Bingo Cards

Marry Spouse
Harvest one Starfruit
Buy Two Farm Buildings
10 Bundles in CC
Collect 500 Wood
Donate 20 Items to Museum
Win Easter Egg Hunt
Catch 100 Fish
Find one Diamond
Make 200000 Dollars
Upgrade House
Grow 15 Unique Crops
Raise One Goat to Full Grown
Get to Level 75 in Mine
Give Ten People Bday Gift
Get to the Desert


Money Crossword


amount you get when you add prices together total
the amount of money you get back change
types of money that are made out of metal coins
the amount that an item costs price
coin worth 1 cent penny
coin worth 5 cents nickel
coin worth 10 cents dime
coin worth 25 cents quarter
how many quarters are needed to make 50 cents two
how many quarters are needed to make 75 cents three
how many cents are in a dollar one hundred
how many dimes are needed to make 70 cents seven
how many pennies are needed to make 15 cents fifteen
how many nickels are needed to make 45 cents nine
how many dimes are in a dollar ten
how many pennies are needed to make thirty cents thirty

Autumn Crossword Puzzle


A tasty yellow vegetable with kernels. corn
Another word for gathering crops before winter. harvest
Something people wear during the autumn. sweater
Another word for autumn. fall
The way trees look during the autumn. colorful
One of the colors leaves turn in autumn. yellow
A large orange squash that people carve faces into. pumpkin
A sport that starts in autumn. football
The middle month of autumn. October
Used to scare birds away from the corn. scarecrow
A crisp, red fruit. apple

Soil and Agriculture Crossword


Tool used to determine soil texture SOILTRIANGLE
_______ is parallel to the crust and is made up of layers SOILHORIZON
Method of farming used on the sides of mountains to increase amount of crops grown TERRACING
_____ is the process of removing trees from a habitat DEFORESTATION
Caused by excessive rain or over cropping SOILEROSION
Chemicals used to kill any insects trying to eat crops INSECTICIDES
Man made crops designed to produce more food (controversial) GMOS
_________ are used to stop the growth of fungus and bacteria in crops FUNGICIDE
Fences or trees strategically placed to stop the flow of wind are called WINDBREAKS
Plowing along the contours of land to prevent erosion CONTOURPLOWING
_______ is the process of changing crops yearly to maintain nutrients in the soil CROPROTATION
_______ happens with water forces fertilizer from its original position FERTILIZERRUNOFF
When crops do no receive the nutrition UNDERNUTRITION
Revolution that recently occurred that brought GMOS to the market GREENREVOLUTION
Process of which water completely fill an area WATERLOGGING
the layer of untouched rock located above the bedrock RIGOLITH
Very top layer of the soil horizon OHORIZON
Second layer from the top layer of soil AHORIZON
Lowest layer of all the soil horizons CHORIZON
The growing of one type of crop in a given area MONOCULTURE

River Valley Civilizations Crossword


the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers mesopotamia
the second step in civilization cities
belief in many gods polytheism
king of Mesopotamia with famous law code Hammurabi
Egypt's river Nile
Egyptian kings are called Pharaoh
built in Egypt as tombs for rulers Pyramids
river valley civilization in India Indusvalley
pyramids in Mesopotamia ziggurats
first writing cuneiform
writing in Egypt hieroglyphics
canals used to water crops irrigation
river on which Ancient China developped HuangHe
right to rule given by god to Chinese rulers Mandateofheaven
major food source for the Olmecs maize
symbols that represent sound alphabet

Minecraft Crossword


Exploding monster Creeper
To obtain wool from a sheep shear
A female character Alex
Tame to attack skeletons Wolf
Where to find a ghast Nether
Used to mine stone Pickaxe
Villager protector irongolem
Defeat to obtain string spider
Shy monster (Don't look at me!) Enderman
Use these to teleport Enderpearl
Use to mine sand Shovel
Defeat to obtain leather cow
Made from stick and string fishingpole
Where to find an end portal stronghold
Use to ride a horse saddle
A male character Steve
Defeat to obtain rotten flesh zombie
Toughest armor diamond
Most prevalent flower dandelion
Protector of ocean monument guardian
Tree fruit apple
Use to make paper sugarcane
Lays an egg chicken
Use to power mechanism components redstone
The hardest stone to mine obsidian
Biome where you can find cocoa jungle
Chirpy pet parrot
Undead humanoid neutral mob zombiepigman
Mode with no spawning monsters peaceful
Bad guy in the end enderdragon
Caravan animal llama
Minecraft creator notch
Produced Minecraft Mojang
To modify an item enchant
Use to fly elytra
Use to bounce slimeblock
Villager currency emerald
Use to craft bread wheat

Crossword puzzle answer key


was designed to free lands for pioneer settlement and to prevent violence between americans and indians by seperating them. indianremoval
this act was quite sucessful in oregon itself and as a result the territory became a state in1859. donationland
this act offered land to any pioneer willing to move to the american west homesteadact
it was one of the first pioneers to settle north of the Columbia River in Chehalis River Valley. ewingyoung
there was a trail named after him. jameslongmire
he was considered to be one of the orginal founders of the United States. georgebush
she arrived in Seattle in 1864 , she was part of a group called Mercer Girls. lizzieordway
he crossed the Oregon trail with his family on the way to Puyallup in 1853. ezrameeker
he was one of Washingtons earliest and most famous pioneers. bensnipes
it is where ships returned to unload their catch. cannery
this object made it possible to buy salmon for consumption. mechanicalrefrigeration
this object made it possible to buy fresh salmon for comsumption. mechanicalrefrigeration
the raising of crops without the benifit of irrigation of water. drylandfarming
this person built, owned,and operated first salmon cannery. williamhume
in 1853 he constructed washingtons territorys first steam powered sawmill in Seattle henryyesler
the meaning of the word is a change in the way goods produced. industrialization
it chartered approved the construction of the United States first two transcontinetal railroads the central pacific and union pacific. railroadact
one of the first two transcontinental railroads unionpacific
this person reorganized his railroad and shipping companies. henryvillard
he finaced the construction of a railroad from wallula on the columbia river to the city of walla walla. drdorseybaker
he was to build the railroad tycoon. jaycooke

Criminal / Addictive Thinking Crossword


Poor Me Self Pity
This helps you to stay focused on the future Goals
Distorted ____ maps can lead us a stray Thought
These reports help us analyze where our thinking is distorted Thinking
Our _____ is something we can control Behavior
Don't blame me I didn't do it Victim
I mowed her lawn so she owed me Good Person
I won't get caught cause I'm to smart is a ____ person stance Unique
This thinking is what landed all of us here Criminal
This thinking is what caused us to start down the criminal thinking path Addictive
I don't want anyone to know what I am doing or have gotten myself into Fear of Exposure
I want what I want, when I want it, which is NOW Lack of Time
I can help, but what are you going to do for me??? Selective Effort
I told you too, that's why. Better get it done. Power to Control
Living the life, lots of friends, I do what I want. Seek Excitement First
What mine is mine and what's yours is mine!! Ownership
Denial to ones self and others is a form of this Deceit to control
These are strong beliefs Core
We have the power to do this otherwise we will end up in jail or worse Change
Keep silent to avoid notice Avoidance
Anger is an example of this strategy Aggression
Did you see what he did though... _____ Strategy Diversion

California Gold Rush Word Search

Word Search


California Gold Rush Crossword


He was the first to find gold James Marshall
The news of gold saturated the country, people from near and far traveled in search of tapping into the riches of gold! People left high paying jobs to mine for gold, it eventually became known as…. Gold Fever
The easiest way to discover gold in the sand panning
Name for the people who panned for gold Gold prospectors
Long wooden frames used for searching through large amounts of gravel and soil sluices
What percent of the miners were men 97
These were used for shelter by the minors tents
A disease that spread from the dirty water and living conditions. cholera
This man’s entrepreneurial path started by selling canvas tents to the prospectors. This then led to a hired seamstress to help miners sew knees of pants that had worn out from a hard days work. The canvas was switched to denim. Levi Strauss
How much gold was harvested by 1960 in California 500 million
State where THIS gold rush took place California
What year did the California gold rush take place? 1848
Conflict arose with the _____ when the settlers approached California Native Americans
People who went to California looking for Gold in 1849 FortyNiners
These grew near all the major mining sites. Eventually a bunch of restaurants, hotels, and other places were built in order to accommodate the miners. Boom Towns
Where gold was first discovered in 1848; marked the beginning of the Gold Rush Sutters Mill
Steamships and railroads were used as _______ during the gold rush Transportation
What two things were miners forced to create when they arrived in California Laws and government
What could a miner do if he felt mistreated by a group of miners? Call camp meeting
A large migration of people to a newly discovered gold field gold rush
A soft yellow malleable ductile metallic element that California miners were in search for gold
Who was the president of America during the California gold rush? James Polk
The act of searching for precious minerals in the earth mining
A seam-like deposit containing metallic ore Iode
A lump or mass of gold nugget
A descriptive phrase used by a miner who strikes gold paydirt
The first migrants to arrive were those from lands accessible by _____. Boat
The Gold Rush undoubtedly sped up California’s admission to the Union as the ___state. 31
By the end of the decade, California’s population was_______. 380000
California officially became a US state because of what compromise? Compromise of 1850

Dating & Relationships Crossword


to be playful with someone you are interested in dating flirt
to request a date with a person you are interested in ask out
a series of multiple romantic dates with the same person dating
a female who is officially dating someone girlfriend
a male who is officially dating someone boyfriend
the situation of discovering great romantic affection for someone fall in love
to formally ask someone to marry you propose
to announce the day of your future wedding set a date
a traditional marriage arranged by parents or family members arranged marriage
the people soon to be married to one another engaged
the man or woman engaged to one another fiance
the woman getting married bride
the man getting married groom
the promises people make to each other during the wedding vows
husband or wife spouse
the relationship between you and your new spouse's family members in laws
the date of your wedding (happens yearly) anniversary
a romantic relationship with someone that is not your spouse affair
a legal end to a marriage divorce
to end a dating relationship or engagement breakup