God was to give to the Israelites? Mediterranean Sea
On which side of the Jordan river were Reuben, Gad and one half-tribe of Manasseh allotted land ? East
How many spies did Joshua send secretly ? Two
From where did the spies start? Shittim
Name the land that the spies were to closely look at ? Jericho
Who hid the spies from the King of Jericho? Rahab
Where did Rahab hide the spies ? Roof
Under what did the hide them? Stalks of Flax
Where was Rahab's house built ? On the City Wall
With what did the spies climb down from Rahab's window ? Red Rope

Breeds of cattle Crossword


Can be red or black Angus
A breed of dairy cattle Holstein
A type of cow that has short horns Short Horn
Primarily raised for beef cattle Hereford
Can be raised for meat but can be crossed with angus and hereford Charolais
A cow that has long horns Longhorn
A small bread of dairy cattle Jersey
Scottish cattle Bread Highland
Highley muscled cattle breed Limousin
one of the world longest established beef cattle Galloway
Beef that was developed in the Caribbean Island Senepol
Tropical beef cattle developed in southern Texas on king ranch Santa Gertrudis
North American dairy cattle Brown Swiss
Hardy and popular beef cattle Brangus
Dual purpose Breed of cattle developed in England Red Poll
versatile breed of cattle originating in the valley of the Simme River Simmental

Inventions and Discoveries Crossword


A tiny flash spark
A test made in order to study what happened experiment
A room or building used for scientific work laboratory
This person invented the light bulb thomasedison
This was discovered by Benjamin Franklin Electricity
A thin rope or cord used for tying things string
To watch someone or something carefully observe
This is Alexander Graham Bell's famous invention telephone
Someone who invents things inventor
The Wright _________ invented the aeroplane brothers
What theory did Albert Eistein develop? relativity
Bill Gates Nationality American

Farm Word Search

Word Search

Balance sheet
Cash flow
Farm Ownership Loans
Guaranteed Loans
Operating Loans
Sugar Beet
Sweet Corn

Pecos Bill Crossword


Pecos was married to Slue Foot Sue
Bill rode a horse named Widow Maker
Pecos bill rode a Horse
Slue Foot Sue rode a catfish
Pecos Bill was a cowboy
Pecos was raised by coyotes
Bill once lassoed a twister
Bill's family moved because it was to crowded
He got seperated from his parents when he was a baby
He used a ***** as a whip snake
Bill sometimes rode a Mountain lion
Bill was very strong
His favorite food was Dynamite
The most dangeous thing pecos rode was a Cyclone
He roped whole herds of ****** at a time cattle
Slue foot sue was determined to ride Widow Maker
The peson who told bill he was not a coyote was his brother
Bill invented the Branding iron
When pecos returned to civilization he worked at a ranch

AGRICULTURE vocab Crossword


a piece of land used for raising crops or animals farm
a place to buy and sell things market
animals kept for profit livestock
to provide for supply
usable stock or supply resources
to bring forth, yield produce
the cultivating of soil, producing of crops, and raising of livestock agriculture
a doctor who treats animals veterinarian
depending on one another interdependent
to eat or drink up consume

New Nation Crossword Puzzle


Is an action or decision that later serves as an example. Precedent
The first president of the United States. Washington
This act created 3 levels of federal court and defined their powers Judiciary
Money owed by the United States to other countries. National debt
People who buy items at low prices in the hope that the value will rise and then they can sell the items for profit Speculators
This person was a -------- constructionist if they can take reasonable actions that the constitution does not specifically forbid. Loose
What political party wanted a strong federal government Federalists
------ Treaty gave the Native American 20,000 dollars and in return the U.S was given the NorthWest Territory. Greenville
What affair did the french men demand for 215 thousand dollars and a 12 million dollar loan XYZ
What proclamation stated that the U.S would not take sides with any European countries Neutrality
Who was the second president Adams
What act banned trade with all foreign countries Embargo Act
What rebellion did the farmers protest against on the tax of a alcohal drink Whiskey
------ ---- are members who want to go to war with Britain War Hawks
This person is a ------ constructionist if he only does what the constitution specifically says it can do Strict
What was the purchase called that France sold land to the U.S for 15 million dollars. Louisiana
What political party wanted a limited federal government Democratic-Republican
Who won the election of 1800 Jefferson
---------- treaty settled the border disputes with Spain Pinckney
This Native American warned other Indians about the dangers that they will face with American settlers Tecumseh

New Mexico Statehood Crossword


The Treaty of _____________ Hidalgo Guadalupe
The Long Walk involved which group of native Americans? Navajo
The trail that went from Mexico City to Santa Fe Camino Real
Which river did the US cross when "protecting" thier new southern border? Nueces
Who earned a special name from the Native Americans and was a term of honor? Buffalo Soldiers
Corrupt group of businessmen in NM. Santa Fe Ring
Rough Riders were a part of which war? Spanish American War
People who came to NM to get better. Healthseekers
Article ? was not put into the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Ten
Idea that the US would span from Ocean to Ocean. Manifest Destiny
Secret telegram sent from Germany to Mexico during WWI? Zimmerman Note
Famous road people traveled through NM in the 20's. Route 66
What natural disaster hit NM in the 1930's? dust bowl
Why did we use the Navajo language to make a code in WWII? unwritten
Japanese Americans were put into ___________ camps because they were not trusted. internment
The Bataan Death March took place where? philippenes
Building the Atomic Bomb took place in what city? Los Alamos
12th astronaut to walk on the moon was? Harrison Schmitt
Main scientist involved in rocket development Goddard
Biggest Air Force Base in NM Kirtland
Base where bombs and missles were/are tested White Sands Missle Range
valuable mineral found in NM and used for nuclear energy uranium
Blue Lake was given to which group of Pueblo? Taos
_____________ Federal de Mercedes -- organization that fought land grant issues Alianza
President who signed NM into statehood. Taft

Oregon Trail Crossword Puzzle


Went bankrupt in 1873 (pg241) Jay Cooke
Is a large landowner(pg234) Arthur Denny
Part of the group Mercer girls(pg234) Lizzie M Ordway
Raising crops without the benefit of irrigation for water(pg236) Dryland farming
Established the first American settlement is western Washington(pg235) Michael T Simmons
Was a cattle rancher and herder(pg235) Ben Snipes
Made it possible to buy fresh salmon for consumption(pg236) Mechanical refrigeration
Most valuable mineral(pg236) Gold
One of the most successful early economic industries(pg236) Fishing
Ships returned to port to unload the catch(pg236) Cannery
New immigrants to Washington had to contend(pg236) Local Geography
Largest group of people who immigrated to Washington territory by the 1850s & 1860s White Americans
The pioneer experience was much more urban(pg232) Washington Territory
Only 1,201 people living Washington
One of the first pioneers to settle north of the Columbia River(pg227) Ewing Young
This act was successful in Oregon(pg227) Donation Land Claim Act
Offered land to any pioneer willing to move to the American West(pg227) Homestead Act
Most affordable and common method to reach Washington Territory(pg226) Wagon Train
Brought an end to the Indian Wars(pg226) The Battle Of Spokane Plains
The first commercial salmon cannery(pg236) William Hume

The War of 1812 Crossword


Who was the President during the war of 1812? James Madison
Who was the Secretary of State during the war of 1812? James Monroe
What capital did the British burn down? Washington
What did they call a group or person who was for the war of 1812 Warhawks
What was the last name of the person who wrote the National Anthem? Key
What still stood after the battle of Fort McHenry? Flag
What country did the Warhawks want to take over? Canada
What other country was England at war with? France
Who was on the Protrait that Mrs. Madison saved? George Washington
What battle occured after the Treaty of Ghent? New Orleans
Who allied the Indians with the British? Tecumseh
Who was the "hero" of the war of 1812? Andrew Jackson
What was the name of the treaty that ended the war? Treaty of Ghent
What major Canadian city did the Americans burn down? York
What ship was nicknamed "Old Ironsides"? USS Constitution
Who were the British allies with? Indians
What is the term for what the British did to American sailors? Impress
Where is Prophetstown? Indiana
Who was the war of 1812 mainly against? Britain
What surged after the war? Nationalism
Who was the leader of France at the time? Napoleon