Bingo Cards

to dazzle
elbow out
standing army


WW1 crossword puzzle


Payments for war damage Reparation
1919 treaty that ended WW1 Treaty of Versailles
Assassination of this man started WW1 Franz Ferdinand
Serbian nationalist group Black Hand
German military plan on how Germany should handle the threat of war on two fronts Schlieffen Plan
Term for the total number of people killed Casualties
Resignation of a monarch Abdication
Forced acquisition of a region or territory by a more powerful state Annexation
Temporary suspension of hostility in a war Armistice
Government control or restrictions placed on the media Censorship
Government policy that requires citizens to join the army Conscription
A long, narrow ditch Trench
Belief that a nation needs a large military Militarism
Not taking sides during a war Neutrality
Opinion expressed for the purpose of influencing the actions of others Propaganda
Any horrible or violent action taken against an innocent or unarmed person or group Atrocity
Someone who objects to killing Pacifist
A strong love for one's country Nationalism
Policy of building up an empire Imperialism

Flocabulary Unit #6 Review Crossword


not happening often; occasional sporadic
to assist, encourage or support, ususally in some wrongdoing abet
creative inventive
marked by a large appetite for food or an activity voracious
to reduce to the smallest amount minimize
an appalling condition; the act of being shockingly cruel or inhumane atrocity
a view or mental outloook perspective
to detect or perceive as separate and distinct discern
demanding, painstaking or hard to please fastidious
an explanation or description for a picture caption
to develop over time or gradually evolve
to spread out or move into a position of readiness deploy
to show by example, or to be an example of exemplify
capable of being accomplished feasible
to criticize sharply or disapprove of rebuke
something we are anxiously awaiting christmas break

Lesson 8- Jesus' Parables Crossword


What is the word for an earthly story with a heavenly meaning? Parable
Jesus said to love our _________ as ourselves neighbors
The good ___________ helped a jew after he was robbed and left for dead Samaritan
The different types of ground symbolize different types of _____. hearts
The word of God is represented by _____ in the parable of the sower seed
Our hearts should be willing to grow like the ______ soil. good
The prodigal son wasted his _________. inheritance
The prodigal son wanted what animal's food? pigs
The prodigal son wanted to ask for his father's __________. forgiveness
The father was sitting and _______ for his son while he was gone. watching
The father in the parable of the prodigal son represents ___. God
When a man found a _____ of great price, he sold everything he had to buy it. pearl
What does the pearl represent? heaven
We should be willing to give up _____________ to get to Heaven. everything

Quizlet Level C Unit 4 Crossword


To reduce to nothing; to make ineffective or inoperative. Annul
Indifferent; bored; apathetic. Blase
To support; give a boost to. Bolster
To feel or express regret or disapproval. Deplore
Of little importance. Frivolous
To bring together for service or battle. Muster
A person or thing of non-importance. Nonentity
To trouble, haunt, or fill the mind. Obsess
Elaborately decorated. Ornate
To remove; drive out of position or place. Oust

Star-Spangled Banner Crossword


appereance of daylight in morning Dawn
fortification Ramparts
evidence that something is true Proof
braggingly and boastingly Vauntingly
regarding something/someone highly proudly
bravely gallantly
spangled with stars star-spangled
ruinous damage havoc
midnight twilight
instance of flowing streaming
flag of army,country,troop banner
person who only works for pay hireling
beam of light gleaming
explosives rockets
snobbish haughty
ruin desolation
grave risk perilous
bright dazzling light glare
peace reposes
do doth

My Brother Sam Is Dead Crossword


An American colonist who supported the British side during the American Revolution. Tories
Americans demanding independence from Britain. Patriots
Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. sedition
U.S. Military. a prison for military personnel. stockade
A place with temporary accommodations consisting of huts or tents, typically for troops or nomads. encampment
An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks to be consumed on the premises, sometimes also serving food. tavern
The carrying out of a sentence of death on a condemned person execution
The foremost division or the front part of an army vanguard
American colonists who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War. loyalist
Insufficient for the demand (especially food, money, or some other resource) scarce
An infantryman's light gun with a long barrel, typically smooth-bored, muzzleloading, and fired from the shoulder. musket
Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline: recalcitrant
Rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or ruler rebel
A rider on horseback, especially a skilled one. horsemen
A surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position ambush
A series of shots fired or missiles thrown all at the same time or in quick succession fusillade

Lab Equipment Crossword Puzzle


A large container used to store or heat large amounts of liquids Beaker
A type of flask used to heat substances inside of it (ex: Florence Flask). Boiling Flask
A metallic object with bristles on them that come in many sizes used to clean lab equipment. Brush
A type of burner that is connected to a gas or heating source. Bunsen Burner
Kind of like a pipette, it accurately measures small amounts of liquids and controls how much goes out. Buret
Pieces that can be attached on a stand so other lab equipment could be placed on it. Clamp
A lab equipment tool that is shaped like a triangle used to heat material directly under a flame. Clay Triangle
A type of flask used to store liquids without it spilling (ex: Erlenmeyer Flasks). Conical Flask
A lid that covers the crucible. Cover
A porcelain dish that is used for igniting solid substances. Crucible
A tube like structure that is used to suck in liquid and to drop small amounts of liquid into something. Dropper
A type of measuring tool in which measures mass of an object. It measures more accurately than humans sometimes. Electronic Balance
Used for evaporating liquids or for drying purposes. Evaporating Dish
Somewhat like tweezers, they are used to hold small bits or objects. Forcep
A conical shaped lab equipment used to pour liquid from one place to another without a single drop. Funnel
A type of rack with holes that allows a base for funnels to be placed on. It has a clamp so it can be attached to a ring stand. Funnel Support
A plate made of glass that has many uses. Glass Plate
A rod made of glass that is used to stir up solutions or mixtures. Glass Rod
A long cylindrical tube with marks on it to accurately measure liquids by using the meniscus. Graduated Cylinder
A part for a stand that links to it and causes it to hold items without falling. Holder
A type of paper used for testing acids and bases. Litmus Paper
A lab equipment tool used to grind solids into powder. Mortar Pestle
A thin, plastic dish that is used to observe substances or to analyze/grow microorganisms. Petridish
A small plastic or glass tube that is used to measure small amounts of liquids. accurately. Pipette
A type of knob that is used to suck liquid out of a pipette. Pipette Bulb
A type of stand used in labs that could be used to attach clamps on it. Ring Stand
Types of stoppers that are made of rubber that is useful in closing the equipment for storage. It comes in many different sizes. Rubber Stoppers
Sounds like a kitchen tool, but it is used in science too! It is a tool used to scoop substances out. Spatula
A type of dropper used to "inject" substances into something. Syringe
A thin, glass structure that is used to store small amounts of liquids inside. Test Tube
A type of tong utensil that is used to carry hot test tubes. Test Tube Holder
A type of rack that is used to store test tubes. Test Tube Rack
A metallic "scissor like" object used to carry heated objects or to "crush" small ignition tubes so the heated substances could dissolve in water. Tong
A type of measuring tool used in science that measures mass. It is not accurate due to human error. Triple Beam Balance
Type of flasks that are used to measure precise amounts of liquids. Volumetric Flask
Used to observe substances and to help cover up the beaker. Watch Glass
Used as a container to store substances. Wide Mouth Bottle
A thin tray, wired like a coordinate plane, that acts like a base that helps to limit heat, cracking and overheating. Wire Gauze

Wordly Wise Creative Assessment Lessons 5-8 Crossword


To portray or describe depict
Unenthusiastic or showing little excitement lackadaisical
To take by force if needed confiscate
Unorganized; done without care slovenly
A vague suspicion inkling
Causing ceaseless exasperation rankle
To steal something of little importance repeatedly pilfer
To rebel or intentionally disobey orders mutiny
To criticize in a harsher; a denunciation rebuke
To begin; to board a ship or boat before a journey embark
Weird; uncommon bizarre
An event which causes distress or anguish calamity
To go by or pass elapse
Likely to occur soon; nearly upon imminent
Discord; a clash of opinions dissension
To ask questions in a methodical, detailed manner interrogate
Very thorough; mindful of the smallest of details meticulous
To bring to court face accusation arraign
Government not present; total turmoil anarchy
To seize; to grasp a meaning apprehend
A terrible fear of small spaces claustrophobia
A companion with similar or equal status colleague
To frighten or dishearten daunt
To clear or get rid of as if physically scattering dispel
To nickname or give an offcial title dub
Unimportant; dumb inane
having spirit; courage when the prospects don't look good mettle
Trifling; of little importance negligible
To make something last longer protract
A small likeness of something already in existence replica
Experienced; proficient adept
Somthing that can be heard audible
A beautiful blue which usually describes a cloudless sky azure
Spacious; capable of holding large amounts capacious
Sizeable in amount; plenty copious
vitally important crucial
To make simpler; to make uncomplicated facilitate
Erratic; sporadic; intermittent fitful
A feeling of pain or distress which is sudden and felt sharply pang
A position, rank, or time which comes or goes before another precede


Word Search


Unhealthy Relationships Crossword


Who can help you get out of an unhealthy relationship? Counsellers & Therapists
When deciding a course of action it should never be for the sake of ______? Drama
If rebuiling a relationship what can you work on? Personal Strengths
What should you want when fixing a unhealthy relationship? Compatibility & Stability
What should you give you partner when rebuilding a relationship? A clean ______. Slate
What is a state of mind which 7% of people suffer from? Depression
What is one thing that can cause a unhealthy relationship? Personal complications
A bad relationship is one that involves continual __________ . frustration
Remaining in an unhealthy relationship not only causes continual ______. Stress
All relationship require you to make ________. Decisions