You should always do this to a centrifuge before turning on: Balance
The refractometer should be calibrated with this: Distilled water
Diff -Quik is this kind of stain: Romanowsky
The fluid fraction above the sediment Supernatent
Controls the amount of light reaching the sample on a microscope Iris diaphragm
Type of biochemistry analyser Wet
Quantitative measurement of faecal eggs McMasters
On a faecal float test you harvest your sample from the: Meniscus
Cellular casts that have started to degenerate are seen as: Granular
Feathery urinary calcui: Tyrosine
Urinary calculi that may form in urine that has been left to stand: Struvite
May see this in a blood smear in a patient recovering from and infection: Lymphocytosis
Immature red blood cell Reticulocyte
This biochemical parameter may indicate the hydration status of a patient: TP
Included in a liver blood profile: Bilirubin

Urinary System Crossword


Waste materials are filtered from the blood into these. Kidneys
The tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder ureter
Painful urination Disuria
Visual examination of the urinary bladder. Cystoscopy
Inflammation of the urethra Urethritis
Muscular sac that holds urine Bladder
Root that means Renal Pelvis Pyel
Largest artery located in the abdominal cavity. Abdominal aorta
The kidneys are located behind the parietal peritoneum. Their location is then, _______peritoneal Retro
Abnormal condition of protein (alumin) in the urine. Albuminuria
Shock waves are beamed into a patient to crush urinary tract stones. Lithotripsy
Nitrogenous waste materials are separated from the blood by a machine. Dialysis
A person who performs surgery on the urinary tract and provides treatment of male reproductive disorders. Urologist
Vessel that carries blood toward the heart from the kidneys. Renal Vein
One of the two roots meaning kidney Nephr

Genitourinary System Crossword


describes cloudy urine turbid
This type of dialysis has inflow, dwell time and outflow peritoneal
Kidney produces this for RBC synthesis erythropoietin
Kidney metabolizes this to active form Vitamin D
First step in urine formation glomerular filtration
Dietary restriction in renal disease protein
This will be found in an abnormal chemstrip result albumin
This will be elevated in urine with pyelonephritis(3 words) white blood cells
Assess this with leg cramps and pounding heart potassium
parenchyma of the kidney nephron
elevation of this indicates poor renal function creatinine
BUN blood urea nitrogen
insufficient urine output oliguria
this procedure may cause blood tinged urine cystoscopy
kidney stone (2 words) renal calculi
increased toxins in blood uremia
kidney absorbs this to promote alkaline state bicarbonate
Diabetic client may have this in urine glucose
crystals on the skin uremic frost
xray exam of urinary tract with contrast dye intravenous pyelogram
Important after an IVP hydration
symptoms include proteinuria, hematuria, decreased urine output and edema glomerulonephritis
bacteria that can cause kidney complications in children streptococci

Fluid and Electrolyte Review Crossword


What precautions would you place a patient on with hypernatremia? Seizure
A nurse would expect an increased or decreased urinary output with hypernatremia? Decreased
Most common electrolyte disorder... Hyponatremia
If the patient has hypophosphatemia, they will most likely have what other electrolyte imbalance? Hypercalcemia
Which electrolyte maintains extracellular fluid? Sodium
Which electrolyte maintains intracellular fluid? Potassium
In a patient with hypercalcemia, the blood will clot faster or slower? Faster
What is a potassium sparing diuretic? Spironolactone
Absorption of calcium requires... Vitamin D
Which electrolylte imbalance might exhibit a positive Trousseau and Chevostek sign? Hypocalcemia
What electrolyte would you monitor for on a patient with thyroid disease? Calcium
What is the most common route of potassium loss? Gastrointestinal
What should you assess first with hypokalemia (patient has normal ECG)? Respiratory
What should be the first assessment completed on a patient with hyperkalemia? Cardiac
Normal saline is.... Isotonic
Describe what the blood is like when the serum osmolarity is >300. Concentrated
Water goes with... Sodium
Tachycardia, flat neck veins, tachypnea, poor turgor, decreased urine output Dehydration
Full and bounding pulse, hypertension, JVD, dyspnea, crackles, pale and cool skin Overhydration

Urinary Disorder Crossword


lies behind the peritoneum, and just below the diaphragm kidneys
filters the blood and processes the urine nephron
examines the physical, chemical, and microscopic properties of urine urinalysis
extreme potassium depletion in the blood that can be cause by thiazide diuretics hypokalemia
used to tighten the muscles of the perineal floor kegels
2 words; loss of bladder control urinary incontinence
a urinalysis confirms this with a bacterial count of greater than 100,000 organisms/ml cystitis
pain in the prostate gland prostatodynia
acute pain also called renal colic, may be a classic symptom of what? renal calculi
a nursing intervention for this disorder is straining the urine, and sending any gravel to the lab. Urolithiasis
a partial or total may be performed to remove invasive lesions of the bladder Cystectomy
primary function of kidneys for waste products Excretion
there are how many phases of urine formation? Three
end stage renal disease is also known as? Three words Chronic renal failure
kidney’s lose normal functioning due to decreased blood supply and loss of? Nephrons
TURP means, Transurethral resection of the what Prostate
After a prostatectomy, you rest 48 hours to prevent what? Bleeding
nephrotic syndrome is also known as Nephrosis
severe generalized edema Anascara
mortality from fluid overload has been reduced by what procedure? Dialysis
most common urinary diversion. Two words Ileal conduit
medication that reduces bladder spasms Ditropan
monitor for this when patient is receiving diuretics. Two words Fluid overload
what has been used as an alternative therapy for a UTI? Cranberry
the urinary system consists of how many kidneys? Two
Diagnosis of ESRD is confirmed with an elevated BUN level of at least? 50
with acute glomerulonephritis swelling is first noted in the? face
perform catheter care how many times daily? twice

Urinalysis Crossword


Free catch urine sample is termed voided
"Gold Standard" urine sample of choice? Cystocentesis
Tube inserted into the bladder via urethra Catherterization
Using a refractometer to measure the weight of the urine as compared to distilled water. Specific Gravity
Used to measure degree of acidity or alkalinity pH
Formed during the incomplete catabolism of fatty acid ketones
Muscle breakdown found in a urine sample Myoglobinuria
Microscopic evaluation is started on what power? Ten
These Hyaline ________ are the most commonly seen in mild kidney damage? Casts
_______ casts are found in cats with renal disease and dogs with diabetes mellitus and are the result of the renal tubules being damaged. Fatty

Excretory System Crossword


Organ in the excretory system that filters waste from the blood kidneys
A tube that passes urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder ureters
A saclike structure that stores urine until it can be released urinary bladder
A tube that passes urine from the bladder to outside of body Urethra
The thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body Skin
Pair of organs where carbon dioxide and oxygen are echanged Lungs
Organ that breaks down toxins and wastes, and has many other functions Liver
A sac that stores bile; has a small role in the excretory system though Gall bladder
Storage organ for the excretory products Large Intestine
Function to inhibit the release of urine sphincter

Urinary system Word Search

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Neurogenic bladder
Renal calculi


Matching Worksheet

The function of this organ is to filter the blood with water and nutrients kidneys
Specialists that deal with both the urinary tract and male reproductive system urologists
small cluster of blood vessels in the kidney glomerulus
funnels urine from the kidneys and onto the bladder ureters
known as little rocks kidney stones
positioned in front of the urinary bladder prostate
low urine output oliguria
painful urination urodynia
high potassium in the blood hyperkalemia
most common types of images of the urinary tract intravenous pyelogram
special camera inserted into the bladder cystoscope
kidney condition nephrosis
process for examining the bladder cystoscopy
image of a kidney blood vessel renal angiogram
imaging using high-frequency sound waves ultrasonography
excessive urination diuresis
study of the kidneys nephrology
downward displacement of a kidney nephrotosis
deficiency of blood in a kidney renal ischemia
surgical removal of the vas deferens vasectomy

Urinary Elimination Crossword


Pus in the urine Pyuria
Needing to urinate at night Nocturia
Absence of urine Anuria
Painful urination Dysuria
Blood in the urine Hematuria
Inflammation of the bladder Cystitis
Decreased urine output Oliguria
Urine left in the bladder after urination Residual
An artificially created opening on abdomen for discharge of urine Urostomy
Performed when the patient is unable to eliminate urine from the bladder Catheterization
Manufactures urine Kidney
Carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body Urethra
Organ for storage of urine Bladder
Extracts metabolic waste Nephron
Controls the release of urine from the bladder Sphincter
Carries urine from the kidney to the bladder Ureter
Foul-smelling urine may indicate Infection
Excessive urination Polyuria
Glucose in the urine Glycosuria
Protein in the urine Proteinuria
Ketones in the urine Ketonuria
Surgical opening into the kidney Nephrostomy
Type of incontinence caused by intra-abdominal pressure Stress
Incontinence from a strong sense to empty the bladder Urge
Incontinence caused by the cognitive inability to recognize the urge to urinate Functional

Laboratory Equipment Crossword


What piece of equipment is used to separate subtances of different densities that are in a solution? Centrifuge
What piece of equipment is used to magnify cells and other microorganisms, which are not normally visible to the naked eye? Microscope
When looking at a sample with a 100x magnification objective lense, what do you need to add to your slide? Oil
What piece of equipment is used to determine the specific gravity of urine and the protein concentration of plasma? Refractometer
Which piece of equipment measures a variety of chemicals and enzymes in the blood? (Gives us general info on the health status of the liver, kidneys and pancreas) bloodchemistryanalyzer
What piece of equipment is used to measure the quantity and quality of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets? hematologyanalyzer
What is the name of the test run on a hematology analyzer? completebloodcount
What is the name of the basic test run on a blood chemistry analyzer? chemistryprofile
What piece of equipment is used to grow microorganisms in a controlled environment? incubator
After spinning down a sample, what is the name of the bottom/heavier layer? sediment
After spinning down a sample, what is the name of the top layer? supernatant