A string instrument Guitar
They cook food outside Barbecue
An area beside the sea Beach
A meal ate outdoors with friends Picnic
A device that takes pictures Camera
A fabric shelter for camping Tent
A computer or electronic game Video game
A large public area or garden Park
A celebration or event Festival
A social occasion, fun Party

Hobbies & Leisure Crossword


A cooking method used to cook food outside using an open flame. Barbecue
The sand along the ocean where people can swim and sunbathe. Beach
It us used to take photographs/pictures. Camera
You sleep in it when you are camping. Tent
A large public grassy area in town used for leisure. Park
An outing or occasion that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors. Picnic
A large open party with entertainment. Festival
A stringed instrument. Guitar
A celebration. Party
A game that can be played on a computer or TV with a controller. Video game

Technology Vocabulary #2 Multimedia Crossword


blue-violet laser technology blueray
Electronic device that contains both video camera and recording device. camcorder
Short for digital video disc DVD
The process of putting a sequence of characters into a special format encoding
Shows a black area above and below the wide screen picture letterbox
Short for Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG
Use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound. multimedia
Short of National Television System Committee NTSC
Technique for transferring data so it can be processed in a steady stream. streaming
Use the Internet to broadcast live audio and/or video transmissions. webcast

Video technology crossword


Something you do before publishing the video Editing
Audio sound
Process before publishing Production
What you use to film Camera
Something used to record audio Microphone
Frames per second Fps
The part that shows the film Video
Type of camera Cannon
Plays a collection of pictures Film
Best quality you can get 1080 p
Stationary picture Photo
A method of transmitting information by a contentious signal Anolog
Audio Engineering Society. AES
all light in a viewing room produced by sources other than the display. Ambient light
an electronic device for increasing the strength of electrical signals. Amplifier
American National Standards Institute. ANSI
the number of bits used to describe data. bit depth
the color portion of a composite or S-Video signal. chrominance
electronic device that removes information from a modulated signal. demodulator
electronic equipment that adjusts or corrects the frequency characteristics of a signal. equalizer

Leisure & Hobbies Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

What do you cook on a barbecue? Meat, Chicken, Vegetables
What is the beach made of? Sand
What would you use a camera for? To take photos
What could you do in a park? Run, Walk your dog, exercise
What is a guitar? A musical instrument
What would you pack in a picnic? Cheese, biscuits, fruit
What is a tent? A cloth shelter
What type of Festivals do you get? Music, Religious
What celebration would you have a party for? Birthday, Wedding, Graduation
What are popular video games? Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA

Word Scramble Hobbies and Leisure

Word Scramble

video games

The Guitar Crossword


The part of the guitar that contains all the frets fingerboard
This stops at the body of the guitar and has some (but not all) of the frets neck
This allows the vibrations and is usually surrounded by a rosette soundhole
The inward curve of the guitar waist
Press you fingers beside these to change the pitch of a string frets
These can be identified by letters or numbers Strings
Many guitars have this, but it only for decoration rosette
This is near the bottom of the guitar and contains the saddle bridge
The tuning pegs are on this part of the guitar Head
These are played by stumming muliple strings with specific fingering chords
The part of the bridge that keeps the strings off of the guitar saddle
This is below the head and holds the strings off of the fingerboard nut
Tighten or loosen these to change the pitch of the strings tuningpegs
the number of string played in a standard D chord four
The large hollow part of the guitar body
When playing there should be _____ points of contact five

Computer Crossword Puzzle


A screen that displays an image that is being generated by a computer. monitor
The set of keys that are used to type words on a computer or typewriter. keyboard
A small device that is connected to a computer that you move with your hand to help you click on items on the computer screen. mouse
A machine that is used for printing documents, pictures, etc. printer
An electronic device that can intensify speeches, music, etc., and made audible throughout a room, hall, or the like. speaker
A set of facts or figures that can be displayed through a computer, especially in columns. table
or the Central Processing Unit is the component of a computer system that processes and exchanges data with the peripherals. CPU
The main circuit board of a computer that holds together many of the important components of a computer. motherboard
are on a keyboard to help you enter information on the computer. Keys
where you can find the images on your electronic device. Screen
where you can find the physical components of an electronic device. hardware
a computer program where you can look up and information on the internet. Browser
A group of files or documents that are stored together by a title on your computer. folders
A brief comment or explanation. notes
A small picture on a computer screen that represents a program or function that can be opened. icons
Booting a computer system again usually due to a problem. reboot
A special kind of cord that enables you to connect a computer to another device. USB
An disk that contains usually a video recording or computer data. DVD
To look up something. search

Computer Safety Crossword


Small circuit board that controls processing within a computer microprocessor
Physical parts of a computer Hardware
A program that contains instructions for a computer Software
Applications are also known as Apps
Consists of information Message
Refers to the method used to enter or transmit your message to a computer Input
Information or data retrieved or received from a computer Output
"Brain of the computer" CPU
Input/Output device that reads data from and writes data to a disK Diskdrive
Output device that displays text and graphics on a screen Monitor
Input device used for commands and navigation Mouse
Input device with an arrangement of letters, etc. Keyboard
First line of defense Password
An unauthorized user able to access and misuse information Hacker
A destructive program loaded onto a computer Virus
Defamation by written or printed words or pictures Libel
Defamation by oral utterance Slander
A program that allows users to view web pages and online information Browser
Sotware that has been written to detect, isolate, and destroy viruses Antivirusprogram
A web address URL
Any word, phrase, or picure that, when clicked, take the user to another location Hyperlink
Electronic mail Email
Playing video and sound in real time Streaming
Retrieving somehting fromt he internet and storing it on a disk drive Downloading
Using material antoher person has created and claims it as your own Plagiarism

Outdoor Education Word Search

Word Search

bike riding
first aid kit
gas cooker
water bottle
sleeping bag


Matching Worksheet

I went to the ____ with my towel and flipflops. beach
He is inviting my best friend to his birthday____. party
We have wood and coal to make our food on the___? barbeque
She had a ____ in the park. We took blankets. picnic
They are going to the music ___. They bought tickets. festival
They want to see me play my ____. I am in the band guitar
I gave them my ____ to take pictures. camera
My favorite hobby is playing a ____ on the computer. video game
I love sitting on the bench in the ____ for leisure. park
My brother likes to camp with his _____for leisure. tent