Alexander Hamilton Crossword

What value of dollar does Hamilton appear on?
He first convinced ___________ to ratify the constitution
Hamilton attended _________ college
Led a victorious charge against the British in the Battle of ___________
Wrote for which papers?
Party he belonged to
Hamilton favored a strong, _______ government
Served as Secretary of __________
Established International _________
Child that died in a duel
Woman he had an affair with
Last name of man who shot Hamilton
Became president in 1800 election
After his military career, he became a __________
Served as this person's assistant and writer

Alexander Hamilton Word Search

Alexander Hamilton Word Search
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Hercules Mulligan
King George
Aaron Burr
New York

Alexander Hamilton Crossword

Alexander Hamilton Crossword

What political faction did Hamilton lead
During the first presidential election in 1789, who did Hamilton support
What was Hamilton's rank during his four years in the military
Hamilton wanted the U.S. to honor what
Hamilton favored a strong ____ government
Hamilton favored close ties with
Hamilton was Washington`s secretary of what
Hamilton favored a national
Hamilton wanted a protective
Who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel
Who was Hamilton`s primary political rival



whats relating to or affecting?
he was the v- p for thomas jefferson?
he tried to convience house of reps that jefferson is going to be a good pres?
he was the president in 1800?
when adams was able to appont as many federalist judges as he could?
leadear of the federalist party in VA?
named justice of peace?
interpreting constitution?
leader of the haitian revolution?
the purchase pres.jefferson made?
corps of discovery?
she was a shoshone women?
an explore of the arkansas river?
taking military or naval men by force?
where not able to trade with any other country?
an indian who wants to unite the indian tribes?
he was the leader of the lake erie battle?
made star spangle banner song ?
signed after the new orleans battle?



America's first president
Americas third president
Americas second president
US position during French Revolution and the war between France and Great Britain.
First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Also authored a treaty with Britain. First name is John
What did Hamilton want to help the economy. Jefferson felt it was unconstitutional.
What party wanted a strong Central government.
What party wanted strong State Governments
Important Presidential precedent of George Washington. Now a law
One thing Washington warned against in his farewell address.
Proclamation of Neutrality forbid Americans to get involved in the war between the
If you are from another country you aren a
Group of Presidential Advisors
First Secretary of the Treasury - Leader of Federalists
Secretary of State - Leader of Democratic - Republicans (Republicans)
Who shot Alexander Hamilton
Money a country owes
Uprising stopped by soldiers led by Washington proving the stregnth of the new government.
Scandal - France asked for a bribe
Supported Farmers
Supported Strong federal Government
Supported State Governments
Supported loose construction of Constitution
Supported Bussiness and Trade
Law passed by Federalists-Signed by Adams that targeted whichgroup of people.
Law passed by Federalists-Signed by Adams that made it a crime to criticize the government and/or President
Two laws signed by Adams that were so unpopular that he lost the election of 1800

Alexander Hamilton Crossword

Alexander Hamilton Crossword

the forgotten spot in the Caribbean (birth place)
appears on the _____ dollar bill
mother's name
how he and his son died
he served as the nation's first secretary of the _______
he enrolled in ____ College when he was 16
Hamilton's political enemy
a signer of the US __________
the man who shot him
he had _____ kids with his wife!
Hamilton was an abolitionist, meaning he was against ________
Hamilton was one of the Founding _______ of the US

Hamilton crossword

Hamilton crossword

What is the name of alexanders wife
What is Hamilton to washington
Where is Alexander from
What does Eliza erase herself from
What is it nice to have on your side
What does Alexander dress as according to jefferson
Who wrote the musical "Hamilton"
Who plays both Philip Hamilton and john laurence
Finish the lyric " pick a place to die where it's high and _____"
What do the guys call Alexander in the story of tonight reprise
What is the fist date in the musical mentioned
Who is burr's wife
How do you account for Hamilton's rise to the top? He was _________
What time was Hamilton and burr's duel held

Federalist Era Crossword Bonus

Federalist Era Crossword Bonus

Who was the first Chief Justice of the Surpream Court?
Happens every ten years to count the population that decided how many representatives a state receives?
Who was Washington's Treasurer?
The colonists realized that the Articles of Confederation were what?
These had to be in the constitution for some states to ratify it?
A deal made between Hamilton and Madison that gave the national government the consumption of the state debt and moved the capitol south.
A compromise between the Virginia and New Jersey Plans.
Washington made a no note policy at this convention.
Hamilton used the ____________________ when he wanted a national bank.
There was a peaceful transfer of power when Jefferson became President. What was it called?
The ______________ college elected the President and Vice President.
There were 85 of these written by Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton.
Who did we not sign a treaty with?
Who set a lot of precedents for the future of the U.S. government?
Who was Washington's Secretary of State?
Who was Washington's Secretary of War?
Who was Washington's Attorney General?
Treaty that was not popular and signed with Great Britain.
Treaty that was popular and signed with Spain.
who was the second President?
What created all the courts?
Land Ordinance of 1785 split land up into ____________.
The National Government watched this rebellion.
The National Goverment stopped this rebellion.
What gave the Federalist a power boost?

Unit 9: The Federalist Era Crossword

Unit 9: The Federalist Era Crossword

Jefferson & Madison led this political party which liked limited government.
When a president refuses a request by Congress for information
A crisis or rebellion caused by Hamilton’s new taxes which Washington used force to end
Where Anthony Wayne defeated Native Americans leading to the Treaty of Greenville.
Belief that states gave federal gov’t its’ power.
Concept that a state can repeal or overturn laws they feel are unconstitutional.
Taking Americans and making them serve in the Royal Navy.
Adams & Hamilton led this political party which favored a strong federal government
Washington warned people about political factions & foreign entanglements in this Address.
Precedent set by Washington of giving a speech or address upon being sworn in.
Washington’s policy to stay out of other countries conflicts or entanglements
Statements made by Virginia and Kentucky suggesting states could nullify or overturn rules they felt unconstitutional.
The kind of powers that Federalists felt was granted by the Constitution.
Things George did that became examples for others to follow.
Department heads who serve as advisors to a president.
His popular treaty re-opened the Mississippi & settled the border with Spain.
His treaty with England didn’t end impressment & wasn’t popular.
French diplomats demand bribe just to talk.
Secretary of the Treasury with plan to repay debts.
2nd President of the United States
3rd President of the United States

Growing Nation Crossword

Growing Nation Crossword

What is the name of the US national anthem?
The 11th [resident of the US
A belief American had in the mid-1800s america should exapnd across the continent to the Pacific Ocean
American Abolitionist and writer he escaped slavery and became a leading American American spokesman and writer
Who did Jefferson send to explore the Louisiana Territory?
A shawnee chief , worked to unite the Northswestern Indian tribes
Territory purchased from France in 1803
The power of the Supreme Court to declare laws and actions of local, state or national government unconstittuional
This case establishes the Supreme Court's power of judicial review
First Secretary of the Treasury
The 3rd Prsident of the US
Farmer in Pennsylvania rebelled againist Hamilton's excise tax on whiskey
Dedicated to ending slavery
1853 purchase by the US of southwestern lands from Mexico
Ended the Mexican Wsr , granting the US control ot Texas, New Mexico, and California in exchange for $15 million
THe 4th President of the US
Editor of radical abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator "
Bill that would ban slavery in the territories acquired after the War with Mexico
Conflict between US and Mexico
Led by Alexander Hamilton ,believed in a strong central government

Alexander Hamilton Crossword Puzzle

Alexander Hamilton Crossword Puzzle

What year was Alexander Hamilton born?
Where was Hilton born?
Who was Alexander Hamilton's mother married to before she gave birth to Alexander?
How did Alexander Hamilton's son Philip die?
Who became President and Vice President, respectively, in 1800?
Who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel?
What was Hamilton's wife's maiden name?
Which name did Alexander Hamilton give to both his first and last sons?
After the Revolutionary War ended, what did Hamilton study to become?
Hamilton called for another convention to amend the Articles to take place in what city?
Alexander Hamilton's portrait appears on the
Alexander Hamilton held the following public office
Hamilton, one of the few founding fathers to be born abroad, was born in
A still-existing financial institution Hamilton helped found in 1784 was
Alexander Hamilton led an infantry charge at the battle of
How many people died during the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania?
To Hamilton's dismay, for what office did Aaron Burr choose in 1804?
Alexander Hamilton co-wrote what?
What Quote is atributed to Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton is the Founding Father of
when was Alexander Hamilton appointed Secretary of Treasury.