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Kiipeilylehti Crossword


Fontsussa Isatis
Härkätaistelija Matador
Jatkot Jatkot
Juhannuspaikka Olhava
Musta timantti kuva Diamond
Woods (metsä kuva) Daniel
Dodo kuva Dodo
Kasisolmu (kuva) kasisolmu
ATC (kuva) varmistuslaite
Petzl Grigri
Andy (kuva) Gullsten
Karhu (kuva) Nalle
Kilpailu bouldrliiga
Chris Sharma
Huutaa kovaa Ondra
Treenipaikka Kiipeilyareena
Valjaat (kuva) valjaat
Kengät (kuva) Kengät
Mankkapussi (kuva) mankkapussi
Köysi (kuva) Köysi
Katkee aina Lapisharja
Kiila (kuva) Kiila
kivi (kuva) siirtolohkare
tanssiva tyyppi jammaus
Teipattu käsi x2 (kuva) teippihanskat
eri värisiä sormiteipit
suomalainen kiipeilymerkki kitka
Kehä III Rollarit
-rock Mad
Perustarvike Untuvatakki
Suomen ensimmäinen kiipeilijä Matti
Via Finlandia Dolomiitit
ensimmäinen sisäseinä kauniainen
Ruohoketo (kuva) Nummi
Tampereella tai kouvolassa mustavuori
Riippikivi (kuva) Tufa
Kivilaji graniitti
Afrikassa hiekkakivi
Osavaltio Utah
Kylmää kiveä Dokumentti
Uusi kiipeilyhalli KALASATAMA
Pulley Vamma
Koponen, Haapakoski Samit
Kuva stereoista mankka
helppo soft

Rock Puzzle Crossword


This rock forms when magma or lava cool Igneous
This rock is composed of minerals formed from solutions or sediments from older rock Sedimentary
This rock forms when high temperature and pressure change the texture and mineral content of rock Metamorphic
This rock forms from the remains or fossils, of once living plants and animals Organic
This rock forms when water,usually seawater evaporates the minerals in the water become concentrated to the point that they precipitate and crystallized Chemical
Forms when sediments are buried,compacted,and cemented together Clastic
Formed by being crystallized by molten lava Quartz
Formed through metamorphism of organic material found in mineral deposits Graphite
a metamorphic rock with a banded or foliated structure, typically coarse-grained and consisting mainly of feldspar, quartz, and mica. Gneiss
is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble
a high grade metamorphic rock formed from basalt; also a facies of metamorphic rocks Granulite
a sedimentary rock formed from peat Coal
a intermediate volcanic rock Andesite
a sedimentary rock formed from clay Claystone
a coarse grained plutonic rock chemically equivalent to basalt Gabbro

Kemiallinen rapautuminen Crossword


Alue, jossa on kemiallista rapautumista Karstimaa
Laaja romahduslaakso Polje
Suppilomainen kuoppa Doliini
Karstimaalla on ...luolia Tippukivi
Tippukiviluolissa asuu Olmi
Tippukiviluolan katossa Stalaktiitti
Tippukiviluolan pohjalla Stalakmiitti
Kivi rikkoutuu tai ... kokonaan Liukenee
Yleinen kallio kemialliselle rapautumiselle Kalkkikivi
Lämmin ja ... alue Kostea

Ellangge Crossword


Branch of science Chemistry
Sand dunes are characterizes Ilocos Coastal
Proposed by JAMES HUTTON Rock cycle
A highland with small summit area Mountain
called the "SUGAR BOWL" of the Philippines Negros
A fold which is folded over on it self Recumbent
Extends from the northern part of Pangasinan Zambales Mountain range
It is Example of ACTIVE VOLCANO Mayon
Example of block mountains mt everest
A geological process that causes Fold
It is a Kind of Sedimentary Rock Shale
It also called a PARENT ROCK igneous rock
What is the building block of the solid part of the earth called ? Lithosphere
The process of rocks to slide or slip against each other is called ________. Faulting
It is an example of Clastic Sediments Breccia
An organic sediments is example of __________sediments. Non clastic
Gneiss is a _______ kind of rock Metamorphic
One limb is tilted Assymetrical
The branch of science which is the study of living organisms Biology
The lithosphere is divided into crust , mantle and ____ . Core

Crossword Puzzle: Rocks & Their Properties


Color is usually white, is made from limestone, hardness is a three on the Mohs hardness scale, is often used as decoration in a house, and is a metamorphic rock Marble
Is a igneous rock, the color is usually black, is low in silica, is a extrusive rock, and the oceanic crust is made up of this rock Basalt
Makes up coral reefs, marble, chalk, etc. Is a sedimentary rock, mostly made of calcium, has rich fossil content, and serve as a building stone Limestone
Is a metamorphic rock, is a foliated rock, contractors use this rock as a crushed stone, is use in landscaping, road construction, etc. And is used for decorating houses as well Gneiss
Is a type of igneous rock, is widly found on Earth and the Moon, is the intrusive equal to basalt, and is very low silica Gabbro
Is a type of sedimentary rock, contains at least 10% of coarser-than-sand-size clasts, is made of a mixture of several rock types, the rock's clast material,formation, and cement are all related in time Breccia
Is a type of metaphorpic rock, is originally a fine-grained sedimentary rock, mainly composed of clay, crystals can form on this rock, these crystals if formed will grow large enough to see with the naked eye, and mist of this rocks are the color black Phyllite
Is a type of igneous rock, has large crystals but not due to crystilization, this rock often contains gemstones, indstrial minerals, and rare minerals, Pegmatite
Is a type of sedimentary rock, is composed of sand-size grains of mineral, rock, or organic material, this rock is the most common sedimentary rock, contains a cementing bind with most of the time has a matrix of silt or clay size particles, and this rock serves as a aquaifer Sandstone
Is a type of metamorphic rock, this rock often retains to stratification, this rock is often dense, hard, and fined-grained rock, can be almost any color, and this rock can be seperated into three groups Hornfels
Is a type of sedimentary rock, this rock is found in sedimentary basins all over the world, this rock is very, very similar to limestone, this rock is very common in the rock record, this rock has the same name as a mineral, so is refered to in a couple different ways Dolomite
Is a type of igneous rock, this rock cools so rapidly that the atoms couldn't arrange themselves to make crystals, this is an extrusive smooth rock, and the most common color of this rock is black Obsidisn

Techtonic PLates Crossword


topic title techtonic plates
the energy that moves the plates convection
hot fluid material below or within the earths crust from which laava and rock is formed on cooling magma
earth's outer crust lithosphere
each of several large land masses thought to have divided to form the present continents in the geological past supercontinent
sudden violent shaking of the ground earthquake
continents were once joned together but moved apart over time continental drift
boundary along which two tectonic plates move away from eaech other divergent boundary
area where a column of hot material rises from deep wwithin the mantle hot spot
supercontinent that included all of the landmasses on earths, began breaking apart pangaea
was a supercontinent that existed from the neoproterozoic until the jurassic gondwana
the action or process of deforming or destroting deformation
outer layer of the earth crust
largest layer of earth mantle
a solid ball of metal innercore
liquid layer 2,300km thick, second largest outer core
a long high sea wave tsunami
mountain typically conical having a crater vent through which lava, hard rock and gas have been erupted volcano
crack in a plate fault
large chunk of crust plate