the day before today (y) yesterday
something you use to colour in (c) crayon
what a train travels on (r) railway
not yes, not no (m) maybe
a nice break somewhere (h) holiday
food delivered to your house from a restaurant (t) takeaway
past tense of play (p) played
the day you are born (b) birthday
used to carry your lunch on (t) tray
something rots or decomposes (d) decay

Customer Service Week Crossword Puzzle


Your most important communication tool when you’re on the phone is your _____. voice
Another word for internal customer is _____. coworker
Taking personal responsibility for a customer’s complaint is taking _____ o w n e r s h i p
You sound more relaxed and friendly when you _____ while talking on the phone. s m i l e
You start each call with a friendly ____ g r e e t i n g
Offering a customer additional products or services is cross-selling or _____. u p s e l l i n g
With angry customers it’s important to let them do this, _____. v e n t
A positive one will make your day better. a t t i t u d e
The annual celebration of the importance of customer service is _____. (3 words). CustomerServiceWeek
Customer complaints should be seen as _____ to improve service. opportunit
Delighting your customers means _____ their expectations. exceeding
When speaking with customers you should vary the _____ of your voice. Tone
The people you serve each day. customers
Anticipating problems, heading them off and alerting customers is being _____. proactive
Treat each customer as if they’re the _____ one you’ll deal with that day. only
Customers who have their complaints satisfactorily resolved tell an average of how many people? five
The most important customer service skill is _____. listening

"Ai" and "ay" words Crossword


Chesapeake __________ Bay
Rotting Decaying
I ____________ people by telling jokes. Entertain
Answering with more information Explaining
Corn, wheat and oats are examples of a _________ Grain
My son is locked in __________ Jail
Opposite of an island Mainland
A playing area Playpen
Thinking organ Brain
Water from the sky Raindrops
Homeless cat or dog Stray
Taco day! Thursday
Coloring stick Crayon
I put my food on a ________ Tray
Color a wall Paint

SMART - Goal Setting Crossword


Achieving your goal, gives you a sense of.... Pride
What does A stand for in SMART? Achievable
Ever goal should have a specific... Plan
Setting SMART goals, keeps us... Motivated
What does S stand for in SMART? Specific
What does M stand for in SMART? Measurable
What does T stand for in SMART? Time
What is the acronym that helps us remember how to set targets? SMART
If you have not achieved your goal, what do you do? Review
If you easily achieve your goal, you should have it... Harder
What does R stand for in SMART? Realistic
What is the time frame for a short term goal? Week
It should take around 6 weeks to achieve this type of goal. Medium
I should be looking to achieve my long term goal in how many months? Six

R and R Blends Crossword


Piece of jewelry for your finger Ring
Tool used to clean up leaves Rake
The grass is ___________. green
Fruit that rhymes with cape grape
Animal that likes carrots rabbit
Piece of jewelry for your wrist bracelet
Tool used to sweep broom
King, queen, ____________, and princess prince
A gift is also called a ____________. present
__________ or treat! trick
A pirate looks for buried ____________. treasure
A king wears a _________ on his head. crown
You color with a _______________. crayon
An instrument played with sticks drum
Creature that breathes fire dragon
An apple is a ________, not a vegetable. fruit
Day of the week that starts with the letter F Friday
Cars drive on the ________. road

Spanish Alphabet Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards



a - z oil word seaarch Word Search

Word Search

O i l f i t t e r s
P e t r o l e u m j e l l y
Q u i l t s
R u b b I n g a l c o h o l
S h a m p o o
T o o t h p a s t e
Z i p p e r
Y o g a p a n ts
X y l o p h o n e
W h e e l s
V a p o r i z e r s
U p h o l s t e r y
N y l o n r o p e
A s p r i n
B a l l o o n s
C l o t h i n g
D e o d o r a n t
E y e l i n e r
F o u n d a t i o n
G u m
H a i r s p r a y
I b u p r o f e n
J e t f u e l
K e r o s e n e
L i p s t i c k
M o i s t u r i z e r

Sports and Games Crossword


A board game using pawns. chess
Horse _ _ _ _ _ _ is the 'Sport of Kings'. racing
A form of self-defence. karate
Sw_ _ _ _ _ _ is great in hot weather. swimming
The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ has swimming, cycling and running. triathlon
A boxer needs _ _ _ _ _ _ gloves. boxing
The 'Tour de France' is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ event. cycling
c i s n m g y a t s gymnastics
u d l o is a board game for four players. ludo
A fast indoor racquet and ball game. squash
a l l b e n t netball
Cross country running with a compass. orienteering
Motorbikes can travel at a fast _ _ _ _ _ . speed
r e l t w s i n g wrestling
Chelsea is a famous _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ club. football
You use a bow and arrow for this sport. archery
The colour a test cricketer wears. white
Have you played _ _ _ scotch? hop
Lionel Messi is a famous _ _ _ _ _ _ player. soccer
Some TALL people play this sport. basketball
_ _ _ _ gliding is an airy sport. hang
Can you _ _ _ _ - ski? water
Have you ridden on a _ _ _ bike? BMX
Snow - _ _ _ _ _ _ is a winter sport. skiing
Lydia Ko is very good at this sport. golf
You need a racquet and ball to play this sport. tennis
You need a good _ _ _ _ to go sailing. wind
d r i i a l B l s is an indoor table game. billiards
s c i t e l h t a athletics
The 'Americas Cup' is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ race. yachting
This sport is also known as ping-pong. tabletennis
A sport which is similar to softball. baseball
Have you ever been in a car r _ _ _ _ . rally
The strongest team wins a tug-o- _ _ _. war

Life skills Crossword Puzzle


Something you use to remember to do homework Assignment Notebook
Something you use to wake up on time Alarm Clock
_______ is the best policy Honesty
Come to class ______ Prepared
Making sure _____ is done when it is due. Homework
Don't ______ just do it right away Procrastinate
Make sure your _______ for the day Prepared
______ to do you best Try
________ to make sure that you are ready for the day Double Check
Keep your ______ Word
Use a _______ To help you Planner
Use _______ on your IPad Reminders
Keep your _____ clean Room
Put your stuff in a ________ spot so you don't forget it designated
Use ______ to keep your stuff organized Folders
Write things down to ______ them remember
Don't _____ anything that you may need later Delete
Don't _____ your time doing something unnecessary Waste
________ things out you don't need Throw
Put things away Immediately so you don't ______ them Forget

Alphabet matching Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

A a
B b
C c
D d
E e
F f
G g
H h
I i
J j
K k
L i
M m
N n
O o
P p
Q q
R r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z

coping Skills Crossword


Something you do to get your mind and body active; to stay healthy exercise
Please _________ your name at the top of the paper. write
Your learn how to do this inside the lines on your paper when your are little color
You can write your thoughts in this place journal
You go to the theater to watch this movie
When words come out of your mouth talk
You watch this after you finish your homework and before bed time television
You use your ear buds to listen to music
When you are sleepy in the middle of the day during the summer you take a nap
When your room is messy you need it ________it clean
You can do this with your hands or a machine to make clothes sew
when you sit in a quiet place by yourself to focus on calming down meditate
Some times you do this when you are mad, sad or even happy cry
It takes less muscles in your face to do this; opposite of frown smile
You use your legs to do this walk
You need money to go to the mall and do this activity shopping
You need a book to do this activity read
you go outside and plant a garden
an artist likes to paint
Not your family friends
inhale then exhale breathe
you do this at church, when your are in trouble and just before you eat pray
Beyonce can sing and dance
Sometimes you just need to play a fun board game
You __________ a cake in the oven bake
When someone is crying that you care about you may want to give them a hug