A device that creates electricity or energy generator
Seriously Gravely
very large massive
To look at someone in an angry way Glowered
To use words that mean the opposite of what you want to say Sarcastically
To move up and down with force jouncing
A part of a storm system Storm cell
A narrow zone of thunderstorm clouds developing into a line: these produce dangerous weather squall lines
A drug that causes sleepiness Tranquilizer
Extra powersource auxiliary
Designed, planned and directed Choregraphed
A fighter who weighs more than a lightweight and less then a heavyweight welterweight
A person hurt or killed during an event casualty
To speed up something accelerating
A system of pipes used to water crops the turn in circle pivots

chapter 11 and 12 Night of the Twisters Crossword


Designed planned and directed. choreographed
A fighter who weighs more than a lightweight but less than heavy weight Welterweight
A person hurt or killed during an event. casualty
To speed up to something. accelerating
A system of a pipes (sprinkler) that turn in a circle to water crops. pivots
comfort or relief. Consolation
confusion and frustration Bafflement
Speed; quickness of motion. Velocity
Threatening; endangering. Menacing
Relates to atmosphere. Atmospheric
Not important Insignificant

FITNESS Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Cardiovascular endurance
Muscular Endurance
Light weight many times
Heavy weight a few time
amount of fat and muscle
heart and lung work
5 Components of Fitness
Fit Person
increased heart rate
Resting Heart Rate
Heart is a muscle
Beats 140-160
% of fat to muscle
FITT principle


Severe Weather Crossword


A very large single cell thunderstorm with strong updrafts Super Cell
A discharge of electricity from a cload to the ground or another cload. Lightning
The sound caused by heating air rapidly explanding. Thunder
A small area in a hurricane that is mostly calm in the center Eye of the storm
A huge rotating storm with wind speeds exceeding 75 mph that is formed in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific Hurricane
Notifications issued when severe weather is found in a location. Storm warnings
A wind storm whose clouds move into a funnel due to cold and warm fronts. Tornado
A huge rotating storm with wind speeds exceeding 75 mph that is formed in the Northwest Pacific. typhoon
A radar system that measures hpw the weather condition is. Doppler radar
A tool used to measure wind speed. Anemometer
Fluffy, white clouds usually with flat bottoms Cumulus cloud
Ice Pellets formed in cumulombus cloads that fall to the Earth when heavy enough. Hail
The lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere where weather accures. Troposphere
Lightning is a few _____________ Thick Centimeters
When water rushes onto land from heavy rain in a short amount of time it causes _____ ______. Flash Floods
Hurricanes,cyclones, and typhoons form over the ________ Oceans
When a cloud can't hold any more water vaper without making water droplets. Saturation
A hurricane that forms over the Indian Ocean cyclone

Circulatory System Crossword


place where substances are exchanged between the blood and body cells capillaries
the liquid part of blood Plasma
a flap of tissue that prevents blood from flowing backward valve
bloodvessles that carry blood back to the heart veins
take up oxyhgen in the blood and deliver it to cells elsewhere in the body redbloodcells
the body's disease fighters whitebloodcells
consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood cardiovascular system
(singular) lower chambers of the heart ventricle
(singular) upper chambers of the heart atrium
the process by which molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration diffusion
largest artery in the body aorta
a force exerted by blood against the walls of blood vessels blood pressure
the alternating expansion and relaxation of the artery walls pulse
a group of heart cells that sends out signals that make the heart muscle contract pacemaker
hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body heart
blood vessles that carry blood away from the heart arteries
iron-containing protein that binds chemically to oxygen molecules hemoglobin

Thunderstorms Word Search

Word Search

Flash flooding
Heavy rain
Multicell Line Storms
Multicell Cluster Storms
A lifting mechanism
Lightning storm
Electrical storm

Weather Terms Crossword


The layer of Earths atmosphere where weather occurs Troposphere
The layer of Earths atmosphere that contains the ozone layer Stratosphere
The layers of Earths atmosphere are categorized according to Temperature
A tool used to measure air pressure Barometer
A large body of air that had the same characteristics throughout Air mass
An air mass that forms over an ocean Maritime
The amount of moisture in the air Humidity
Thunderstorms often occur with a ______ front Cold
A large, spiraling storm that can be hundreds of miles across and can last for more than a week Hurricane
The force of all the air pressure pressing on the earth Air pressure
When a tropical storm becomes a hurricane, it is due to the change in Wind speed
An Instrument used to measure the amount of precipitation Rain gauge
Measures wind speed Anemometer
Measures how hot or cold it is Thermometer
Horizontal movement of air from an area of H pressure to L pressure Wind

Catastrophic Events Crossword


An overflow of a large amount of water Flood
Storm with violent winds, warm water, and low pressure Hurricane
Violent shaking of the ground as a result of plate tectonic movement Earthquake
Long, high sea wave caused by earthquake in ocean Tsunami
Space debris that enters the Earth's atmosphere Meteor
Severe snow storm with high winds and low visibility Blizzard
Prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall Drought
Destructive vortex of violent wind Tornado
A mountain of hill where lava flows out Volcano
Volcanoes can cause total devastation to ecosystem that is touched by _____ or ash Lava
Tornadoes destroy anything in it's ______ Path
Droughts can cause loss of plant and ________ life Animal
If meteors are large enough, they can cause blackout of the _____ Sun
Tsunamis can cause massive ___________ and water damage Flooding

Natural Disasters Crossword


A cold storm normally in the coldest parts in the world Blizzard
A storm that normally happens in the desert Sandstorm
A disaster that shakes the Earth Earthquake
A huge wave caused by an ocean-floor earthquake Tsunami
A whirling storm caused by the wind Cyclone
A storm in shape of a spiral that is similar to a cyclone Hurricane
A fire that gets out of control and hurts anything it touches Wildfire
A storm that takes you and spins you around Tornado
When a volcano erupts Volcanic eruption
When snow falls off a cliff in multiple turns Avalanche
When there is heavy rainfall and it gets out of control Flood
A fire that happens in nature areas Bushfire
When there has not been any rain for a long time Drought
When the land starts to sink into the ground Landslide
A storm simillar to a blizzard but more snow is involved Snowstorm

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Computers Crossword


Long Term Memory RAM
Lightweight computer that uses touchscreen Tablet
A computer and network connection Interface
Security device that controls access from the Internet Firewall
Small disk files that contain software codes System Files
Input device that emits an electronic signal Light Pen
Input device used to capture video images in real time Webcam
Use finely focused laser beam to read and write data Compact Discs
Converts characters, images and text to digital data Scanner
A wireless computer mounted on a mobile cart Computer on wheels
Easily transported wireless computer Laptop
Magnetic storage media inside a computer Hard Drive
Another word meaning quality of the image Resolution
Uses tiny nozzles to spray ink on paper Ink jet printer
A type of programming language COBOL
A type of software FOSS
Network lined up on a single cable Bus Network
Routes data between networks using IP address Router
Network that can reach across wide geographic areas Wide area network
Sends signal from router to PC Wireless

Earth, Oceans, and Weather Crossword


Layers of gas that surround a planet Atmosphere
The force that air puts on an area Air Pressure
A tool used to measure air pressure Barometer
The average weather conditions in an area Climate
Anvil-shaped cloud that is often involved in heavy or violent storms: AKA thunderheads Cumulonimbus
The transfer of heat from one place to another caused by movements of molecules Convection
Process in which matter changes from a liquid to a gas Evaporation
A rotating, funnel-shaped cloud Funnel Cloud
In weather, the boundary between two masses of air with different properties Front
Angular distance north and south of the equator Latitude
The study of patterns of weather Meteorology
Water that is released from clouds in the sky, including rain, snow, sleet, hail, and freezing rain Precipitation
Frozen rain or precipitation in the form of ice pallets Sleet
Weather system that produces heavy precipitation, winds, lightning, and thunder Thunderstorm
A funnel-shaped cloud or column of air that rotates at high speeds and extends downward from a cloud to the ground Tornado
A storm with strong winds and rain that forms over tropical waters Hurricane
Small, icy balls that fall from the sky Hail
A region of low pressure with counter-clockwise wind rotation developing into a hurricane or tropical storm Tropical Depression
Extremely cold climate located near the North and South Poles and on the tops of mountains; receives very little precipitation and has no trees Tundra
A hurricane or tropical storm originating in the pacific ocean Typhoon
A measure of how much water is in something Moisture
The slow warming of Earth's atmosphere due to climate change Global Warming
A low-lying cloud characterized by a thin, layered, sheet-like appearance Stratus
A high-lying cloud that is small, high, patched clouds, in rows Cirrocumulus
The transfer of thermal energy Heat
Low to mid level clouds. Dark, widespread, and formless Nimbostratus
Thin, wispy looking clouds; commonly found at heights greater than 6km Cirrus
Large, fluffy, white clouds, often seen in fair skies Cumulus
Precipitation that forms ice crystals Snow
The movement of air due to atmospheric pressure differences Wind