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Spring Time Crossword


April showers bring May _ _ _ _ _ _ _. flowers
In spring, farmers _ _ _ _ _ _ _ crops. water
The first month of spring. March
Easter _ _ _ . egg
_ _ _ _ _ _ blossom trees. cherry
Spring _ _ _ _ _; vacation. break
flowers _ _ _ _ _ in Spring bloom
The season after Winter Spring
A month in Spring April
An animal that wakes up in Spring groundhog
birds that fly north in Spring; black, grey, and white geese
a small pool of water puddle
you use this to keep you dry from the rain umbrella
shoes you wear in the rain rainboots
a day for pranks April Fools
what you can fly on a windy day kite
baby chicken chick
bumble _ _ _ bee
when you bring food and a blanket to a park and sit on the grass eating picnic
what you see sometimes after rain stops rainbow
baby duck duckling
young sheep lamb
what do eggs eventually do? hatch
small round beetles that are often red with black spots ladybug
the larva of a butterfly or moth caterpillar
these bugs have eight legs and spin webs spider

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Milady Chapter 8 Skin Disease & Disorders Crossword


Small, brownish spot or blemish on the skin. Ranging in color from pale tan to brown or to bluish black 1234
Large blister containing fluid Bulla
Cannot survive in the presence of oxygen Anaerobic
Crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis Fissure
Small blister or sac containing clear fluid, lying within or just beneath the epidermis Vesicle
Abnormal growth of the skin Hypertrophy
Itchy, swollen lesion that lasts only a few hours; caused by a blow or scratch, the bite of an insect, urticaria or nettle sting. Ex. Hives and mosquito bites Wheal
Darker than normal pigmentation Hyperpigmentation
Chronic condition appears on the cheeks and nose, characterized by redness, distended or dilated surface blood vessels Rosacea
Bacterial infection commonly known as pink eye Conjunctivitis
An inflammatory, often chronic disease of the skin characterized by moderate to severe inflammation, scaling, and severe itching Eczema
Contagious bacterial skin infection characterized by weeping lesions Impetigo
Also known as cicatrix Scar
Allergic reaction created by repeated exposure to a chemical or a substance Sensitization
Abnormal brown-colored or wine-colored skin discoloration Stain
Flat spot or discoloration on the skin Macule
Foul-smelling prespiration Bromhidrosis
Also known as wart Verruca
Technical term for freckles Lentigines
Also known as a birthmark Nevus
Liver spots Chloasma
Hereditary condition that causes hypo pigmented spots and splotches on the skin, may be related to thyroid conditions Vitiligo
Abnormal, rounded, solid lump above, within, or under the skin Tubercle
Absence on pigment, resulting in light or white splotches Hypopigmentation
Skin sore or abrasion produced by scratching or scraping Excoriation
Open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane of the body, accompanied by pus and loss of skin depth Ulcer
Inflammatory condition of the skin Dermatitis
Congenital hypopigmentation Albinism
Skin disease characterized by red patches covered with silver-white scales; usually found on the scalp, elbows, knees, chest, and lower back Psoriasis
Thick scar Keloid
Blackheads Comedo
Dead cells that form over a wound or blemish Crust
Closed, abnormally developed sac containing fluid, pus, semi-fluid, or morbid matter Cyst

Joseph in Egypt Crossword


When two full years had passed, _______________ had a dream (Genesis 41:1) Pharaoh
when out of the river there came up seven cows, _____________ and fat (Genesis 41:2) sleek
After them, seven other cows, ugly and _________________ (Genesis 41:3) gaunt
And the cows that were ugly and gaunt ate up the seven sleek, fat _______________. (Genesis 41:4) . cows
He fell asleep again and had a second dream: Seven heads of grain, ________________ and good, were growing on a single stalk. (Genesis 41:5) healthy
After them, seven other heads of grain ______________—thin and scorched by the east wind. (Genesis 41:6) sprouted
The thin heads of grain swallowed up the seven healthy, full heads. Then Pharaoh woke up; it had been a _________________. (Genesis 41:7) dream
In the morning his mind was troubled, so he sent for all the ___________________ and wise men of Egypt. (Genesisn 41:8) magicians
Then the chief _____________________ said to Pharaoh, “Today I am reminded of my shortcomings. (Genesis 41:9) cupbearer
Pharaoh was once angry with his servants, and he imprisoned me and the chief baker in the house of the ________________ of the guard. (Genesis 41:10) captain
Now a young _____________________ was there with us, a servant of the captain of the guard. (Genesis 41:12) Hebrew
And things turned out exactly as he ____________________them to us (Genesis 41:13) interpreted
So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the ____________________. (Genesis 41:14) dungeon
“I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the __________________ he desires.” (Genesis 41:16) answer
Seven years of great ______________________are coming throughout the land of Egypt, (Genesis 41:29) abundance

Cartoon Characters Crossword


Blue Train Thomas the Tank Engine
Has big ears and wears red pants. Micky Mouse
fat orange cat garfield
bald small child cailou
yellow and square spongebob
He has a beak and plays in Micky Mouse Donald duck
Loves honey Winnie the Pooh
Has Fairly Odd parents Timmy Turner
He loves bananas and says KING... Bob
Chases Tom jerry
Chases Jerry Tom
She's a happy cat Hello Kitty
Plays in Charlie Brown and usually sits on his red dog house Snoopy
He is spongebob's best friend Patrick
Lives with the man in the yellow hat Curious george
He's a genious Jimmy neutron

Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs Crossword


Jane is an artist in a family of doctors. She's the black _ _ _ _ _ of the family. sheep
I hate parties. I always feel like a _ _ _ _ out of water. fish
She's so dumb. She's got nothing between her _ _ _ _.. ears
Forget him! Boys like him are a dime a _ _ _ _ _ ! dozen
Just do it! _ _ _ _ the bullet! bite
My class is uncontrollable, they're completely out of _ _ _ _ . hand
You can't make tea?! It's not rocket _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ! science
Ugh! I've had it! That's the _ _ _ _ _ that breaks my back! straw
I'm sneezing a lot, but I think I'm just a little under the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . weather
Don't worry about it now. We'll cross that _ _ _ _ _ _ when we get to it. bridge
I try not to make assumptions but ... a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is worth a thousand words! thousand
The new iPhone costs an _ _ _ and a leg! arm
Don't be upset! There's no use crying over spilt _ _ _ _ ! milk
It'll get better -- every _ _ _ _ _ has a silver lining. cloud
John is on thin _ _ _ with his parents; they're really upset with him. ice
Go for it! Fortune favors the _ _ _ _ ! bold
Kate is my best friend. We see eye to _ _ _ on almost everything. eye
Don't mind what she said. Take everything with a _ _ _ _ _ of salt. grain
It's a surprise party so don't spill the _ _ _ _ _ ! beans
Don't give up yet -- it's not over 'til the fat lady _ _ _ _ _ ! sings

The Crucible Crossword


Abigail and her friends claim that MAry Warren is _________ them. Bewitching
Reverend PArris fears that the rebellion in _________ may spread. Andover
The leader of the court. Danforth
Betty's sickness is something like a _______. Trance
Tituba is a black slave from_______. Barbados
Whose life does Marry Warren save? Elizabeth
Who goes Putnam have denounce people in order to get their land? Daughter
"Goody" is a term of address much like "________". Mrs
Mary gives Elizabeth a _________ when she comes home from the trials. Doll
John Proctor forgets about the commandment "Thou shalt not commit ___________". Adultery
Mrs. Putnam blames the deaths of her children on _______. Witchcraft
Proctor tears up his confession so that it cannot go on the _____________. ChurchDoor
This person is pressed to death at the end of the play.__________ GilesCory
At the end of the play, Abigail ___________ her uncles and leaves Salem. Robs
Why is Elizabeth Proctor not hanged? Pregnancy

Animals Crossword


Brown with long neck Giraffe
Swings from tree to tree Monkey
King of the Jungle Lion
Orange with brown stripe Tiger
Drives Santa's sleigh Reindeer
Lives in the ocean and has big teeth Shark
Super fast Cheetah
Green and has a shell Turtle
Bird and awake at night owl
Small green and can jump high Frog
People have them as pets and you pet them Dog
People ride on them and they have four legs horse
Quack quack Duck
Swim around and chomp stuff up Alligator
Have black and white stripes Zebra
Grey, big, and have a trunk Elephant
They are white and have wool on them Sheep
Pink and go oink oink Pig

Civil Rights Crossword


Laws that segregated African Americans Segregation but Equal
Segregation by custom and tradition De facto segregation
something that is built, installed, or established to serve a particular prupose Facility
Major black civil rights activist who was assassinated Martin Luther King Jr
Helped African Americans ride public transportation Montgomery Bus Boycott
An agricultural estate worked by laborers Plantations
Agreeing with standards of proper behavior, good state, or morality Decent
Making s statement based on a personal knowledge or belief Testifying
A person who asks for votes, contributions, or supports to determine public opinion Canvassers
To sit next to or in contract with Adjoining
Unable to cure Incurable
African Americans had to ___________ to vote Register
The president at the time. Then was assassinated for his beliefs JFK
where MLK gave his "I Had a Dream" speech The March on Washington
An attempt to kill a bill by having a group of senators taking turns speaking so that a vote cannot take place Filibuster
A motion that ends debate and calls for an immediate vote Cloture
President after JFK died and major civil rights activist Lyndon B. Johnson
Prejiduce or discrimination against a person because of their beliefs Racism
The mobilization of the political and economic power of African Americans Black Power
Inspirational/key role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks



Thin, dry, or oily plates of epidermal flakes. Scales
An uncomfortable and often chronic, disease of the skin, characterized by inflammation, scaling and sometimes severe itching. Eczema
Congenital leukoderma or the absence of melanin pigment of the body, including the hair, skin and eyes. Albinism
Deficiency in perspiration, often a result of fever or certain skin diseases. Anhidrosis
Term that means - cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic
Condition characterized by increased pigmentation on the skin in spots that are not elevated. Chloasma
Most common and least severe type of skin cancer; often characterized by light or pearly nodules Basal Cell carcinoma
The main source for acne bacteria is ______. Fatty acids
A freckle is an example of a mark on the skin called a __________. Lesion
A large blister containing a watery fluid is a ________. Bulla.
A flat spot or discoloration on the skin is a _______. Macule
An inflamed pimple containing pus. Pustule
An abnormal cell mass that varies in size, color, and shape. Tumor
A thick scar resulting from excessive growth of fibrous tissue is known as a ______. Keloid
Distended or dilated surface blood vessels. Telangiectasias
Hypertrophy of the papillae and epidermis is a _______. Wart
The American cancer society recommends using a checklist to recognize potential skin cancer or changes in moles, using the letter b to check mole ________. Borders
Excessive sweating caused by heat or general body weakness. Hyperhidrosis
A non-contagious skin disease characterized by red patches covered with silver- white scales found on the scalp. Psoriasis
Benign, keratin filled cysts that appear just under the epidermis and have no visible opening are called ________. Milia