Matching Worksheet

Add Make Bigger
Subtract To take away
Equals The same as
Part A piece of something
Whole All of something
Compare To see what number is bigger
False Not Correct
Less Smaller
More Bigger
Combination Ways to make a number
Pattern Something that repeats
True Correct

Math project Crossword


the amount of space in a in closed container volume
represents a part of a whole or, more generally, any number of equal parts fraction
surface area is the sum of all the areas of all the shapes that cover the surface of the object surface area
the size of a surface or object area
to join to numbers together to increases size add
to take a bigger number and take a smaller number away to decrease size subtract
separate or be separated into parts. divide
are a shorthand way to show how many times a number is multiplied times itself. exponent
are lines in a plane which do not meet that is two lines in a plane that do not intersect or touch each other parallel lines
A line meeting another at a right angle, or 90° is said to be perpendicular to it. perpendicular lines
a whole number; a number that is not a fraction. equations integer
The mean absolute deviation of a set of data is the average distance between each data value and the mean. MAD
is the values of two mathematical expressions are equal equations
line that passes through two lines in the same plane at two distinct points. transversal lines
When two lines are crossed by another line the angles in matching corners are called corresponding angles corresponding lines
to do repeated addition multiply
is the average of all numbers mean
the value that occurs most often mode
is the numbers you are given in value order and find the middle number median
The difference between the lowest and highest values range
divided in a rank-ordered data set into four equal parts. IQR
is a name we give to a statement that two ratios are equal proportions
is a ratio that is used to compare different kinds of quantities unit rate
is the likelihood of something happening in the future probability
is like an equation that uses symbols inequality
the magnitude of a real number without regard to its sign. absolute value
is the result of a subtraction problem. difference
is a number that describes both the direction and the steepness of the line. slope
is a number on its own, or sometimes a letter constant
a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression coefficient

Decimals Crossword


Another way to write a fraction decimal
The most common way to write a decimal fraction
Ex: 3.2 + 2.9 Add
Ex: 3.2 - 2.9 subtract
Ex: 3.2 x 2 multiply
Add, subtract, multiply and ______ divide
Every decimal needs one of these point
A way to measure people or objects with decimals ruler
Add, subtract, multiply & divide operations
Short for "mathematics" math
The process of changing fractions to decimals converting
A problem with 7 steps used for math word problem
No fraction or decimal part in the number whole number
A fraction when the numerator is bigger than the denominator improper fraction
A whole number and decimal mixed number
One in 100 parts hundredths
One in 1,000 parts thousandths
One in 10 parts tenths
Number place after tenths ones
Number place after ones tens

Inequalities Word Search!

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Greater Than Or Equal To
Irrational Numbers
Less Than
Less Than Or Equal To
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Whole Numbers
X Intercept
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Math Power! Crossword


What is the number that divides the divider in division? DIVISOR
What is the answer to a Multiplication problem? PRODUCT
What is the answer to the Division problem? QUOTIENT
What is the answer to the Subtraction problem? DIFFERENECE
What is the number that times another number? FACTOR
What is the whole of a question? SUM
What is the great as, or same of to a question? EQUALS
What is Equal to another number? EQUIVALENT
What is the bring together two or more numbers together to make a new total? ADD
What is finding the total or sum, by combining two or more numbers? ADDITION
What is the numbers that are added together? ADDEND
What is it when one number can be divided by another and the results is an exact whole number? Divisible
What is the amount left over after division called? REMAINDER
What is a symbol used to make numerals? DIGIT
What is exactly the same amount or value of a number? EQUAL
What is a close guess of the actually value? ESTIMATE
What is another word for mathematics? MATH
What is the number that you multiple by called? MULTIPLIER
What is the term used to take away? Minus
What is a mathematical process used in math? (Add, subtract, multiple and divide) Operation
What is taking one number away from another called? Subtraction

Equations and Inequalities Crossword


A number, a variable, of the product of numbers and variables TERM
A number that is multiplied by a variable COEFFICENT
A term with a variable raised to the same power LIKE TERMS
A property which is used to multiply a single term (two or more) insisde a set of parenthesis DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY
A letter that represents a number VARIABLE
A number on it's own CONSTANT
The power to a number or expression that is to be raised EXPONENT
When there is no value of "x" that could ever make it true NO SOLUTION
When "x" has more than one solution INFINITE SOLUTION
When "x" is equall to one exact number ONE SOLUTION
A whole number that is not a fraction INTERGER
Making the problem smaller SIMPLIFYING
Replacing "x" for a number SUBSTITUTION

Algebra Vocabulary Crossword


A math sentence without an equal sign. expression
A letter or symbol that represents a number. variable
A sequence made by adding the same number. arithmetic
Replacing a variable with a number. substitution
Terms whose variables and their exponents are the same. like term
A set of numbers that follows a pattern. sequence
To solve or find the solution. evaluate
A math sentence with an equal sign. equation
The parts of an equation that don't change. constant
Used to solve equations, opposite. Inverse operations
The numerical factor multiplied by the variable in the term. coefficient
Rules in math like, distributive and commutative. properties
Parts of an expression, equation, or sequence. term
A sequence that you multiply the same number to get the next term. geometric
Less than, equal to, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to. inequalities

8th Grade Math Crossword


Comparsion of two numbers Ratio
a function whose graph is a straight line linear function
7(2)what is the two called Power
a set of ordered pairs Relation
A ratio thta compares the change in the y-coordinates of a graph to the change in the x-coordinates slope
only one number can make a equation true one solution
700/4 divided by x/22 what is this called? Cross Multiply
____ lie in the same plane and never intersect parallel lines
the set of all the input/ output values in a function domain
to find a __ that is neither horizontal nor vertical on the coordinate gird , you can apply the Pythagorean Theorem Distance
, r represents _______ radius
any nonzero number rasied to the power of zero is 1 power of zero
to raise a power to a power, multipy the exponents power of a power
the __ symbol represent square roots radical
the measure of a right angle is ____ degrees ninety
an ___ number can be expressed as an infinite, non-repeating decimal irrational
any number that can be expressed as the ratiom of two integers excluding division by zero rational
another word for total sum
when a fatcor is multiplied by the sum/ difference of two numbers,you can multiply each two numbers by the factor and then add/ subtract the products distributive property
the longest side of a right triangle , opposite the right triangle hypotenuse

Math Vocabulary Crossword


the answer to an addition problem sum
the act or breaking up numbers division
the act of calculating the total of 2 or more numbers addition
the act of combining sets of numbers multiplication
solving a math problem where the answer is close to the real answer estimating
finding a number that is nearest to an event 10, 100, 1,000, etc. rounding
rules for dividing numbers to help with factoring rules of divisibility
a number in which another number is divisible factor
the answer to a subtraction problems difference
the answer to a multiplication problem product
the answer to a division problems quotient
the act of taking away one number from another subtraction
a math problem where two or more factors must be taken into account equation
a part of a whole number; tenths, hundreths, etc. decimal

Logical Fallacies Crossword


Comparing two things as though they are actually alike when they have key features that are different. False Analogy
The fallacy of composition arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that is true of some part of the whole Fallacy of Composition
Assuming casual relationships between two events based solely on the two events happening close in time, or "after this, therefore because of this." False Cause Fallacy
"Domino theory" and "ripple affect" aka one thing leads to another Slippery slope
Attacking someone personally while criticizing them in a totally different arena Ad hominem
Purposely misinterpeting or mistaking an opponents argument as a way to make it easier to denigrate or attack Straw Man Fallacy
Bringing up irrelevant issues that have more emotional appeal than the real issues in order to divert attention away from the point Red Herring
Claiming that a statement/argument is more valid because it comes from an authority figure Appeal to Authority
Claiming that a position is valid because it hasn't been proven wrong Ad Ignorantium
Claiming that the majority opinion must be the correct opinion Ad Populum

Poetry Vocabulary Crossword


when 2 words have the same end sound rhyme
the main topic or idea of a poem theme
how a poem makes a reader feel or the feelings created in the reader mood
the sections that poems are divided into: also known as verses stanza
pictures that are created with words imagery
a poem that expresses emotions or feelings and may have a song-like quality lyric
when words, phrases, lines or stanzas are repeated repetition
a poem where there is no set pattern, rhythm or rhyme free verse
when a line ends and a new one begins line break
the pattern of sounds in a poem rhythm
a poem that is funny humorous
words whose sounds make you think of their meanings onomatopoeia
a way to compare two things using like or as simile
the repetition of beginning consonant sounds alliteration
a poem that tells a story with a character and setting narrative
imaginative ways to describe something by comparing that thing to something else metaphor