Text me when you're____.
I was wearing this color the first time you saw me.
We saw this movie the first time we went to the drive in.
We did this activity the first time we went up north.
Ice skating
Where we were when you asked me to be your girlfriend?
My car
The month we first kissed.
The day we committed to make this work.
April twenty eighth
The holiday on which we first kissed.
Good night ____.
We first met here.
Dirks Farmhouse
The location we went on our first unofficial date.
The first meal you made me.
The game can't we play together
Mario Kart
The kind of fire we can't keep going.
Our favorite new found activity.
Event in which you posted about me for the first time on Instagram.
My birthday
Medium through which you started talking to me.
The first movie we saw together.
Rogue One
My favorite playlist.
make out playlist
Our first tradition
Friday Lunch
Thing we struggle doing together.
Taking pictures
What show was on TV the day I fell in love with you.
The name you call me that I hate.
First place we went to lunch for our 'Friday Tradition.'
The most awkward thing you have ever bought me.
What you got me for Valentines Day.
The item my dad advised you never to buy me.
Your favorite feature about me.
The month we first met.

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