A reinforced plastic material composed of fiber embedded in resin mix? Fiberglass
A remark made in order to anger, wound or provoke someone? Taunt
The treatment of the feet and their ailments? Podiatry
And event causing great and often sudden damage or distress: disaster? Calamity
A person who is incompetent or inept at a particular activity? Amateurs
Beautiful? pulchritudinous
Abnormally high blood pressure? Hypertension
A stupid person? Imbecile
Having a bad temper and being difficult to work with? Churlish
Obsentatiously Rich and luxurious or lavish? Opulent

The Crucible Vocab List #2 Crossword


Having no regard for accepted rules or standards licentious
Escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit evade
In a state of exalted delight ecstatic
Severe reproof; strong censure condemnation
Deliberate deception for unfair or unlawful gains fraud
Extreme paleness pallor
Bewildered; puzzled; confused perplexed
Filled with an anger aroused by something unjust or unworthy indignant
Expressing mocking or contemptuous remarks sarcastical
Having low moral standards; contemptible; inferior base
Having a moral defect; infected tainted
Ineptly awkwardly
Disaster calamity
Enthusiastically avidly
An irreverant or impious act or utterance blasphemy

Nail Tips and Wraps Vocab Crossword


Implement similar to a nail clipper, designed especially for use on nail tips tip cutter
strip of fabric cut to 1/8" in length and applied to the weak point of the nail during the 4 week fabric wrap maintenance to repair or strengthen a weak point in a nail enhancement stress strip
aka-activator; acts as the dryer that speeds up the hardening process of the wrap resin or adhesive overlay. wrap resin accelerator
made from a thin, natural material with a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied. silk wraps
piece of fabric cut to completely cover a crack or break in the nail repair patch
the point where the free edge of the natural nail meets the tip position stop
temporary nail wraps made of very thin paper paper wraps
a layer of any kind of nail enhancement product that is applied over the natural nail or nail and tip application for added strength overlay
used to coat and secure fabric wraps to the natural nail and tip nail wrap resin
method of securing a layer of fabric or paper on and around the nail tip to ensure its strength and durability nail wrap
plastic, pre-molded nails shaped from a tough polymer made from ABS plastic nail tips
the bonding agent used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail nail tip adhesive
a substance used to remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate nail dehydrator
term used for when a nail enhancement needs to be serviced after two or more weeks from the initial application of the nail enhancement product. maintenance
made from a closely woven, heavy material linen wraps
made from a very thin, synthetic mesh with a very loose weave fiberglass wraps
nail wrap made out of silk, linen or fiberglass fabric wrap
a specialized acrylic monomer that has excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and polymerizes in seconds cyanoacrylate
aka ABS a common thermoplastic used to make light rigid molded nail tips acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Vocal Words Cross Word Puzzle


Respected because of advanced age Venerable
Adult acting foolish Puerile
To make something easier Elucidate
A fraud Charlatan
Another word for thrifty Frugal
A hubby Avocation
A real dislike for someone Antipathy
Lazy Indolent
brave doughty
Laughing at something absurd ludicrous
young and inexperienced Callow
Merry and Cheerful Blithe
Showing favoritism because your related to that person nepotism
to slander malign
after death posthumous
wicked or evil heinous
to keep secret clandestine
to disprove Refute
hurried cursory
quiet or reserved reticent
hard work travail
luxury opulence
something very difficult arduous
worthless paltry
kidnapped abduct
easy to control or influence. tractable
blow up obliterate
huge prodigious
self absorbed haughty

Don't Call me Ishmael Vocabulary 1 Crossword


to make something seem bigger, better, worse, etc. than it really is. exaggerating
a very stupid person (colloquial) imbecile
exact or clearly stated precise
occupied or concerned with science scientifically
a stupid person (colloquial) moron
most important; the head, leader, or most important individual in a group of people chief
member of a council councillor
safe from danger or attack, especially from disease immunity
to start growing and developing germinates
change from one appearance, kind, or quality, to another mutates
to make someone feel shy or awkward embarrass
stated or mentioned before aforementioned
something hard to put up with burdened
very painful or causing great suffering excruciating
extremely and wildly emotional hysterically
done on purpose deliberate
liked most or preferred above all others favourite
sac in which the foetus develops amniotic
to stop someone talking interrupt
to wait where you cannot be seen lurking
balanced poised
to take hold of something or someone suddenly or eagerly seized
to act in a particular way behaviour
an event or fact, especially one that is remarkable or unusual phenomenon

Collision Repair Terms Word Search

Word Search

PDR Tools
Carbon Fiber
High Strength Steel
Door Jamb
Slide hammer
Plastic Welder
Combination Wrench
Radiator support
Screw Driver
Impact wrench
Stud Welder
DA sander
Head light
Tail light
Air bag
Window regulator
Beltline molding
Trim molding
Rear Body Panel
Rocker Panel
Trunk lid
Roof Skin
Quarter Panel

Chapter 16 Vocabulary Test Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

A nail enhancement that is strengthened by using nail adhesive. Adhesive Nail Enhancement
A piece of fabric cut to cover a crack or break in the nail. Repair Patch
Activator; acts as the dryer that speeds up the hardening process of the wrap resin or adhesive overlay. Wrap Resin Accelerator
A strip of fabric cut to 1/8" in length and applied to the weak point of the nail during the four week fabric maintenance to repair or strengthen a weak point. Stress Strip
An implement used for use on nail tips. Tip Cutter
Made from a very thin synthetic mesh with a loose weave. Fiberglass Wrap
Used to remove surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil on the natural nail plate. Nail Dehydrator
Made from closely woven, heavy material. Much thicker and bulkier than other wrap fabrics. Linen Wrap
The point where the free edge of the natural nail meets the tip, is where the tip is adhered to the nail. Position Stop
Made from a thin natural material with a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied. Silk Wrap
The bonding agent used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail. Nail Tip Adhesive
Made from silk, linen, or fiberglass is the most popular type of nail wrap, because of its durability. Fabric Wrap
Plastic, premolded nails shaped from a tough polymer made from ABS. Nail Tips
Used to make wrap resins, wraps, and adhesives. Cyanoacrylate
A type of overlay that can be used over nail tips. Nail Wrap
Plastic used to make light, rigid, molded nail tips. ABS
A coating used to secure wraps to the nail or tip. Nail Wrap Resin
Was the very first materials used to create a wrap. A temporary wrap made from very thin paper. Paper Wrap
A layer of any kind of nail enhancement product that is applied over the tip for added strength. Overlay

Figurative Language Crossword Puzzle


A group of lines in a poem stanza
poets use these to convey a meaning beyond the ordinary meaning figurativelanguage
the way poems are written and may or many not be sentences lines
words or phrases that appeal to the five senses imagery
comparison that does not use like or as metaphor
describes an animal or object with human qualitites personification
comparison using like or as simile
the narrator of the poem speaker
poets use this to reinforce a poem's meaning and mood rhythm
use of rhyming words within a single line of poetry internalrhyme
repeating of words, phrases or lines in a poem repifition
the use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning onomatopoeia
use of rhymes at the end of the lines endrhyme
the pattern created by stressed and unstressed syllales in a line of poetry meter
repeition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words alliteration
the pattern the end rhyme creates rhymescheme
repetition of sounds at the end of the words rhyme
how the writing makes the reader feel mood
exaggeration hyperbole
a phrase or expression that is overused cliche
a word or phrase that means something other than what is actually being said idiom
a play on a words double meaning or pronunciation pun
reference to another person, place, event, literary work, etc. allusion
a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanantion or clarification analogy
arrangement and relaionship of the parts of a piece of writing structure

Winter Dreams Vocabulary Crossword


Ordinary; commonplace Mundane
In a sumptuously rich, elaborate or luxurious manner Lavishly
An excessive amount of something Surfeit
Struggle by every available means to gain or achieve Jockeying
Lack of shortage Deficiencies
Be or go beyond the range or limits Transcended
Extremely beautiful and typically delicate Exquisite
Capable of being readily roused Excitability
Prompted by feelings or tenderness and/or sadness Sentimental
Causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble Mischievous

Vocabulary Plus Grammar Crossword


"Controlled argument" debate
Person, place, thing or idea noun
to judge criticize
to distribute or move spread
state a position with emotion argued
to disturb or interfere interrupt
describes a noun adjective
high emotion remark interjection
describes a verb adverb
means arrangement of words syntax
reacting from irritation provoked
evaluate or examine audit
to look into something investigate
a moral or illegal situation scandal
egarly await anticipate

Macbeth Vocabulary Acts 1-4 Crossword


To punish or severely criticize chastise
To make or become less until little remains dwindle
Extravagant lavish
Predicting phophetic
To guess surmise
Something of little importance or value trifle
Capable of being perceived palpable
Marked by quiet and caution and secrecy stealthy
Speak about unimportant matters rapidly prate
Sound ofa bell knell
Call in an official matter summons
A room used primarily for sleeping chamber
To kill intentionally murder
To become conscious wake
Too numerous to be counted multitudious
Unclear equivocate
Engage in loud drunkeness carouse
Call forth to apopear provoke
Noisy and lacking discipline unruly
State of violent disturbance and excitement combustion
Commit a crime or evil deed suborn
Fearless dauntless
Unproductive or unsuccessful fruitless
Wrestle or struggle with grapple
A desire to harm others malice
Having greatest importance or authority predominant
Various; miscellaneous sundry
Harsh or cruel leader tyrant
A childish act antic
Greedy avaricious
Deserted desolate
Internal organs; intestines entrails
Praiseworthy laudable
Deadly or destructive pernicious
Supreme authority or rule sovereignty
Make a small cut scotch
Quality of threatening evil malice