What amendment gives freedom of speech, press, religion and protest? 1st Amendment
What amendment allows citizens to bear arms? 2nd Amendment
What amendment denies soldiers from being quartered without permission? 3rd Amendment
What amendment prohibits unreasonable searches or seizures? 4th Amendment
What amendment prevents "double jeopardy" and self-incrimination. 5th Amendment
What amendment gives the right to a fair and speedy trial? 6th Amendment
What amendment gives the right to trial by jury? 7th Amendments
Which amendment prevents cruel or unusual punishment? 8th Amendment
Which branch is established by Article I? Legislative
Which branch is established by Article II? Executive
Which branch is established by Article III? Judicial
Which amendment abolished slavery and involuntary work? 13th Amendment
Which amendment gives all naturalized American men the right to vote? 14th Amendment
Which amendment prohibited all alcohol? 18th Amendment
Which amendment repealed the 18th Amendment? 21st Amendment

U.S. Constitution Amendments Crossword


Protects the right to keep and _____ arms bear
Quartering of soldiers without the owners consent 3rd Amendment
Protects rights not____ enumerated
Prohibits unreasonable searches and____ seizures
Law respecting an establishment of_____ religion
Right to a speedy public trial by jury 6th Amendment
The right to___ based on sex vote
Prohibits self-incrimination 5th Amendment
Prohibits cruel and unusual punishment 8th Amendment
Abolishes slavery 13th Amendment
What is the 16th Amendment Income Tax
What Amendment is women's suffrage 19th Amendment
What is section 4 of the Executive Branch Impeachment
What is section 3 of the Judicial Branch Treason
What is section 1 of the Legislative Branch Congress

Bill of rights crossword puzzle


Which amendment protects you from searches without reason? Amendment4
Which amendment stops soldiers from staying in a home without the owners consent? Amendment3
You have the _ to a speedy and public trial.(what is the blank) Right
Amendment 1 allows you to practice your what dreely? Religeon
Acoording to amendment 2 You have the right to BearArms
How many amendments are in the bill of rights? Ten
Crime that is punishable by the death sentance captial
If you are the defendant you have the right a? Lawyer
You have the right to peacefully _ ? Assemble
First ten amendments of the costitution? Bill of Rights
Cops need this to search your home. Warrant
Gathering signatures to make a change is called a ? Petition
The 7th amendment gives the right to a trial by a ? Jury
Amendment 9 gives you rights not listed in the Constitution
What is a abreviation for the president? POTUS
You can't make a law removing your freedom of ? Speech
Amendment 5 does not allow _ jeopardy Double
Amendment 5 does allow? Self incrimination
Amendment 6 gives you the right to a __ Jury impartial
Amendment 2 says there can be a well regulated? Militia

Amendments Crossword


One of the Five Freedoms Speech
2nd Amendment: You have the right to bear _____ Arms
You can refuse to ____ soldiers quarter
You are protected from illegal ____ searches
No _____ jeopardy double
You have the right to remain _____ silent
You have the right to a _____ trial speedy
Eminent _____ domain
Right to ______ - you can have a lawyer counsel
13th Amendment ended _____ slavery
18th Amendment prohibition
19th Amendment gave this group the right to vote women
No excessive bail or _____ fines
1st amendment: freedom of the _____ press
14th Amendment: equal _____ under the law protection
You can _____ your own witnesses call
You can _____ witnesses against you confront
6th Amendment: right to a trail by an _____ jury impartial
15th Amendment secures _____ rights for African American males over 21 voting
1st Amendment: right to _____ the government petition

Articles and Amendments Crossword


Freedom of speech/expression, press, religion, assembly and petition. Amendment1
Right to "bear arms" Amendment2
Protects against forced quartering troops Amendment3
Right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure Amendment4
Repealed Prohibition Amendment 21
Women's suffrage Amendment 19
Prohibition! Outlaws the production, transport and sale of alcohol. Amendment 18
Protected the right to vote to allmen and prevented discrimination on the basis of race, color, or "previous condition of servitude" Amendment15
Extended citizenship to all persons, regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude; guaranteed " due process of law" and basic rights.+ Amendment 14
Right to a grand jury, protection against "double jeopardy," protection against self-incrimination Amendment 5
Right to a speedy trial, right to a lawyer, right to face your accuser, jury of peers. Amendment 6
Criminal cases are tried by a jury of peers, civil cases are heard by only a judge Amendment7
All powers not given directly to the federal government, goes to the states Amendment10
Abolished slavery Amendment13
Protection against cruel and unusual punishment Amendment8
Citizens have more rights than just what is expressed in the bill of rights Amendment9

27 Amendments Crossword


Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition One
bear arms two
Conditions for quarters of soldiers three
need warrant or probable cause to arrest and search four
Presumption of Innocence five
Right to a speedy trial six
Right to a trial by jury Right of trial by jury of your peers seven
No cruel or unusual punishment such as torture eight
U.S. Supreme Court decides what the constitution means nine
States can make local rules and laws such as divorce rules ten
federal courts do not have jurisdiction in case against a state eleven
Revises presidential election procedures twelve
Abolishes slavery thirteen
Defines citizenship fourteen
Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on race fithteen
Income tax sixteenth
Popular Election of Senators seventeen
Prohibition of Intoxicating Liquors eighteen
Equal Suffrage---Sex; Right of Women to Vote nineteen
Commencement of Terms; Sessions of Congress; Death or Disqualification of President-Elect twenty
Repeal of 18th Amendment twenty one
Presidental Tenure; No President may serve more than 2 elected terms twenty two
Inclusion of DIstrict of Columbia in Presidential Election System twenty three
Right to Vote in Federal Elections----Tax Payment; Outlawed the payment of a tax as a condition for taking part in elections twenty four
Presidential Succession; Vice Presidential Vacancy; Presidential Inability twenty five
Right to Vote----Age; Must be 18 years or older twenty six
Congressional Pay; Congress's power to fix the salaries of its members twenty seven

Amendments Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

27th Limit Congression Pay Raise
2nd Right to Bear Arms
3rd Quartering of Soldiers
4th Unreasonable Search/Seizures
5th Due Process of Law
6th Right to Fair Trial
7th Trial By Jury Civil Cases
8th Cruel & Unusual Punishment
9th Non-Enumerated Rights
10th States Rights
11th Lawsuits Against States
12th Electing Pres. & V.President
13th Ends Slavery
14th Equal Protection of Laws
15th Right to Vote Not Denied Race
16th Income Tax
17th Direct Election of Senators
18th Prohibition of Alcohol
19th Women's Right to Vote
20th Presidential Elections
21st Repeal of Prohibition
22nd Presidential Term Limit
23rd Electoral Votes for D.C.
24th Bans the Poll Tax
25th Pres. Succession & Disability
26th Right to Vote at Age 18

Bill of Rights Word Search

Word Search

due process of law
bill of rights
eminent domain
search and seizure
freedom of the press
freedom of petition
freedom of assembly
criminal trial
civil trial
case studies
freedom of speech
double jeopardy

Bill of Rights Crossword


1st Amendment RAPPS
The ____ have rights beyond what is written in the constitution people
Right to bear ___ arms
Right to a ___ trial in civil cases jury
No cruel and unusual punishment eighth amendment
No double ___ jeopardy
Due Process of Law fifth amendment
Right to remain ____ silent
no excessive ___ bails
Guarantees a public and ___ trial speedy
Freedom from unreasonable search fourth amendment
____ Powers Reserved
Freedom of ___ assembly
Right not to ___ soldiers in your house quarter
Right to a ___ lawyer

U.S Constitutional Amendments Crossword


Can not sell, transport, trade, or drink alcohol Prohibition
Women can vote along with men Women's Suffrage
President can only serve 2 terms 22nd Amendment
Congress is part of the ___ branch Legislative
The President belongs to the ___ Branch Executive
Criminals cannot be treated cruelly 8th Amendment
Alcohol is legal Repeal of Prohibition
Federal courts belong to the ___ Branch Judicial
Which Amendment gives the right to vote? 15
The 2nd Amendment is the Right to bear ___ Arms
The 16th Amendment has to do with ___ Income Tax
A person cannot afford a lawyer but needs one 6th Amendment
the 13th Amendment is the Abolition of _____ Slavery
The 7th amendment is the Right to a ____ Jury Trial
Which Amendment has to do with letting a soldier stay in your house? 3

27 amendments Crossword


Freedom of speech, assembly First
Right to trial by jury Seventh
Cannot be searched without warrant Fourth
No excessive bails Eighth
Double jeopardy is forbidden Fifth
Fair and speedy trial Sixth
Powers granted to states and people Tenth
Citizenship rights Fourteenth
Right to vote regardless of race Fifthteenth
Shortened period of time between federal elections Twentieth
No quartering of troops Third
No slavery Thirteenth
State cannot sue a citizen in another state Eleventh
Term limits on presidents Twentysecond
Vote for president and VP on same ballot Twelfth
Members salaries cant be collected until after federal election Twentyseventh
Procedures after presidents death Twentyfive
Direct election of senate Seventeenth
18 can vote Twentysix
No poll taxes Twentyfour
D.C are granted 3 electoral votes Twentythird
Congress collects taxes Sixteenth
Bans alcohol Eighteenth
Repeals prohibition Twentyone
No denial of constitutional rights Ninth
Woman can vote Ninteenth
Right to bear arms Second