Bingo Cards

sit with both
you use it
carry a small
the cut hurt
the fast car
then the light
which will fall
pull it in
had found
under there
be kind
pick it up
Bill can read
my own bed
why is it
pull the black


Women's Suffrage Crossword puzzle


Where did the first women's rights convention take place in the U.S? Seneca Falls
Who drafted the decleration of sentiments and resolutions? Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Who was the president when women got the right to vote? Woodrow Wilson
How may years did the silent sentinels last for? two
Who gave the Ain't I a women speech? Sojourner Truth
Who formed the NWP? Alice Paul
What does the NWP stand for? National Womens Party
Who was the president of NAWSA after Anna Howard Shaw retired? Carrie Chapman Catt
Lucy Stone and who else founded the AWSA? Henry Blackwell
What was the name of Fredrick Douglass' newspaper? The North Star
Who said they would rather have theri right arm be cut off then have black men have the right to vote before women? Susan B Anthony
Who did Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton work with to start their own newspaper? George Francis Train
What was the name of Elizabeth Stanton and Susan Anthony's newspaper? The Revolution
Who was in London with Alice Paul? Lucy Burns
What state did Sojourner Truth give her Ain't I a women speech in? Ohio
Who was the secretary at the Seneca Falls Convention? Mary Ann McClintock
Who chaired the convention at Seneca Falls James Mott
Who was the speaker at the Seneca Falls Convention? Lucretia Mott
Where was the Women's Suffragist Parade held? Washington DC
Carrie Champan Catt became president of NAWSA after _ resigned? Anna Howard Shaw

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword


What was on the other side of the fence? people in striped pajamas
What is the name of the camp? Out-With
Why were there people on the other side of the fence? jews
What was happening to Bruno's memory? fading away
How many floors were in Bruno's new house when he moved in? three
Who helped Bruno when he got hurt and cut himself while playing on the tire swing he made? Pavel
What did Bruno see when he was walking down the other side of the fence? boy
What was Bruno's new friend name? Shmuel
What happened to Shmuel's father? disappeared
Who was the soldier that Bruno didn't like? Lieutenant Kotler
How were the maids to address Bruno's father? Command't
What happened when Pavel accidently crashed the bottle of wine? Lieutenant Kotler got mad
Why was Shmuel in Bruno's house? washing glasses
What was the big news Bruno had to tell Shmuel? moving back
How does Shmuel sit on the ground when he meets Bruno? cross legged
What did Bruno see outside of his window jews
What did both Bruno and Shmuel think about Lieutenant Kotler scary
How many floors were in Bruno's old house back in Berlin? five
What does Bruno bring to Shmuel when he meets him? food
Why did Bruno move away from Berlin? father's job
What did Bruno call her sister? hopeless case

8th grade social studies Crossword


He was the President at the end of the war and his plan would have made it easier for the south to rejoin the Union. Abraham Lincoln
New laws used by the south to control blacks. black codes
The bringing of formal charges against a public official. impeachment
Was arrested for sitting in a white's only railroad car Homer Plessy
This is a group pardon amnesty
One of 2 blacks who served in the U.S. senate between the years 1872-1901 Hiram Revels
This had to be paid before voting poll tax
Enslaved people who had been freed by the war Freedman
This is a laborer who works the land for the farmer who owns it, in exchange for a share of the value of the crop sharecropper
An exam given before voting to see if someone can read and write. Literacy Test
Assassinated President Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
southern whites who had oppossed sucession Scalawag
a provision that allowed a voter to avoid a literacy test if his father or grandfather had been eligible to vote on January 1, 1867 Grandfather Clause
Proposes a relatively lenient plan of reconstruction andrew johnson
Name given by southerners to nothern whites who went south to start businesses or pursue political office carpetbagger
enforced seperation of races segregation

The Fault in our Stars Crossword


What did Hazel Call herself as meaning to that she will blow up and hurt Augustus? grenade
Who wrote the Fault in Our Stars? John Green
Who died in the Book of The Fault In Our Stars? Augustus Waters
Where did Augustus Waters And Hazel Grace first meet? support group
Who was Augustus' best friend? Isaac
What book did Hazel read constantly? An Imperial Affliction
What was Augustus' book based on? video games
Why did Hazel have to go to a support group? She was ____ Depressed
What was the object that Augustus held as a metaphor? cigarette
What limb did Augustus lose to Cancer? leg
What sport did Augustus like to play before he had Cancer? basketball
" I fell in love the way you fall ______: slowly, and then all at once." asleep
What was the word Augustus and Hazel used to mean as "always"? okay
" You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its ______" killing
" I'm on a ________ that is only going up, my friend." rollercoaster
" The world is not a wish granting ______." factory
What did they through at Isaacs' ex-girlfriends car? eggs
Why were Hazels hands cold? They were under ______ oxygenated
"It lit up like a ______" christmas tree
Where did Augustus and hazel go to meet Hazels favorite book author? Amsterdam

3rd Grade Dolch Sight Words Word Search

Word Search


Civil Rights Crossword


Laws that segregated African Americans Segregation but Equal
Segregation by custom and tradition De facto segregation
something that is built, installed, or established to serve a particular prupose Facility
Major black civil rights activist who was assassinated Martin Luther King Jr
Helped African Americans ride public transportation Montgomery Bus Boycott
An agricultural estate worked by laborers Plantations
Agreeing with standards of proper behavior, good state, or morality Decent
Making s statement based on a personal knowledge or belief Testifying
A person who asks for votes, contributions, or supports to determine public opinion Canvassers
To sit next to or in contract with Adjoining
Unable to cure Incurable
African Americans had to ___________ to vote Register
The president at the time. Then was assassinated for his beliefs JFK
where MLK gave his "I Had a Dream" speech The March on Washington
An attempt to kill a bill by having a group of senators taking turns speaking so that a vote cannot take place Filibuster
A motion that ends debate and calls for an immediate vote Cloture
President after JFK died and major civil rights activist Lyndon B. Johnson
Prejiduce or discrimination against a person because of their beliefs Racism
The mobilization of the political and economic power of African Americans Black Power
Inspirational/key role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle


a type of clothing that only the Socs wear and the Greasers envy Madras
she was only 16 years old when she wrote the story SEHinton
Dally sent Johnny and Ponyboy to this city after Johnny killed Bob Windrixville
the main theme in The Outsiders identity
these people have long hair and live on the East side Greasers
the oldest Curtis brother Darrel
he had a horse named Mickey Mouse Sodapop
he used to live in New York before coming back to Tulsa Dallas Winston
it's the one thing that both the Greasers and the Socs have loyalty
her hair was fiery red, and so ws her car Cherry Valance
the title of the novel we are reading The Outsiders
it always happens between the Greasers and the Socs rumbles
Mrs. O'Briant called Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally this (hint chapter 6) heroes
these people are rich, drive hotrods and live on the West side Socs
Mr. Syme's students called him late at night and asked him about the theme he was to write about. His name is (hint chapter 12) Ponyboy
Dally loved this person more than anything Johnny
Bob drove this kind of car Corvair

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Crossword


This man can lift a car Mr. Morrison
This boy is Awkward Jeremy
Narrator of the story Cassie
The six year old neat freak Little Man
The kid that tries to stay out of trouble Christopher Jon
Oldest logan child Stacey
"Best friends" with Stacey T.J.
He is a lawyer that likes the black people Mr.Jameison
She got fired from teaching Mary
Broke his leg David
Mother of David Big Ma
Cassie carried her books to school Lillian Jean
The Logans pick this for profit Cotton
The Uncle with a short temper Uncle Hammer
Expenxive car that Mr. Granger and Uncle Hammer have. Packard
Was striking at night Lightning
T.J.'s little brother Claude
Where Mr. Jamisons office is Strawberry
This man owns a plantation and is friends with the Wallaces Mr.Granger
A meeting of families at church Revival
These bad people own a store Wallaces
He died from R.W. and Melvin Mr. Barnet
The place where black people wanted to shop a. Vicksburg
The horse the Logan's own Jack
The vehicle that broke Papa's leg Wagon



A printmaking technique in which the image is printed from a raised surface, usually produced by cutting away non-image material. RELIEF
A type of relief print in which the image is cut into a piece of linoleum (similar but harder than our soft kut material) LINOLEUM PRINT
A small hand held rubber roller used to spread printing ink evenly on a surface before printing BRAYER
The actual picture the artist makes from a printmaking process PRINT
In relief printing, a blade tool for clearing non-image areas from a block of wood or linoleum or soft kut rubber block GOUGE
The number of a print in an edition. The first three prints in an edition of 10 would be 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 etc. IMPRESSION NUMBER
The art of designing and producing prints using a printing block, woodcut, etching, lithographic, or screen printing. PRINTMAKING
A metal or wooden plate with a raised edge on each end (opposite sides) to hook on to a table. Can be used as an area to roll and spread ink or to hold a block while carving. BENCH HOOK
In printing, a piece of thick, flat material, with a design on its surface, used to print repeated impressions of that design. Called a plate in etching and engraving (metal) BLOCK
One of a small group of prints set aside from the edition for the artist's use ARTIST'S PROOF
Coloring material composed of pigment (color) and is thicker than paint, used in printing. INK
A set of identical prints, that are numbered and signed. This set of prints have been pulled by or under the supervision of the artist and are authorized for distribution EDITION
A printing process by which areas are blocked out to keep ink from non-image areas STENCIL
A print pulled in an edition of one. There is no series of identical prints that are signed and numbered. It is actually an image usually painted on glass or plexi-glass and transferred to paper MONOPRINT
When lines are cut into a metal plate with a v-shaped tool called a burin, ink is then forced into these lines and wiped from the flat surface of the plate, which is then printed with paper that has first been soaked in water and then blotted. The damp paper is forced down into the grooves in a printing press, where it picks up ink ENGRAVING
A device used by fine art print-makers to produce prints one copy at a time. It applies pressure between a sheet of paper and an inked printing block PRINTING PRESS

Figurative Language Crossword


Peter Piper picked a pair of pickled peppers Alliteration
Bob built a big black barrel out of big black bananas Alliteration
The food was so spicy my mouth was on fire! Hyperbole
I had to walk a million miles to get here! Hyperbole
Can you believe how messy his room is? The trash is piled to the ceiling. Hyperbole
I'm so hungry I could eat my stomach! Hyperbole
Bam Onomatopoeia
Pow Onomatopoeia
Splash Onomatopoeia
Bang Onomatopoeia
Her opportunity was knocking at the door. Personification
The wind howled through the night air. Personification
The computer throws a fit everytime I try to use it. Personification
The car hacked and coughed as it tried to make it up the hill. Personification
Her hair is like silk. Simile
His scream was as loud as a tractor Simile
The moon's light was as bright as a bulb Simile
I was as tired as a bear in hibernation. Simile
Life is a highway Metaphor
Love is a rose Metaphor
My homework is a beast Metaphor
My mom says my room is a pig pen Metaphor