On Fridays... Diner
Special Day Me Day
Celebrate Accomplishments Rewards
At Night... Reading
At Bedtime... Tucking In
In the Morning... Breakfast
Spelling Bee
Crazy Trip Alone with 4 Kids! Europe
Game with Special Cards Uno
Great Mom
Found furry 7th family member Daisy
Got ___ to hire Ry and Al Nana

Past and Present Tense Verbs Crossword


Every morning my mom _______ (pour) me milk. pours
Yesterday I ______ (drink) orange juice. drank
Last week I _____ (eat) enchiladas for dinner. ate
Every Friday my little sister ________ (drain) the pasta in the colander. drains
Yesterday the girl ________ (chop) tomatoes for her salad. chopped
Every night after dinner my sister and I _______ (wash) the dishes. wash
Last Friday we ________ (tasted) fudge. tasted
Last Saturday my mom made me _______ (peel) potatoes. peel
Last Tuesday I ______ (to go) to school early. went
On Mondays she ____ (bake) cookies. bakes
Every night my mom ________ (cook) dinner. cooks
Two days ago we ________ (bake) sambusas in the oven. baked
Everyday he _________ (make) breakfast for his family. makes
Last week the teacher ____ (dip) carrots in dip. dipped
Last week I ________ (buy) groceries at the grocery store. bought
Last month I _______ (husk) corn. husked
Every Monday she _____ (cook) dinner. cooks

Medical abbreviations Crossword


right ear ad
freely/as needed adlib
apply topically top
twice a day bid
sublingual sl
as needed prn
by mouth po
every 3 hours q3h
both eyes ou
every 4 hours q4h
left eye os
every day qd
right eye od
4 times a day qid
left ear al
every other day qod
teaspoon tsp
3 times a day tid
tablespoon tbsp
before meals ac
tablets tabs
at bedtime hs
one half ss
between meals int
milliliters ml
after meals pc
milligrams mg
capsule caps
drops gtt

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword


The author of the book "The Great Gatsby" Scottfitzgerald
The narrator of "The Great Gatsby" Nickcarraway
she is a professional golfer in the story Jordanbaker
Tom cheats on Daisy with her Myrtle
What is the setting of this novel Newyork
Gatsby buys his house to be close to her Daisy
Nick and Tom both went to college here Safehaven
What color is Gatsby's car Yellow
Gatsby and Nick both live in this egg Westegg
Fixed the World Series in 1919 Meyerwolfshiem
The name of daisy's child Pammy
What is at the end of daisy's dock Greenlight
What does Gatsby host at his house Parties
How many years was Gatsby in war Five
Gatsby's real name Jaygatz
Who does Daisy say I love you to in front of tom Gatsby
Who kills Gatsby Mrwilson
What does nick invite Gatsby to do st 9 am Hydroplane
How many true friends does Gatsby have One
Who does Mr. Wilson think hot Myrtle Tom

Med. Abbreviations Crossword


aa of each
ac, AC before meals
Achs before meals and at bedtime
AD right ear
ad lib freely
Al(OH)3 aluminum hydroxide
amp ampule
am, AM morning
amt amount
apap, APAP acetaminophen
AQ aqueous
AS left ear
ASA aspirin
ASAP as soon as possible
atc, ATC around the clock
AU both ears
bid, BID twice a day
BM bowel movement
B & O belladonna and opium
BP blood pressure
BS blood sugar
c with
Ca calcium
cap capsule
cc cubic centimeter
Cl Chloride
DAW dispensed as written
DC discontinued
dec, decr decrease
disp dispense
dtd give of such doses
dx diagnosis
Elix elixir
Fe ferrous
Fe Gluc Ferrous Gluconate
FeSO4 ferrous Sulfate
fl dr fluid dram

Fun Friday Word Search

Word Search


Au cafe Crossword


breakfast, le petitdejeuner
lunch, le dejeuner
dinner, le diner
appetizers, les entrees
bread, le pain
sandwich, un sandwich
steak with fries, un steak-frites
ice cream, la glace
coffee, un cafe
tea, un the
soda, un soda
hot chocolate, un chocolat
Coca Cola, un coca
chocolate milk, un laitchocolat
juice, un jus
water, de l' eau
the bill, l’ addition
waiter, le serveur
waitress, la serveuse
outside, a l’ exterieur
inside, a l’ interieur
the menu, la carte
main courses, les platsdujour
the desserts, les desserts
daily special, la specialitedujour
baguette, une baguette
cheese, le fromage
ham, le jambon
croissant, un croissant

Spanish 1 Chapter 4B Crossword


dance el baile
concert el concierto
party la fiesta
game, match el partido
to go camping ir de cámping
to go fishing ir de pesca
to play basketball jugar al básquetbol
to play baseball jugar al béisbol
to play soccer jugar al fútbol
to play golf jugar al golf
to play tennis jugar al tenis
to play volleyball jugar al vóleibol
I know(how) (yo) sé
you know (how) (tú) sabes
tired cansado(a)
happy contento(a)
sick enfermo(a)
bad, badly mal
busy ocupado(a)
sad triste
(At) what time? ¿A qué hora?
at one(o'clock) a la una
at eight (o'clock) a las ocho
in the morning de la mañana
in the evening, at night de la noche
in the afternoon de la tarde
this weekend este fin de semana

Personal Hygiene Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Brush Teeth twice a day
Wash hands for 15 secs
Shower at least once a day
Brush Hair
Style Hair
Wash Clothes
Rinse Mouth
3 months new toothbrush
Maintain regular bedtime
Relax before bedtime
Earplugs with noisy roommate
No excessive napping
Bathe with soap & water
Use deorderant
Use lotion
Brush teeth in morning
Brush teeth before bed
Brush teeth in circle motion
Men groom & shave
Brush Tongue
Only sleep in bed
Shampoo and wash hair
Wash Face
Make a daily routine


Thanksgiving Crossword


GiGi's middle name Lee
What is our favorite Thanksgiving meat turkey
Favorite Thanksgiving pie pumpkin
Thanksgiving side dish made from cornbread dressing
Nana's middle name June
Where does Mickey Mouse live? Disneyland
what favorite side dish is mashed? potatoes
Daddy's middle name Andrew
Red sauce for Thanksgiving cranberry
Fairy tales starts with _____________ Upon a Time Once
Who we thank on Thanksgiving God
The ____ of the road end
what fish breath through gills
card game that starts with U Uno
bone beteween your shin and thigh knee
what we put in fireplace to start a fire log
Two great-grandmothers have this name Edith
Nickname for Grandma (Valoree) nana
Small insect at picnics ant
If there aren't any, there are ________________ none
female sheep ewe



Your own personal space to put papers, books, coats, etc. LOCKER
Your hourly map of what classes you have. SCHEDULE
One of the best parts of the day---done during 5/6 period. LUNCH
Landon's mascot. LANCER
The principal of our school. BOGGS
Required class for all students. LANGUAGE ARTS
The sound of this lets you know it's time to go to another class. BELL
Red and ___________ are our colors. GREY
This class is the last one of the day. It helps you get prepared for the next day. ADVISOR BASE
Each student gets one of these for their own personal use. CHROMEBOOK
Go to this place first thing in the morning. Not allowed to go to your locker first. GYM
This is used to carry your Chromebook and is allowed in the classroom. STRINGBAG
In order to do well in school, you need to be here. ATTENDANCE
This keeps others from getting into your locker. LOCK
Should be turned OFF and out of sight. PHONES
This lets you know what is acceptable dress at Landon. DRESS CODE
She is located in the main office. NURSE
Where breakfast and lunch are served. COMMONS