Teen Center Crossword

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He always has snacks and loves the LA CHARGERS!! Tyler
Plays in Band At PHS. Matt
She has TWIN!!!! I just found out this year!! Libby
What do you usually get for woman on Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Rose
Shoe does not like driving on the Freeway! Yes, she works here too! lol Yvette
She's the hooper of the Monroe family Zya
He is making an amazing FLASH suit as we speak for this weekend! Julian
2017 Peoria YOY. Paul
She loves CARTOONS!! I was kinda surprised too. Reneja
She loves to swim and says she can make a mean BANANA PUDDING! Sailemah
His brother is STEVE and I'm sure he will be 6'11 too! Shareef
She wants to go to UofA and recently played in a 3 on 3 tournament downtown. Sabrina
Holly is her first name. Holgate
Mr. Carl beat him in JENGA lol. Last name "Soja" Nickalos
She is always hungry and Hyper lol Amarie
"JELLY" is the nickname Angelica
On His Own Time All The Time. JOJO
Curtis or D they call him. Deandreas
Alicia is her name and she is related to Stephanie. Sahara
Leyva is his last name, just joined the club. Emiliano
New Rapper On Soundcloud with last name "WHITE" Xavier
This Year State Champ In TRACK!! Lahad
He is always on YOUTUBE listening to music and i'm sure you see him walking in with Shareef! Daniel
He is graduating this year with the last name "NACOSTE" Kionte
He plans on dunking this summer...Last name is "WELLS" Shawn
Santillan Victor
MEYERS LOL "Hot Dog" Oscar
Mr. Griffen Jayden
Last name is Coleman Timothy
Chef Curry "Alicia Sister" Stephenie
Has a younger brother name AWAR. Knot
Favorite Band "21 Pilots" Angelina
Joining The Military this year! Isaiah
Thinks Westbrook is the best point guard of all time. Daveon
Boss rhymes with his first name. Abbass
Last Name is Williams Ezekiel
He Works at FRY'S and catches People Who Steal Detergent So He Says. Johnathon
She say's "YOUR GETTING ON MY NERVES" alot. Shirley
When She doesn't have her phone all she does is SLEEP. Last Name Starts with an "S" Jacari
He the 3rd oldest of the Monroe family. Isaac
Varsity Coach At PHS Will
He can only dunk off two feet. Nisaj
She wants to be on Broadway and only comes on Tuesdays. Melanie
He always does push ups and swears he's from PHILLY but I say MESA AZ. Julian
He is always on YOUTUBE watching this VLOGGER all day and night! Angel
I guess you can say he ate LEAD. Alyzah
His hair is RED John


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Outsiders Crossword Puzzle


a type of clothing that only the Socs wear and the Greasers envy Madras
she was only 16 years old when she wrote the story SEHinton
Dally sent Johnny and Ponyboy to this city after Johnny killed Bob Windrixville
the main theme in The Outsiders identity
these people have long hair and live on the East side Greasers
the oldest Curtis brother Darrel
he had a horse named Mickey Mouse Sodapop
he used to live in New York before coming back to Tulsa Dallas Winston
it's the one thing that both the Greasers and the Socs have loyalty
her hair was fiery red, and so ws her car Cherry Valance
the title of the novel we are reading The Outsiders
it always happens between the Greasers and the Socs rumbles
Mrs. O'Briant called Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally this (hint chapter 6) heroes
these people are rich, drive hotrods and live on the West side Socs
Mr. Syme's students called him late at night and asked him about the theme he was to write about. His name is (hint chapter 12) Ponyboy
Dally loved this person more than anything Johnny
Bob drove this kind of car Corvair

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword


The author of the book "The Great Gatsby" Scottfitzgerald
The narrator of "The Great Gatsby" Nickcarraway
she is a professional golfer in the story Jordanbaker
Tom cheats on Daisy with her Myrtle
What is the setting of this novel Newyork
Gatsby buys his house to be close to her Daisy
Nick and Tom both went to college here Safehaven
What color is Gatsby's car Yellow
Gatsby and Nick both live in this egg Westegg
Fixed the World Series in 1919 Meyerwolfshiem
The name of daisy's child Pammy
What is at the end of daisy's dock Greenlight
What does Gatsby host at his house Parties
How many years was Gatsby in war Five
Gatsby's real name Jaygatz
Who does Daisy say I love you to in front of tom Gatsby
Who kills Gatsby Mrwilson
What does nick invite Gatsby to do st 9 am Hydroplane
How many true friends does Gatsby have One
Who does Mr. Wilson think hot Myrtle Tom

The Story of Jacob and Esau Crossword


Jacob and Esau were the first pair of this in the bible Twins
Rebekah loved Jacob and Isaac loved _________. Esau
Rebekah started off ___________, meaning she couldn't have any kids Barren
Esau sold Jacob this Birthright
Isaac instructed Esau to prepare him a meal so that he could _________ him before he died. Bless
The name of the mother of Jacob and Esau Rebekah
The bible says Isaac was "growing dim," which really means he was ________. Blind
Jacob was a homebody and Esau was a _____________. hunter
Rebekah oveheard her husbands plans to bless Esau, so she told her son _________________ to bring her young goats Jacob
Isaac prophesied that the elder child would serve the ______________ child. younger
In Jacob's dream, he saw a _______________ from heaven with angels ascending and descending on it. ladder
Esau was so angry, he decided he was going to __________ his brother. Kill

Lord of The Flies Crossword


Piggy's_______light the fire. Specs
The boys start to become_______ the longer they are on the island. Savages
Who cries when Piggy dies? Ralph
Percival always say what with his name? Address
The______was part of the first rule. Conch
What have you been doing? Having a _____ or something? War
Where's the man with the_______? Trumpet
All around him the long_____smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat. Scar
His eyes could not break away and the______hung in space before him. (Abbreviate) LOTF
Where does Ralph discover the conch? Lagoon
What made the scar on the island? Plane
What character lived with his auntie and suffers asthma? Piggy
What smashes into piggy and kills him? Rock
Sensitive boy who suffers seizures Simon
What do Roger and Maurice destroy? (Two words) Sand Castle
What kind of island are they on? Tropical
What did they see in the jungle and called it the beast? Parachutist
The signal fire represents? Hope
Piggy can't run because he has_________. Asthma
Piggy has been wearing specs since he was______. Three
Ralph's father was in the______. Navy
Jack's last name? Merridew
Ralph says being called Piggy is better than_______. Fatty
Jack's in charge of the______. Choir
What are creepers? (other than branches) Vines
In the beginning, Jack couldn't kill the____. Pig
There aren't any________on the island. Adults
Smaller kids are called? Littluns
Bigger kids are called? Biguns
Henry was the______ of [the littluns]. Biggest
What compelled the others to listen to Jack? Mask
What did the boys see in the horizon in chapter four? Smoke
They let the _______fire go out. Bloody
Kill the pig! Cut her _____! Bash her in! Throat
Ralph slowly started treating Piggy with_______. Respect
The littluns keep having________. Nightmares
Ralph didn't blow the conch in chapter five because he was afraid of losing his_______. Power
What a place for a_______! Fort
Are all of you off your_______? Rockers
Who almost got killed because he was acting like the pig? Robert
Who did Ralph call, "Boys armed with sticks,"? Hunters
What do they call their meetings? Assemblies
The greatest ideas are the__________. Simplest
The hunters started calling Jack______. Chief
What gift do they give to the beast? (Two words) Pigs head
What made the Lord of The Flies look like it was moving? Flies
Piggy said Simons death was an_________. Accident
The hunters took the power to make______when they took Piggys glasses. Fire
Who found the boys? Officer
Ralph began to____because of all that has happened to him. Cry

Romeo and Juliet Act II Crossword


A reference to a well-known person, place, or thing allusion
Unrhymed iambic pentameter blank verse
Juliet's family name capulet
The author's use of clues to hint at future events foreshadowing
A deliberate exaggeration hyperbole
Romeo and Juliet agree to it after knowing each other for less than 24 hours marriage
He enjoys making fun of Romeo and the Nurse Mercutio
Romeo's family name Montague
Juliet asks Romeo not to swear by it, unless his love is changeable moon
Juliet sends this person to meet with Romeo on her behalf and discuss wedding plans Nurse
He is the Nurse's "man", but doesn't defend her against Mercutio's insults Peter
He falls in and out of love quickly Romeo
Unlike ____________, Juliet returns Romeo's love Rosaline
A comparison between two unlike things using like or as simile
He sends a challenge to Romeo Tybalt
The setting of Romeo and Juliet (the city) Verona
a comparison made between to seemingly unlike objects metaphor
He worries that Romeo falls in love too quickly, but he hopes to end the families' feud Friar Laurence
Juliet says, "What's in a _______?" name
Romeo's friend and Montague's nephew Benvolio

That was Then,This is Now Crossword


Who did Bryon say could always get away with everything? Mark
Who did Bryon hate but also said was really beautiful? Angela
Who did Bryon always say was not like the other girls? She also was the only girl Bryon dated that he actually loved. Cathy
Who was the person Bryon and Mark meet in the hospital? Mike
Who was the person that saved Mark and Bryon's life but lost his in the process? Charlie
Mark and Bryon were really close best friends. They were basically... Brothers
When Mark got hit with the bottle on his head, Who was the person that was intended for? Curtis
What was the "quote" Bryon said to Mark that Mark,at the end of the book,threw back at him? That was then this is now
Who has to go to the hospital because they were having a "bad trip"? M&M
what color was Mark's eyes and hair? Golden
Where did Bryon think Mark was getting his money from? Poker
Where did Bryon get Mark sent for selling? Jail

"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by, Harper Lee: Chapters 1-5 Crossword


Misunderstood could be mean or nice ,we don't know. His house is scary and when he comes out he tends to say "Boo"! Arthur Radley
"In first five years at Maycomb County he studied the economy", he was also a lawyer. He seems to be a very well educated man, he also teaches life long lessons to his kids. Atticus Finch
This place is very scary and if you loose a ball on the yard it's gone! "Once was white and had green shutters, but had long ago darkened to the slate-gray color of the yard around it.". The Radley's House
"He was a curiosity. He wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt, his hair was snow white and stuck to his head like a duck luff.". Dill
He the older brother and try's to seem tough. He doesn't want his little sister near him in school and then when he gets back home he can talk to her. In the inside he is scared of the Radley's House but despite that he walks over and touches the house. Jem
The family is the "Disgrace of Maycomb!". The mother is gone and the father is just a complete maniac, therefore the kids don't care about their education. They only attend the first day of school. The Ewell's
She is the house keeper/nanny of the house and act's like a mother figure to the Finches. "We couldn't operate a single day without her,...you think of how much she does for you.". Calpurnia
She is the younger sister of Jem. At a young age she seems to not understand other peoples situations. She is very educated and above her class, she still though hasn't found out what "until you climb into someone's skin and walk around it.", means. Scout
The Finch's were made wealthy by one of their ancestor's, Simon Finch. He made money off cotton and built this for his family. Finch's Landing
The town gossiper and spread's rumors about the Radley's. She especially picks on Arthur "Boo" Radley and unfortunately the town believes her nonsense. Miss Stephanie Crawford
She is the opposite of Miss Stephanie Crawford and is not like your typical Maycomb women. "Was a widow, a chameleon lady who worked in her flower beds. She loved everything that grew on God's earth, even the weeds.". Miss Maudie Atkinson
This is the setting of the book. This place has a social chain and is in Alabama. Maycomb County
The teacher of Scout's class. She has many kids who don't even know how to read or right, she is also very emotional. She is from Northern Alabama. Caroline Fisher
He spends most of his school year's on the farms, he is not educated and not fed properly. When he comes to the Finch's house he gets to eat a nice meal and talk with Atticus, like two men. Walter Cunningham
Has bug's coming out of his hair and has a real big mouth. Burris Ewell
Might be little but sure enough can stand up for his teacher. He send Burris home, not a problem at all for him. Little Chuck
Had a chance to send his son to an asylum to get better but did not agree, he decided to punish his son at home. In the end he passed away and got stabbed by his son with scissors. Mr. Radley
How does Lee describe the game the children are playing about the Radley's? "Melancholy little drama"
This is the family's who pay's anything they have to the Finch's. They farm for a living and Atticus truly accepts their payment's due to their situation. The Cunningham's
In Northern Alabama "this county when alabama seceded from the union, seceded from Alabama. Everyone in the class knew this.". Winston County

Loser By: Jerry Spinelli Crossword


What was the name of the protagonist's new neighbor? Andrew
For what reason did the antagonist bully the protagonist? (2 words) gotsick
What place did Donald always come in that lead to people picking on him? Last
What internal conflict did the protagonist face which gave him suicidal thoughts? depression
(Fill in the blank) Zinkoff is facing depression because his dad got_______. Fired
What cookie did Donald make for Andrew to welcome him to the neighborhood? Snickerdoodle
What does Donald want to be when he grows up? Mailman
What job does Zinkoff's dad have? mailcarrier
What grade is the protagonist in when he decides to hate school? second
What word did Lily use too much in her sentences? And
Is the main character static or dynamic? Dynamic
Is the main character's father static or dynamic? dynamic
(fill in the blank) Lily _______ at the antagonist when she saw him bullying Donald? yelled
(Fill in the blank) Zinkoff was born on Friday, ______, 13. October
The book ends when Donald is __________ years old. twelve
Molly was terrible in every subject but one. Which subject is she good at? Math
Molly didn't like the word brain, so she uses the word _________. cranium
What Item, that belonged to her mother, did Lily always lose? key
What did Mandy start a a young age? Work
When using alliteration, Mandy always used the phrase, silly ,soggy ______. socks

Preterite vs Imperfect Crossword


My girlfriend and I went to the movie theater last Saturday (ir) fuimos
Carla was a very good student. She would study every day. (estudiar) estudiaba
My brothers were very sick for a few days. (estar) estuvieron
I used to run 2 miles every morning. ((correr) corria
Did you do your chemistry homework? (hacer) hiciste
Drake practiced tennis every morning because he wanted to be a champion. (practicar) practicaba
It rained a lot last week. (llover) llovio
Did y'all get up early on Saturdays when you were little? (levantarse) se levantaban
I decided not to go on vacation because I didn't have enough money. (decidir) decidi
Roberto read 5 books over the summer. (leer) leyo
Susana had to study a lot to pass her honor classes. (tener) tuvo
It was six in the morning when we arrived at the station. (ser) era
What did y'all order for dessert? (pedir) pidieron
Ramon and I used to spend several weeks at the lake cabin every year. (pasar) pasabamos
They would always put on a jacket when morning was cold. (ponerse) se ponian
I couldn't call you last night. My phone died on me. (poder) no pude
You never listened to me. I warned you several times. (escuchar) escuchabas
Maria didn't like to clean her room. (gustar) no le gustaba
I got very good grades in the Spanish class. (sacarse) me saque
We have a lot of fun when we were little. (pasar) pasabamos
Teresa brought several friends to the party. (traer) trajo
Anibal and you didn't stay too long at the meeting. (quedarse) no se quedaron
Why did she want to come to the party? (querer) quiso
The baby would sleep for several hours everyday after lunch. (dormir) dormia
Why didn't they sleep last night? (dormir) durmieron

Of Mice and Men 1-4 Crossword


Author of Mice and Men Steinbeck
Setting of novel Salinas Valley
What George likes to pet, but kills Mice
Father, big brother figure George
Big man that is slow Lennie
Lennie hurts his hand Curly
Wanted to be an actress Curleyswife
Main characters American Dream is to own a ranch
First town main characters got into trouble Weed
George wants to tend the ______ one day Rabbits
George's Aunt Aunt Clara
George says Lennie was kicked by a _________ when he was young horse
What is George worried about when he see where he is suppose to sleep Lice
Jerk line skinner that wears a stetson hat Slim
George and Lennie's job on the ranch Buckingbarley
What slim gives to Lennie puppies
George stopped playing tricks on Lennie because he almost drowned
Tells Candy to shoot his old dog Carlson
George and Lennie make a plan with him to save their money and buy a place Candy
Black stable buck Crooks
Lennie wanted _________ for his beans ketchup
George's last name Milton
Lennie's last name Small
George states Lennie is his cousin