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Night Crossword


The prisioners ate this and soup Bread
The only son Elie
The youngest of the Wiesel children Tzipora
Dreamed of going to haifa with Elie & Yossi Tibi
They walked here from auschwitz Buna
Elies inheritance was a knife & a ___ Spoon
The town were Elie Wisel grew up Transylvania
Elie wanted his family to move here Palestine
The reception center for auschwitz Birkenau
He tried to warn the jews in sighet: ___ the beadle Mosh
Elie had surgery on his ___ Foot
Elie's fathers first name Chiomo
Jews had to wear this to be identified as jews Yellow Star
The german security police Gestapo
The jewish new year Rosh
Jewish musicans were not allowed to play this composers music Beethoven
This movement rescued the prisioners at buchenwald Resistance
Elie Wiesel grew up in this town Sighet
The germans arrested the jewish leaders on seventh day of ___ Passover
Resembled a large railroad station Synagogue
Told Elie he had n9t been written down Yossi
They liberated the men in the hospital Russians
Elie did not do this on Yom Kippur Fast
It ___ during the entire evacuation march Snowed
German jew who headed the block at buna Alphonse
A small town on the Czechosolovakian border Kaschau
These people beatted up the jew Kapos
Mr. Wiesel diedbin this camp Buchenwald
Mr. Wiesel had this ailment when he died Dysentery
Mr. Wiesel did not recognize this cousin Stein

Holocaust Vocabulary Words Crossword


Prejudice or discrimination against Jews ANTISEMITISM
The deliberate and systematic destruction of an entire racial, political, cultural, or religious group. genocide
Secret state police of Nazi-occupied Europe. gestapo
A member of the National Socialist German Workers Party of Germany in 1933 under Adolf Hitler. Nazi
An ancient symbol used by the Nazis as their emblem. swastika
A six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles that is the symbol for Judaism. Starofdavid
Six major camps designed and built for the sole purpose of killing Jews. These were Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka. deathcamps
Place where prisoners were forced to perform slave labor under harsh conditions. Many of them died. Concentration Camps
The mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime during the period 1941–1945. Holocaust
Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Propaganda
Hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs. Persecution
An elite organization within the Nazi party that served as Hitler's personal guard and included police units and special forces, carrying out mass killings of civilians and overseeing concentration camps. SS
The exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. Oppression
To get rid of by destroying; destroy totally. Extermination

holocaust Crossword


Walled off section of cities where Jews were forced to live. Ghetto
November 9th, 1938. "Night of Broken Glass". Kristallnacht
Process where incoming prisoners in the death camps would either be selected for slave labor or for the gas chamber. Selection
Defense corps, an elite guard formed from the storm troopers, under the command of Heinrich Himmler. SS
"Mobile death squads" of the SS which had the task to seek out and kill Jews and other undesireables. Einsatzgruppen
Term used by the Nazis during World War II. Plan to fully exterminate European Jews. Final Solution
The mass killing of European Jews and other groups by the Nazis during WWII. Holocaust
Doctrine used by the Nazis declaring that the Aryans were the master race. Aryan Supremacy
Place where prisoners were forced to perform slave labor under harsh condidtions. Many of them died. Concentration Camps
The most notorious of death camps which was located in Poland, over one million died in the gas chambers located here. Auschwitz
The sign at the entrance of many camps. It translates to, "Work sets you free". Arbeit Macht Frei
The first concentration camp; it's first prisoners arrived in March, 1933. Dachau
Most of these were located in Poland. Their main task was to kill all of the Jews and undesireables. Death Camps
The poison gas that was used to kill hundreds of the Jews inside the gas chambers. Zyclon B
The symbol Jews were forced to wear to identify them. Yellow Star
Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, Communists, Handicapped, Criminals, and other Undesireables. Other Groups
Laws that were passed to deprive Jews of their basic rights. Nuremberg Laws

night crossword


elie did not do this on yom kippur fast
the prisoners ate this and soup bread
the reception center for auschwitz birkenau
the only son elie
the youngest of the wiesel children tzipora
elie had surgery on his foot
mr wiesel didn't recongize this cousin stein
a tradesman turned policeman stern
elie's father shlomo wiesel
jews had to wear the yellow star
elies inheritence was a knife and a spoon
the german security police gestapo
the country where elie grew up transylvania
an___________ tank was at the gates of buchenwald american
the jewish new year rosh
elie wanted his family to move here palestine
elie grew up in this town sighet
mr wiesel died in this camp buchenwald
german dictator hitler
the largest auschwitz sub-camp where wiesel spends much time buna

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Word Search

Word Search

Concentration Camp
Adolf Hitler

Holocaust Unit Crossword


Who was the dictator of Germany during the holocaust? Hitler
Largest death/concentration camp? Auschwitz
Who did Liam Neesson play in a movie about a man who created a form to save thousands of Jewish people from Auschwitz? Schindler
What was the largest ghetto in Poland? WarsawGhetto
Last country to become captured by Germany? Hungry
What Nazi doctor is commonly known for the "Angel of Death" known from his inhumane medical practices? DrJosefMengele
What is the name of the young girl who lived in an attic with her family, where she wrote a diary? Her father was the only one to survive and help publish her diary into a novel. AnneFrank
Place of Anne Frank's death? (Camp name) Bergenbelsen
Who wrote "night"? ElieWiesel
How many death camps were created? six
What is the word used to describe the date Nov. 9, 1938 (The night of broken glass) ? Kristallnacht
Where was Hitler born? Austria
What death camp had a revolt of 300 Jewish prisoners in August 1943? Treblinka
What phrase was written on the gates of Aushwitz? Arbeit macht frei
Prisoners were evacuated from their camps and forced to go on a __ __(two words) that would at times last for 100 miles on foot. Death March
What was the first concentration camp? Dachau
Symbol on the nazi flag? Swastika
Gas pellets used in extermination? ZyklonB
What was a common practice used at the beginning stages of the Hoolocaust used to kill those who were mentally ill? Euthanasia
What group originally started off as Hitler's personal guards but later became the most feared groups of asultants? (two letters followed by "guards") SSGuards
Who were the secret state police? gestapo
Name of Hitler's book Mein Kamph
What is D-Day on June 6, 1944 referring to? InvadingNormandy

Oliver Twist Crossword


What is the author's last name who wrote Oliver Twist? Dickens
What point of view is this story written? third
Oliver has to ask his master for more of what? food
What character falls deathly ill in the countryside? Rose Maylie
Who is shot in an attempted burglary? Oliver
What is Nancy's profession? Prostitute
Which character’s real name is Edward Leeford? Monks
After Oliver's mother died what did Mrs. Mann steal from his mother? locket
Who was lurking in Mr. Brownlow's window with Monks? Fagin
Where was Oliver born? workhouse
What happened to Oliver's mother shortly after his birth? died
What kind of mission was Oliver sent on with two other boys? pickpocketing
Where does Monks die? prison
What was Fagin's punishment? arrested
How does Fagin die? hanged
Oliver was what until he was nine years old? orphan
When Oliver turned nine he went back where? workhouse
Who kidnaps Oliver and brings him back to Fagin while Oliver is delivering the books? Nancy
Who was Oliver's nurse, employed by Mr. Brownlow? Bedwin

The Silver Sword Crossword


what was the name of the Polish family? Balaki
Who was the eldest member of the family? Joseph
What was the name of the prison camp Joseph went to? Zakyna
What did Joseph work at? headmaster
what was the day and night full of in chapter 8? planes
what nationality was Joseph's wife? Swiss
what age was Captain Geenwood? forty two
what army was Captain Greenwood? Amercian
what was the prospector's name? Lieutenant James
What bird did Jan used to have? cockerel
what is the name of the youngest Balaki child? Bronia
who turned round a picture of Hitler in the class? Joseph
what were they saving up for? shoes
what relation was Margrit to Joseph? wife
in what year did the Nazis take Joseph to the prison camp? nineteen forty
what did Joseph eat at the prison camp? soup
what food did the prisoners get on Saturday for thier bread? jam
in the prison camp the prison guards called water and breadcrumbs what? coffee

Great Expectations Crossword


what was the nickname that Jaggers gave to Bently Drummle spider
Jaggers housemaid Molly
how many guineys did Pip recieve from Miss Havisham twenty five
how old was dickens when his father was put into prison twelve
Who was the woman that stayed with Charles until he died Georgina
Lived in a castle WEMMICK
Whom does Wemmick marry? skiffins
how did Dickens die? stroke
Charles was one of how many siblings? eight
Queen that was said to love Dickens' books victoria
Who is Pip's tutor matthew pocket
What profession is Pip born into blacksmith
What is the name of the other convict, who dies as a result of a fight compeyson
Who attacked Ms. Joe orlick
Which family member raised Pip "by hand" sister
Of shore Prisons hulks
What is the name of Wemmick's house Walworth
Who kidnapped Pip late in the story orlick
What is Pip's birth name (first) Phillip
Pip’s best friend Herbert
what was Dickens’ mother's name Elizabeth
who married Estella Drummle
Pip returned home when his sister…? Died
Joe’s second wife Biddy
what event happened 5 years before Dickens’ death trainwreck
what did Mr. Wopsle become halfway thought the story actor
what was the name of the 18 year old actress Dickens stayed with Ellen
Miss Havisham's adopted daughter Estella
how many novels did Dickens write Fifteen
what did Pip steal from Joe's Forge file
Pip is badly hurt after what happened at Miss Havisham's fire
What name did Herbert give Pip Handel
who handles all of Pip's affairs Jaggers
where the beginning of the book takes place Kent
where does Pip go to live london
who was Pip's benifactor Magwitch
this didn't matter as long as you had wealth and status Morals
where did Dickens get his first job publishing his stories Pickwickpapers
what type of fiction is Great Expectations realistic
the format that Great Expectations was originally printed in Serial
how old is Pip at the beginning of the story seven
poor areas in London slums
who was rowing the boat other than Herbert startop
what is the name of Miss Havisham's estate statishouse
where does Pip find Estella in the last chapter staishouse
for how many months did Pip go to Miss Haisham's ten
Pumblechook is Pip's uncle
Dickens is buried here westministerabbey
Drummle died as a result of mistreating what animal horse
how did Estella make Pip feel when they first met Common

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword


What was on the other side of the fence? people in striped pajamas
What is the name of the camp? Out-With
Why were there people on the other side of the fence? jews
What was happening to Bruno's memory? fading away
How many floors were in Bruno's new house when he moved in? three
Who helped Bruno when he got hurt and cut himself while playing on the tire swing he made? Pavel
What did Bruno see when he was walking down the other side of the fence? boy
What was Bruno's new friend name? Shmuel
What happened to Shmuel's father? disappeared
Who was the soldier that Bruno didn't like? Lieutenant Kotler
How were the maids to address Bruno's father? Command't
What happened when Pavel accidently crashed the bottle of wine? Lieutenant Kotler got mad
Why was Shmuel in Bruno's house? washing glasses
What was the big news Bruno had to tell Shmuel? moving back
How does Shmuel sit on the ground when he meets Bruno? cross legged
What did Bruno see outside of his window jews
What did both Bruno and Shmuel think about Lieutenant Kotler scary
How many floors were in Bruno's old house back in Berlin? five
What does Bruno bring to Shmuel when he meets him? food
Why did Bruno move away from Berlin? father's job
What did Bruno call her sister? hopeless case