Lord of The Flies Crossword

Piggy's_______light the fire.
The boys start to become_______ the longer they are on the island.
Who cries when Piggy dies?
Percival always say what with his name?
The______was part of the first rule.
What have you been doing? Having a _____ or something?
Where's the man with the_______?
All around him the long_____smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat.
His eyes could not break away and the______hung in space before him. (Abbreviate)
Where does Ralph discover the conch?
What made the scar on the island?
What character lived with his auntie and suffers asthma?
What smashes into piggy and kills him?
Sensitive boy who suffers seizures
What do Roger and Maurice destroy? (Two words)
What kind of island are they on?
What did they see in the jungle and called it the beast?
The signal fire represents?
Piggy can't run because he has_________.
Piggy has been wearing specs since he was______.
Ralph's father was in the______.
Jack's last name?
Ralph says being called Piggy is better than_______.
Jack's in charge of the______.
What are creepers? (other than branches)
In the beginning, Jack couldn't kill the____.
There aren't any________on the island.
Smaller kids are called?
Bigger kids are called?
Henry was the______ of [the littluns].
What compelled the others to listen to Jack?
What did the boys see in the horizon in chapter four?
They let the _______fire go out.
Kill the pig! Cut her _____! Bash her in!
Ralph slowly started treating Piggy with_______.
The littluns keep having________.
Ralph didn't blow the conch in chapter five because he was afraid of losing his_______.
What a place for a_______!
Are all of you off your_______?
Who almost got killed because he was acting like the pig?
Who did Ralph call, "Boys armed with sticks,"?
What do they call their meetings?
The greatest ideas are the__________.
The hunters started calling Jack______.
What gift do they give to the beast? (Two words)
What made the Lord of The Flies look like it was moving?
Piggy said Simons death was an_________.
The hunters took the power to make______when they took Piggys glasses.
Who found the boys?
Ralph began to____because of all that has happened to him.

Lord of the Flies Crossword

Lord of the Flies Crossword

The first object found on the island.
Clever boy, that has bad grammar
The thing Ralph insisted on keeping alive.
Jack was the leader of a _____ when he first came on the island.
Jack was a _______.
His death was full of light, rather then sorrow.
Piggy's glasses
First two people that were introduced in the book.
All of the boys wanted to kill this.
The boys got to the island on this.
This was supposed to rescue them.
What was lit on fire when Ralph was hiding in the thicket?
The youngest children were called this on the island.
The littluns had _________ about beasts
After Jack kills the pig, he holds this
A british naval _____ officer saves them.
Author of the book
Ralph is introduced as the _____________ boy
Who is elected as the leader?
When Ralph sounds the conch shell, all the boys gather for this.
The 'beast' was compared to this reptile.
Jack and his group try to ____ Ralph.

Lord of the Flies Crossword

Lord of the Flies Crossword

Who are the first two characters to appear in the story?
Who is elected chief?
What do Ralph and Piggy find in a small lagoon?
Who is the Author of The Novel
How did they arrive to the island?
How old is Ralph?
what were the names of the twins?
What do the boys use to start a fire?
Who is the only child still helping Ralph?
What does Jack say he would love to do before the boys get rescued?
What generic title is given to the smaller boys on the island?
What two boys are tending the fire and believe they see the beast?
What animal does the author compare the parachutist to?
What gift does Jack and his hunters leave for the beast?
How did Simon get blood on his face?

Lord of the Flies - Chapters 1 and 2 Review Crossword

Lord of the Flies - Chapters 1 and 2 Review Crossword

he is introduced as "the boy with fair hair"
the name for where the plane crashed through the jungle
Piggy was this old when he started wearing specs
the kind of store Piggy's auntie owns
this prevents Piggy from doing any athletic or strenuous activity
Ralph is how old
Ralph's father is a commander in the
according to the pilot this is the reason the boys were evacuated
the boys use this to item to call the others; also if you hold it you have the right to speak
"they breathed together, they grinned together, they were chunky and vital"
this is Jack's last name
Jack is the leader of the
there are none of these on the island
to humiliate
"All right, choir. Take off your togs." What is a tog?
Ralph, Jack and Simon go to see if they are stranded on an
what kind of weapon does Jack have
At meeting, the boys decide to have lots of what
another name for the snake-thing the little boy talked about
what do the boys use to start the fire
According to Jack, they are the best at everything
beside keeping the fire going what else is the choir responsible for
according to Piggy, the first thing the boys should've done was built
Piggy's parents are
another word for "pale'
another word for "a break"
besides strange, how is the choir's dress described
this character is described as furtive or sly
the author of the novel
the prestigious award the author won in 1983
how do the boys appoint a chief

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-6 Crossword Puzzle

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-6 Crossword Puzzle

Which one of the main characters has fair hair?
Which boy can sing a C sharp?
This boy gets sand kicked in his eyes
Who's idea was it to make the signal fire?
This object is used to bring the boys together
This boy's glasses are used to create the signal fire
Who finds the beast in the morning while trying to rekindle the signal fire?
This boy helped Ralph build the shelters
What is the beast that Sam and Eric find on top of the mountain?
The shape of the Island
What is in between the beach and the reef?
What did Ralph and Piggy walk through when they landed on the Island?
Location of where the boys went to hunt the beast
Who died in the plane crash when the boys first got on the island?
Ralph and Piggy found the conch here
Hunters wore this while hunting
Who kicked sand in Percival's eye?
They kicked over the littleluns sand castle
Where do the boys go swimming?
Where did the boy with the mulberry mark wander off?

Lord Of The Flies Word Search

Lord Of The Flies Word Search
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Lord of the flies crossword by Carmella Walker

Lord of the flies crossword by Carmella Walker

What was used to create the fire?
Who is the chief leader?
What are the twins sometimes called ?
What did Sameric claims they seen?
Ralph wanted their assmebly (meeting) not to be ?
What did you need in your hand to be able to talk?
Ralph told the boys they were going to hunt?
Who is the "fat" character ?
Who does the Littluns follow around ?
What could you see on top of the mountain ?
What are the younger boys called?
Who is Lord of the flies written by?
Who is the leader of the hunters?
What was on the parachute that floated down to the island?
Who suggests that a beast could come from the sea, then fall asleep on the platform?
In chapter four what did Ralph spot in the distance?
Whats the other object that was used to start the fire?
Who was well built,with fair hair and a nautral belligerence?
Who does Piggy wish was still with him?
Who does Ralph wish was still with him?

Lord of the Flies Crossword

Lord of the Flies Crossword

author's name
wears glasses
auntie owns a _____________________ store
build this hoping to be rescued
first action by Ralph
Ralph's first activity
piggy suffers from . . .
Piggy is also . . .
the first one chosen as leader
item used to call meeting to order
Ralph's father is a commander in the . . .
the boys swim in the . . .
the boys are ________________ on an island
the boys land on island due to a . . .
Ralph want the boys to build . . .
Jack want the boys to . . .
the first boy to die is a . . .
samn'eric are . . .
Who are the first one's responsible for keeping the signal fire going?
Where does the beast go during the day?
the weather on the island is . . .
at first the boys mostly eat . . .
Piggy seems the most . . .
Ralph and Jack struggle for . . .
the loner among the boys
one of the first items the boys make toward becoming uncivilized
some of the older boys liked to ________________ the littluns
Much of the time the boys preferred _______________ to working
the littluns feared the ____________________.
in chapter 4, the boys _______________ their faces.
much of the island was a . . .
the boys failed to signal a . . .
Ralph and the hunters killed a . . .

Lord of the Flies Ch. 3-4 Crossword

Lord of the Flies Ch. 3-4 Crossword

How long have the boys been on the island?
Jack's obsession
The only boy helping Ralph
Name for the 6 year olds
When Jack hunts alone he feels like he's the one being _____
What do the littluns have nightmares about?
What does Jack wear to become a different person
What insects are in Simon's Secret Spot
Simon gives ______ to littluns and to Piggy
The biggun who throws rocks at Henry but misses on purpose
The biggun who makes an excuse for kicking the sand castles even though he doesn't need one
What are the hunters doing when they return with the pig?
What does Ralph see out in the ocean?
The _____ were supposed to be in charge of the fire
Jack ______ Piggy when he is blamed for letting the fire go out
Jack breaks Piggy's ____
Ralph wants to build shelters so the littluns will feel _____
The more Jack hunts, the more ______ he becomes

Lord of the flies Crossword

Lord of the flies  Crossword

the fat boy on the island who is made fun of and has asthma and glasses
epileptic choir member who acts as the jesus like figure of the book
the leader of the hunters, believes getting meat is the main priority
how the boys get on the island
the person who saves the boys
what jack leads before the hunters simon is part of this group also
where jack makes a fort when he breaks off and forms his own tribe
group originally in charge of maintaining the fire they kill pigs
where ralph and the tribe originally live and try to build huts on
what does the plane crash on
the pigs head on a stick
what the younger kids are called on the island
where the fire was originally where the beast lives
the twins on the island
whoever holds this can speak
the animal hunted on the island
it is used for cooking meat and signaling for rescue
what the boys think is on the island but is really within themselves
when the conch is blown this is called
he was elected chief first and thinks rescue is the first priority


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Panting faces
Sam and Eric
Plane crash
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