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My apologies
Arm stays down, we play on
Off its moorings
Pushing and shoving
<Uniform description>
Chad Thomas
AmericInn puck out of play
Drops into the butterfly
Sharp angle shot
Who's the guilty party?
Loose puck!
He covers up and hangs on
Bouncing puck
Dumped in
The lumber
Power 96
Games People Play
On his horse
He scores!


Basketball Crossword


A pass to a teammate who scores a basket immediately assist
To get the ball to a teammate pass
To stop a shot from the other team block
The end of the first half of play halftime
The National Basketball Assosiation NBA
Generally awarded after a foul on the shooter from the opposing team free throw
A unblocked shot that doesn't hit the rim or backboard air ball
The half of the court a team is defending backcourt
A pass that bounces before the player receives it bounce pass
Dribbling the ball with two hands on the ball at the same time double dribble
Scoring by holding onto the rim and slamming the ball down slam dunk
An overhead shot taken while jumping jump shot
The free throw lane and the free throw circle key
Spinning in a circle but not lifting up the back foot pivot
Getting the ball after a attempted shot rebound
Shot where the ball hits the rim of the basket rimshot
You have to shoot before the _________________ runs out shot clock
A shot which goes through the net without hitting the rim swish
Move your pivot foot illegally travel
A loss of possession turn over
A defense technique in which each player is responsible for an area of the court zone defence
A defense technique where each player guards a certain opposing player Man-to-man defense
A uniform each player wears that has their team name on it jersey
An attempt to score shot
The people that decide penalties referee

Floor Hockey Crossword


It is used to start the game and restart the game after a goal is scored. Face Off
When a player shoots or passes with the bottom hand pulling the stick forward. Forehand
When a player shoots or passes with the bottom hand pushing the stick backwards. Backhand
The act of pushing or passing the puck up and down the court. Dribbling
When a single player scores 3 goals in the same game. Hat Trick
Players who commit infractions during the game go to this spot to sit out for alloted time period. Penalty Box
Illegal use of the hockey stick to hook another player. Hooking
Consequence given for roughing, high sticking, hooking, or other misconduct fouls that are illegal. Penalty
Penalty called when a player lifts the blade of their stick above the waist, winds up, or follows through when attemting to hit the puck. High Sticking
n illegal shot that involves swinging the stick behind, slapping the puck, and the follow through brings the stick high. Slapshot
Game played in P.E. using only sticks, a puck, and goal. FloorHockey
This person protects the goal from the opposite team trying to score. Goalie

Hockey terms Crossword


fake by a player in possession of the puck in order to get around an opponent or to make a goalie move out of position deke
usually try to stop the opponent's play at their own blue line. Defensemen
gain possession of the puck in the corners of the rink Dig
often used by a team defending against a power play Diamond
exaggerates being hooked or tripped in an attempt to draw a penalty Dive
area in the opening between a goalie's leg pads Five-Hole
where the puck remains on the surface of the ice. A.K.A. Saucer Pass Flat Pass
achieved when the entire puck crosses the goal line and enters the net Goal
main job is to keep the puck from entering the goal net Goaltender
who scores three goals in one game achieves a Hat trick
central ice area between the two blue lines Neutral zone
result of an infraction of the rules by a player or team official Penalty
you use your body against an opponent who has possession of the puck Body Check
An offensive rush when there is no opponent between the puck carrier and the opposition's goalie Breakaway
Violently checking an opponent into the boards from behind Boarding

Sports Crossword


This sport is referred as football in England Soccer
Is an American sport, to score you do a touchdown Football
You use a club to hit the ball into a hole Golf
You use a heavy ball to knock down pins in an alley Bowling
A game where you to dribble the ball and shoot the ball into the net Basketball
You use sticks and a puck to play this sport Hockey
In this game, you can score something called a Homerun Baseball
A sport where you run on a track Sprinting
A sport where you jump as far as you can Long Jump
This sport requires you to jump over fences while running Hurdles
A sport where you shoot a bow and arrow at a target Archery
This sport take place on ice and you move around on the ice Skating
A sport where you race in water Swimming
This sport is where you race in a boat Rowing
A sport where you dance on ice Figure Skating
You slide on a snowy hill on two boards on your feet Skiing
A sport where you fight others, often referred as Taekwondo Martial Arts
An activity where you go down a snowy hill on one board Snowboarding
An activity where you ride on a horse's back Horse Back Riding
An activity that requires a boat and paddles Canoeing

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wrist shot

Spongebob Slap Shot Crossword


He is someone who likes money Mr Krabs
A pink star that lives under a rock Patrick
When you freeze water you make this ice
A place where plankton works at Chum Bucket
Mr. Krabs enemy Plankton
A food that Spongebob makes Krabby patty
A group of players that play a sport together team
the round flat piece of rubber you hit in ice hockey puck
what you use to keep track of the score scoreboard
when you score a point in hockey it is called this goal
someone on your team teammate
someone who Spongebob always bothers Squidward
you wear this as your shirt when you are playing a sport Jersey
someone who teaches you on a team coach
The place where Spongebob works at Krusty krab
what you hold when you are playing ice hockey hockey stick
A squirl that plays karate Sandy
what you wear on your head to protect it helmet
A game played on an ice rink ice hockey
he wears square pants Spongebob

Crucigrama de Deportes Crossword


Inactive INACTIVO(A)
Active ACTIVO(A)
To compete COMPETIR
To score a goal METERUNGOL
Prize; reward ELPREMIO
Healthy; healthful SALUDABLE
To play on a team JUGARENEQUIPO

Hockey Crossword


What the players use instead of a ball. puck
Where to put the puck to score a goal. net
What the players skate on. ice
The opposition gets a penalty, so you're on a... powerplay
When you score three goals in a game. Hattrick
The puck drops at the... Faceoff
A player that keeps the puck to themselves. puckhog
Canada's National Sport. Hockey
If you break the rules, you get a... penalty
When you pull your stick back in the air and take a shot. Slapshot
When you pull your stick back on the ice (with the puck on the ice) and then take a shot. Snapshot
When you pull the puck back with your stick and take a shot by flicking your wrists. wristshot
When you put the puck in the net. goal
The player that protects the net. goalie
If after the thrird period of play, if there is a tie, you go into... overtime
If overtime is concluded and still a tie game, you enter into a... shootout
The person who directs all the players. coach
The team leader. Captain
A group of hockey players is called a... team
What you use to shoot and pass the puck. stick



The ________________ rule means both team must let the ball bounce once before a volley shot may be used. double bounce
Serves must be done underhand
Serves are made fom behind the baseline
The serve must be made _________________ cross-court diagonally
Only _____ serve attempt is allowed per server, unless there is a let. one
Pickleball can be played either as doubles or _____________. singles
On a serve, paddle contact with the ball must happen below the server's ___________. waist
The first serve of each side-out is made from the _________-hand court right
if a point is scored, the server switches sides and _____________ again. serves
When the first server on a team loses a point, the serve goes to their _______________. partner
_______________ are only scored by the serving team points
Games are usually played to _______ points. eleven
Games need to be won by _______ points. two
The _____________________ is the court area within 7 feet on both sides of the net. nonvolley zone
Another name for the non-volley zone: _____________________. kitchen
The game of pickleball was named after a dog called ______________. pickles
A ball that lands on a line in considered ________. in
A ___________ is any action that stops play because of a rule violation. fault
A ______________ can be used to determine who will serve first. coin toss
Loss of serve for a team is also called a _______________________. side out

Friends Crossword


The name of the coffee shop where the group of friends hang out central perk
Bing (played by Matthew Perry) Chandler
Jennifer (plays Rachel) Aniston
Creepy coffee shop guy who is obsessed with Rachel Gunther
Joey (played by Matt LeBlanc Tribbiani
The pet monkey belonging to Ross Marcel
Ross and Monica's surname Geller
David (plays Ross) Schwimmer
Lisa Kudrow's character, surname Buffay Phoebe
Famous song by Phoebe Buffay Smelly Cat
"Ohhhh Myyyyyy Gooooodddd" famous quote by this character Janice
Performs the theme song "I'll Be There For You" The Rembrandts
Phoebe Buffay's twin sister Ursula
The gift Phoebe gives to her brother after finding out he and his wife cannot have children Triplets
The doctor that Joey portrays on Days Of Our Lives Drake Ramoray
The British girl Ross marries, whose name he forgets at the altar Emily
The name of Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma
Water fowl kept as a pet by Joey and Chandler Duck
The name of joey's agent Estelle
The setting of the show New York
a a