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Of Mice and Men Crossword


What do people call Crooks? nigger
Whats the best word to describe Lennie? stupid
Where did George say to go when Lennie got into trouble? brush
Whats Lennie's aunty called? Clara
Where did Geroge shoot Lennie? head
What did George take out of Lennie's hand at the beginning? mouse
Where's the place that George and Lennie work at? salinas
What animal does Lennie kill dog
What does Lennie ask for on his food? ketchup
Who kills Candy's dog? Carlson
What do people call Curley's wife? tart
What animal is Lennie compared to? bear
What body part is Candy missing? hand
What do George and Lennie eat by the camp fire? beans
What is Lennie's inappropriate surname? small
Lennie dreams of looking after what? rabbits
Where did George and Lennie run away from? weed

Of Mice and Men 1-4 Crossword


Author of Mice and Men Steinbeck
Setting of novel Salinas Valley
What George likes to pet, but kills Mice
Father, big brother figure George
Big man that is slow Lennie
Lennie hurts his hand Curly
Wanted to be an actress Curleyswife
Main characters American Dream is to own a ranch
First town main characters got into trouble Weed
George wants to tend the ______ one day Rabbits
George's Aunt Aunt Clara
George says Lennie was kicked by a _________ when he was young horse
What is George worried about when he see where he is suppose to sleep Lice
Jerk line skinner that wears a stetson hat Slim
George and Lennie's job on the ranch Buckingbarley
What slim gives to Lennie puppies
George stopped playing tricks on Lennie because he almost drowned
Tells Candy to shoot his old dog Carlson
George and Lennie make a plan with him to save their money and buy a place Candy
Black stable buck Crooks
Lennie wanted _________ for his beans ketchup
George's last name Milton
Lennie's last name Small
George states Lennie is his cousin

Mrs. Diniz's 4th Grade Class Word Search

Word Search

Jose J.
Jose R.

Of Mice and Men Chapters 5 and 6 Crossword


Lennie accidentally goes into Crooks' room in search of what? PUPS
What day does Lennie sit by himself in the barn? SUNDAY
What is the only thing that Lennie seems concerned about? RABBITS
Who accuses Lennie of never thinking of George? AUNTCLARA
What does Curley want to do to Lennie when he organizes a search party? LYNCH
What does George tell Lennie about to distract him? RANCH
Who comes into the barn? CURLEYSWIFE
What does Lennie break on Curley's Wife? NECK
Where does Curley say he is going to shoot Lennie? MIDSECTION
Who shoots Lennie? GEORGE
Who breaks up the fight between Curley and Lennie? CARLSON
Who does the second shotgun come from? CROOKS
What does George steal from Carlson? LUGER
What is Lennie laying in when he is shot? SAND
Which animal dies before Curley's wife? PUPPY
Who does Lennie have his second imaginary conversation with? GIANTRABBIT
What did Curley's wife want to be before she married Curley? ACTOR
Where does Crooks sleep? STABLE
Where is Lennie hiding? RIVERBED
What in the novel dies the same way as Lennie? CANDYSDOG
What does Lennie touch before Curley's wife dies? HAIR
Who kills Curley's wife? LENNIE
Which game are the men playing while Lennie is in the barn? HORSESHOES
Who finds Curley's wife? CANDY
Who forces George to go with the search party? CURLEY
What does Lennie do to the dog? KILLS
Who brings up Weed to George? SLIM
Where does Lennie hide after he kills Curley's wife? BRUSH

Of Mice and Men Chapters 4 and 5 Crossword


Who's place does Lennie walk into? Crooks
What does Candy want to talk to Lennie about? Rabbits
Who walks in on Lennie and the dead puppy in the barn? Curleys Wife
What does Lennie use to kill Curleys wife? Hands
What animal stall is Curley's wife found by? Horse
Who visits Crook first when the other men are in town? Lennie
Who appears during the conversation between Lennie and Crooks? Candy
What game do the men play in the barn to pass time? Cards
What does Curley always talk about when he is talking to his wife? Fighting
Where does Lennie go after he kills Curleys wife? The brush
Where does Curley and his wife meet? Riverside Dance Palace
Where does Curley send Whit when he finds out his wife is dead? Soledad
What does Curley send Whit to get when he finds out his wife is dead? Sheriff
Where do the men go in chapter 4? Town
What was Curleys wife wearing when she was talking to Lennie? Cotton Dress
What is Crooks? Stable Buck
What does Carlson say he is going to get after they find Curleys wife dead? Luger
What is Lennie going to see when he meets up with Crooks? Puppies
What direction does George say Lennie ran towards after the murder? South
What was Curley's wife's dream job? Actress
Who says they're going to shoot Lennie when they find Curley's wife dead? Curley
What did Candy say Curley got his hand stuck in? Machine
How much does George say he is going to make at the end of the month? Fifty
Where is Lennie when he strokes Curley's wife's hair? Barn
What game were the men playing on Sunday afternoon? Horseshoes
Whose gun did George use to kill Lennie? Carlson
Who does Candy first tell when he finds Curley's Wife dead? George
What does Lennie take with him whne he leaves for the brush? Dead puppy

Gilmore girls Crossword


Mother? Lorelai
Daughter? Rory
Diner owner? Luke
Father? Christopher
Luke's daughter April
April's mom Anna
Chef Sookie
Rory's first boyfriend Dean
Rory's short-term boyfriend Jess
Grandma Emily
Grandpa Richard
Christopher's kid Gigi
Yales paper Daily news
French concierge Michel
Christopher's fionsé Sherry
Lorelai's sheepdog Paulanka
Rory's alma mater Yale

Out of my mind crossword puzzle


She is 12 years old and has cerebral palsy Melody
Melody's younger sister Penny
He is 9 years old ,needs to use a diaper but he is good with his hands Carl
He is the oldest in room H-5 and he loves to zoom fast in his eletric chair Freddy
A girl that is 9 but could pass for 6 and calls Melody ,mellybelly Maria
Melody's helpful neighbor that looked after her and helped Melody study for Quiz Kidz Mrs. Valencia
He is in charged of the Quiz Kidz team ,doesn't believe in Melody'potential Mr. Dimming
The pricipal of Spaulding Street Elementry Mrs. Anthony
The fist teacher to volunteer for inclusion she is the music teacher Mrs. Lovelace
Melody's loving dog Butterscotch
An accepting friend of Melody but can be pursuaded to neglect her Rose
A mean girl who is jealous of Melody Claire
She is atistic and she rocks in the coner when unsure of somthing Gloria
Another mean girl who won't seperate from Claire Molly
The medi-talker's nickname Elvira
A supportive teacherthat understands Melody's differences Mrs.Shannon
Aloud rumbuntious baseball expert who yodels a lot Willy
A fish that Melody won in a carnival Ollie
The first grade teacher Mr. Gross
Melody's student aid who was like a best friend to Melody Catherine
A second grade teacherwho provided audio books to Melody Mrs. Tracy
A syrofoam snowman that comes out every chrstmas Sydney
A teacher of an in clusion class who refuses to let kids get bullied Miss.Gordon
She was in a car accident as a baby and now has to use a walker to get around Jill
The doctor who thought Melody had brain damage Dr. Hugely
A student from H-5 who is nine but could pass for a six year old Ashely
A teacherthat treats her third graders like preschoolers Mrs. Billups
He loves Melody with all his heart and does all the heavy lifting like carring Melody up the stairs and on to the car Dad
She loves Melody with all her heart and she feeds and dresses Melody Mom
A know it all that is nice to Melody can be pushy and is part of the Wiz Kidz team Conor

k and 6 page 1 Crossword


I love teachers Cris
My family and I were close to Mr Scanlon. Trinity
I have two older sisters who went to this school before me. Oscar
I am a boomerang Tarah
I have 6 pets Brian
I am really short Rory
I came from Umina Tamika
I care about other people and I'm well behaved. Wyatt
I'm taller than my teacher. Taz
Eye am a better spell chequer than a pea sea, four miss steaks. Zane
I ride motor bikes. Riley
I was born in Queensland. Ethan
I have two brothers and two sisters and I was born in Sydney. Cody
I like guinea pigs Victoria

Frederick Douglass Crossword


Where was Frederick Douglas.s Born Tuckahoe
The opinion was mentioned that Frederick Douglass father was his. Master
White children knew their_____but the enslaved did not. Age
Frederick's mother name was. Harriett Bailey
Who hired Frederick's mother. MrStewart
Who is Captain Anthony. (known for) Master
Who is Captain Anthony overseer. MrPlummer
who taught Frederick Douglass how to read MrsAlud
Who made the reference "If you give a nigger an inch, he will take a ell" MrAlud
Frederick Douglass______________learn how to read and write without Mrs. Alud help anymore. Determine

John F. Kennedy Crossword


What is John F. Kennedy's middle name? Fitzgerald
What number president was John Kennedy? thirty fifth
In what city was President Kennedy assassinated? Dallas
Who was President Kennedy's vice-president? Lyndon Johnson
What was President Kennedy's wife's name? Jackie
Who was charged with killing President Kennedy? Lee Harvey Oswald
What weapon was used to assassinate President Kennedy? rifle
Where did John Kennedy live before he was elected President? Georgetown
In what state was President Kennedy born? Massachusetts
How many siblings did John Kennedy have? eight
In what role did John Kennedy serve in the navy? lieutenant
What college did John Kennedy attend? Harvard
What was the operation to overthrow Castro called? Bay of Pigs
President Kennedy's daughter's name Caroline
Plaza where John Kennedy was killed Dealey Plaza
Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald? Jack Ruby
What burns on President Kennedy's grave? eternal flame
What carried President Kennedy's coffin? caisson
An artist's sculpture shows which president crying over Kennedy's death? Abraham Lincoln
What religion was President Kennedy? Catholic