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Health Care Systems Crossword


What type of public health care agency is operated by the government? Official
The U.S. of health and human services is the official agency at what level? Federal
Health activities that take place at the international level go through what organization? World Health Organization
Health care that provides a diverse range of medical services is called? Acute Care
What is a one day surgical care center? Ambulatory Surgery Center
These provide follow up care to patients after hospitalization Outpatient Clinic
A hospital that is dependent on gifts & donations as a source of revenue Nonprofit
The philosophy of this is to maintain comfort as death approaches Hospice Care
Places for people who are not candidates residing in a nursing home Adult Day Care Center
Home with services that emphasizes privacy and choice Assisted Care
The monthly fee that a person must pay for health care insurance coverage Premium
What takes place after an acute illness or injury? Rehabilitation
Care that can be initiated at any stage of illness whether terminal or not Palliative Care
What is the need to hold costs within fixed limits? Cost Containment
Meets the health care needs of our veterans Veterans Health Administration
What program is for adults ages 65 and older? Medicare
What program provides medical assistance for low income families? Medicaid
Independent nonprofit organization that serves as an advisor to improve the nations health Institute of Medicine

The Healthcare Delivery System Crossword


The emphasis of the health care industry is shifting from managing illness to managing health of a community and the environment Population Wellness
What type of care describes a variety of health, personal, and social services provided over a prolonged period Continuing
Type of care that is a service that provides short-term relief or “time off” for people providing home care to people that are ill, disabled, or frail Respite
Health services that are provided in the patients place of residence Home care
Health care services in which patients who are recovering from illness or disability receive rehabilitation and supportive care Restorative
Federally funded national health insurance program for people over 65 years of age in the U.S. Medicare
Facility that offers skilled care from a licensed nursing staff Skilled nursing
Is a caring discipline Nursing
Is a system of family-centered care that allows patients to live with comfort, independence, and dignity while easing the pains of terminal illness Hospice
What health service model shows that population based health care services provide the basis for preventive services Pyramid

Medicare 101 Crossword


Groups of drugs that have a different cost for each group. Tier
the action you can take if you disagree with a coverage or payment decision made by Medicare, your Medicare health plan, or your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Appeal
An agreement by your doctor, provider, or supplier to be paid directly by Medicare, to accept the payment amount Medicare approves for the service, and not to bill you for any more than the Medicare deductible and coinsurance. Assignment
A geographic area where a health insurance plan accepts members if it limits membership based on where people live. Service area
A coverage rule used by some Medicare Prescription Drug Plans that requires you to try one or more similar, lower cost drugs to treat your condition before the plan will cover the prescribed drug. Step therapy
A person who has health care insurance through the Medicare or Medicaid programs. Beneficiary
The way that Original Medicare measures your use of hospital and skilled nursing facility (SNF) services. Benefit period
A written order from your primary care doctor for you to see a specialist or get certain medical services. Referral
A request for payment that you submit to Medicare or other health insurance when you get items and services that you think are covered. Claim
An amount you may be required to pay as your share of the cost for services after you pay any deductibles. Coinsurance
An amount added to your monthly premium for Part B or a Medicare drug plan (Part D) if you don't join when you're first eligible. You pay this higher amount as long as you have Medicare. There are some exceptions. Penalty
Approval that you must get from a Medicare drug plan before you fill your prescription in order for the prescription to be covered by your plan. Prior authorization
The amount you must pay for health care or prescriptions before Original Medicare, your prescription drug plan, or your other insurance begins to pay. Deductible
A type of Medicare prescription drug coverage determination, a drug plan's decision to cover a drug that's not on its drug list or to waive a coverage rule Exception
A list of prescription drugs covered by a prescription drug plan or another insurance plan offering prescription drug benefits. Formulary
A complaint about the way your Medicare health plan or Medicare drug plan is giving care. Grievance
Health care that you get when you're admitted to a health care facility, like a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Inpatient care
The facilities, providers, and suppliers your health insurer or plan has contracted with to provide health care services. Network

Health Careers Chapter 2 Word Search

Word Search

assisted living
chain of command
dental office
genetic counseling
government funded
home health
long term care
medical office
mental health
organizational chart
preventative care
provider list
rehabilitation clinic
workers compensation

Health Science 2 Puzzle Crossword


Advances in medicine reach the general public through the health care system
These facilities are equipped to handle a broad range of medical needs, including emergency and surgical services General hospitals
Unlike general hospitals, specialty hospitals limit their practices to a specific age or condition. Specialty hospitals
Federal, state, and local governments operate these hospitals. Government hospitals
This type of medical facility often is the home to research and educational programs University or College hospitals
these facilities house elderly patients who can no longer live independently because of heath or other issues. Long-term care facilities
those that do not require a hospital stay outpatient procedures
meaning illnesses that will be fatal terminal illnesses
or care for the terminally ill, is also often delivered in the home. Hospice care
controlling symptoms and making the person as comfortable as possible while allowing them to die with dignity. palliative care,
is both a health service and health insurance. HMO
. One of the largest government insurance programs is Medicare
especially among the elderly who are more likely to have health issues Medigap
the government also provides insurance for those who cannot afford it Medicaid
are the professionals who administer the health care. They all work together to make sure that all aspects of the patient’s health are monitored. Health care teams
the doctor patients see regularly to maintain overall health, is the leader of the team. These doctors are known as general practitioners, or family doctors, primary care physician
these professionals acquire more education and skills than a registered nurse and can perform some services generally reserved for doctors. nurse practitioners
These health professionals are responsible for filling prescriptions and dispensing medications. Pharmacists
the study of disease Epidemiology
the relationships between social and economic elements, also shape health services Socioeconomics

Basics of Health Insurance Crossword


An established schedule of fees set for services performed by providers and paid by the patient fee for service
protection in return for periodic premium payments that provides reimbursement of expenses resulting from illness or injury Health insurance
the sum of money paid at the time of medical service; it is a form of coinsurance copayment
provision frequently is found in medical insurance policies whereby the policyholder and the insurance company share the cost of covered losses in a specified ratio coinsurance
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration known as CHAMPUS
states that when an individual is covered under two insurance policies, the insurance plan of the policyholder whose birthday comes first in the calendar year (month and day, not year) becomes the primary insurance. birthday rule
A term used in managed care for an approved referral authorization
a payment method used by many managed care organizations in which a fixed amount of money is reimbursed to the provider for patients enrolled during a specific period of time, no matter what services were received or how many visits were made. Capitation
a letter or statement from Medicare that describes what was paid, denied, or reduced in payment. EOMB
Pays expenses involved in the care of the teeth and gums Dental care
Protects a person in the event of a certain type of accident, such as an airplane crash Special risk insurance
Often includes benefits for medical expenses payable to individuals who are injured in the insured person’s home or during an automobile accident Liability insurance
Covers a continuum of maintenance and health services for chronically ill, disabled, or mentally retarded individuals Vision care
Provides payment of a specified amount on the insured’s death Life insurance
Pays the cost of all or part of the insured person’s hospital room and board and specific hospital services Hospitalization
a review of individual cases by a committee to make sure services are medically necessary and to study how providers use medical care resources utilization review
40. An insurance term used when a primary care provider wants to send a patient to a specialist referral
periodic (monthly, quarterly, or annual) payment of a specific sum of money to an insurance company for which the insurer, in return, agrees to provide certain benefits premium
person who pays a premium to an insurance company and in whose name the policy is written in exchange for the insurance protection provided by a policy of insurance policyholder
a general practice or nonspecialist provider or physician responsible for the care of a patient for some health maintenance organizations gatekeeper

Health Care Facilities Crossword


Immediate medical attention acute
A person who remains in an acute care facility for over 24 hours inpatient
An acute care facility hospital
A facility that specializes in emotional or physical tratment rehabcenter
Care provided in a patients home homehealthcare
A facility that provides personal care, group meals, housing, and social activities assistedliving
Program focused on reducing pain, symptoms, and stress during the last stages of terminal illness hospice
Facility that offers health care with the activities of daily living and may last from days to years extendedcarefacility
A patient who is discharged within 23 hours outpatient
Filling the gap between hospitilization and rehab subacute
Group of apartments or homes for people who are mobile, yet met need help with daily activities independentliving

executive departments and presidents cabinet. Crossword


Serves as the financial division of the government treasury
Oversees the u.s. Armed forces through the joints chiefs of staff Defense
Responsible for the nations nuclear weapons progam, reactors, and radioactive waste. Energy
Provides federal assistance to education Education
Works to ensure safe safe, efficient and convenient land,sea rail and air. Transportation
Collects and analyzes data on employment Labor
manages federal Medicare and Medicaid Health services
Overseas medical care and other services for veterans and families after their service Veterans affair
Charged with protecting the security of america's borders, shores, land and the safety of its people Homeland security
Promotes and protects the industrial and commercial parts of the economy Commerce
Enforces antitrust laws. Justice
Develops conservation programs Agriculture
Oversees relationships with American and Indian nations. Inferior
Ensures equal housing opportunities. housing
When was the first cabinet 1789
Secretary is state Jefferson
Cabinet secretaries must be loyal to one of whom? Memebers of congress
How much does a secretary make per year? 199,700
Who is the secretary of treasury? Hamilton
How many positions is the bainey made up of? Four

Medicare Crossword


A federal health insurance program for people over 65, disabled or have End State Renal Disease Medicare
Covers inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and some hospice and home health Part A
Covers doctors services, outpatient care, PT/OT and some home health. PART B
Allows private health insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits through HMO's & PPO's Part C
_________________ Plans take the place of original Mediare. Advantage
coverage that helps lower prescription drug costs Part D
Beneficiary's Policy number HICN
Beginning _____ 2018, we will see new cards without SSN's April
Includes individuals enrolled in Medicare A&B and Medicaid Dual Eligibility
Dual eligible patients are 65 year old or disabled and ______________ Low Income
__________ Covers all or part of Medicare co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles for those with dual eligibility Medicaid
When Medicare does not have primary payment responsibility it is known as Medicare ________ payer. Secondary
End Stage Renal Disease ESRD
Group Health Plan GHP

Foster Care Crossword


Abbreviation for Specialized Alternatives for Families & Youth SAFY
What type of foster care agency is safy Therapeutic
what type service is offered to foster parent to give them a break respite
children who have experienced_______________. trauma
what is the primary goal to ensure each child. safety
For what reason are most children are removed from their home environment abuse
Who are SAFY strongest collaborator? fosterparents
What are SAFY treatment-level care interventions based on? evidencebase
Some children experience a genetic vulnerability. anxiety
What do SAFY hope to accomplish for every biological family? reunification
What do a foster child receives when they first introduced to SAFY? assessment
What do foster parents have to do to become licensed? preservice training