Bra’s Crossword

undergarment being used to support the breast
bra whose cups are prolonged in straps
bra which lets see the top of the breast
fitted ad low cut bodice without straps
is crafted with padded cups or has pockets to insert pads
is quite similar to a padded bra. It has smooth and seamless cups that don’t leave any impression when worn under body-hugging outfits
these bras have wired cups, although the cups may or may not be padded
it allows multiway styling including one strap, two straps, cross-shoulder, halter, criss-cross and even strapless. This one bra solves the purpose of many bras combined
This style can be worn without the straps
feature a clasp or a hook at the centre gore. This can be considered as the most convenient bra to wear
single strap that either goes around the neck or straps that can be tied at the back of the neck
These are pretty basic in structure with no wiring, no padding and no straps
They feature a flap at the cups for easy feeding access
are the ones that have a tank top-like back. These work best under outfits that have a similar back style
have demi-coverage cups that cover one-third of the breasts and have a deep neckline all the way to the centre gore
is a very sexy style that features multiple straps on the front or back
are a must-have for any physical exercise
have no back straps or shoulder straps. They have an adhesive on the inner side of the cups that stick to the body and stays put
features transparent back straps and shoulder straps
are the fanciest bra type of all. The premium fabrics like lace and satin add to the bridal charm
Quite similar to a bandeau bra, this bra has no hooks, pads, or wiring slip-on style to make it a happy experience for the young girls.
have full coverage cups and broader side coverage
This is probably the sexiest bra style available in the market. It makes the perfect pick for a honeymoon or those special nights
is best suited for women with larger breast size who don’t want any additional volume
half bra. The cups are half/ smaller in size in comparison to a full cup bra. The bra covers much less area of breasts while ensuring the nipples are fully concealed
is designed to help you with just that. It is ultra smooth
This bra is utterly comfortable and sits perfectly under your busts. And if you think they’re not supportive, you’re highly mistaken

Eveden SS18 Crossword

Eveden SS18 Crossword

Elomi Fit Bra
Young, fun, and flirty are the tennants of which Eveden lingerie line?
This bra provides full coverage, a fantastic plunge, and features a pearl-like neckline.
What is the name of the Freya sports bra with a breathable cup?
_______ is a breathable fabric that wicks moisture.
This bra from Elomi, comes in a fashionable strappy version known as the "flirt".
The Spring 2018 fashion color for Freya's Idol t-shirt bra is ______.
Sheer fabric and on-trend strapping make _____ from Elomi a favorite new cut-and-sewn style.
The Freya Strapless bra is called _____ ______.
This line of elegant pieces gives full cup customers an ultra luxurious option.
Best-selling Elomi Matilda comes in a new firey color, _____.
The ____ _____ bralette from Freya is coming by March, order it for your customers ASAP!
Padded half cup ______ from Fantasie is now available in a great basic color way called Latte.
Cate, a tried and true favorite of the Elomi girl, returns now in fun and flirty ___ ____.
The Elomi _____ Sports bra offers superior support for a hard workout and fits just like Cate.
____ ___ _____ bras offer maximum support and shaping for full busted customers in thanks to their seams.
This strap addition converts bras from classic wear to racerback.
How many D's are in a UK GG?
This bra, from Freya, gives cleavage like no other for a full busted gal- no padding needed!
Elomi Cate as a basic RP style is always available in Blush and ____.
______ fabric, used in many Elomi bras, provides support with no stretch.
Eveden is based out of ______ ______ and uses UK sizing.

Saddle Parts Crossword

Saddle Parts Crossword

many people grab this
western & english both have this at the rear of saddle helping you to keep your seat
found beneath your seat on english saddle
connects belly belt to western saddle
protects most of your leg from horse sweat
western saddles can have from zero to three of these
Important safety feature keeps western foot holder from flipping
you WON'T find these on most western show saddles
The raised front of both western & english saddles, they appear VERY different
metal pieces that hold up the stirrups, most have safety release
determines height of saddle from horses back, like a riser
the shock absorber of the english saddle
Attaches an english girth to the english saddle
extra padding for a rider’s leg offering comfort and support while making it easier to maintain the correct riding position
comfort feature that aids rider in proper leg position
large panels hanging down from the tree of english saddle protection horse and rider from saddle hardware
what you place your feet in, both english & western
cutout or tunnel underneath the saddle

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Crossword

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Crossword

Radiologist: A medical doctor who specializes in ______
A CT scan is a two-dimensional view of ______ being evaluated
MRI is most valuable for images of the heart, large blood vessels, ______, and soft tissues
Patients with implanted metal devices such as __________, wires, clips, or prosthetic valves are not eligible for MRI's
Mammography is the method for screening for breast ______
PET scans provide color-coded images that indicate the degree and intensity of the ________ process
During an ultrasound, sound waves are reflected back into the ______
X-rays use high-energy ________ waves
Protection must be provided for testicles and ovaries to prevent ______-induced abnormalities
______ ______ declared he was scared of X-rays

Skeletal/Muscular System Crossword

Skeletal/Muscular System Crossword

the inner framework made up of all the bones of the body
a soft tissue inside the bone that produces blood cells
specialized connective tissue composed of osteocytes forming the skeleton
strong connective tissue that supports the body and is softer and more flexible than bone
place where two or more bones meet
A group of genetic diseases. They're caused by defective genes that are passed from parent to child.
Very common congenital disorder that affects the posture, balance and motor functions. Physical tasks become difficult because of this disorder.
Shoulder muscles help in rotating the shoulder as well as move the hand in front and back. Structural strength for this joint is due to tendons of these muscles.
It's degenerative and inflammatory in nature. It affects systemic connective tissue causing weakness and muscle atrophy.
It's a common disease of the bones. Approximately 10 million Americans have the disease, with at least three times more Americans at risk of developing it.

Food & Safety Crossword

Food & Safety Crossword

A cup marked in graded amounts, used for measuring liquid ingredients in cooking.
Keeping work areas free from dirt or bacteria.
This is a type of bacteria found in contaminated water.
This is a safe and quick way for thawing frozen food.
This is used to check the temperature of meat to make sure it is all the way cooked.
Use these to take out hot cookware from the oven.
Foods that can become unsafe or spoil easily if not refrigerated or frozen.
Home canning that is incorrectly processed
Is a another name for a frying pan.
Found in milk and dairy products, and becomes contaminated when humans do not wash hands.
When food is left at room temperature for too long, usually with meats and mayo salads.
This tool is usually made of narrow metal strips or wires attached to a handle
Tiny living creatures visible only through a microscope.
The process by which bacteria are unintentionally transferred from one substance to another.
Keeping yourself clean.
Cooking food at a safe internal temp.
Found in soft cheese, hot dogs and deli meat.
This a durable board on which to place material for cutting.
Used for cutting bread.
Used to get vegetables out of a heated pot.

Welding Terms Crossword

Welding Terms Crossword

Can be done with 6010 or 6011 rod with machine turned up to "warp 10".
is what is between the end of the electrode and the base metal. The resistance causes heat.
is a weld made by equipment such as robots.
an angle cut or grinded at the edge of the work-piece to allow more penetration for a stronger weld
failing a weld test because of defects in the welds
the last bead of a groove weld
one of the five basic weld joints. It is when the edges of two plates butt up to each other at a 90 degree angle
in the electric circuit the current is the flow of electricity
the outer edge of two plates butted up 90 degrees parallel to each other
called a "rod" in stick welding, and "wire" for Mig and Flux Cored Arc Welding
burn from the radiation produced from the ULTRA VIOLET rays from the welding arc
the pressure in a SHIELDING GAS bottle can be up to 2400 lbs. per inch. The flow meter reduces this to a working pressure, usually around 20 to 25 cubic feet per hour.
is the melting and becoming one with base metal or PARENT METAL
hold the metal or steel you are working on in place as you are fabricating
Intersection where two different sections of PARENT METAL meet
are the two lines from the machine to what you are welding that carry the current
a word that makes you sound smart when you mean the lowest temperature that steel or metal is liquid
a person doing the actual welding
how much the rod (electrode), wire, or TIG rod is melted in a certain amount of time
this is where the metal goes from SOLIDUS to LIQUIDUS
uses a solid steel wire rolled up on a spool and fed through a welding lead with a liner in it. Drivers push, pull or both to feed the wire through the lead to a WELDING GUN



the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock.
make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.
a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.
the process of developing or being developed.
the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industries.
having the same or a similar relation; corresponding, as in relative position or structure.
in genealogy, any person to whom two or more persons claim descent; also, the most recent ancestral form or species from which two different species evolved.
structures are similar or resembling in certain respects, in function or in appearance but not in evolutionary origin or developmental origin.
relying on or derived from observation or experiment.
an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form.
deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information.
a distinctive attribute or aspect of something.
any of the pieces of hard, whitish tissue making up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates.
a period of ten years.
the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.
an anatomical feature that no longer seems to have a purpose in the current form of an organism of the given species.
the branch of biology and medicine concerned with the study of embryos and their development.
The investigation and comparison of the structures of different organisms.
an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.
the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

Math Terms Crossword Puzzle

Math Terms Crossword Puzzle

A two-termed polynomial is a __________.
In a term, the sum of the exponents on the variables is the _______ __ __ ______
A _________ is an algebraic expression made by adding or subtracting terms.
The number that a variable is being multiplied with is called the __________.
An __________ is a mathematical statement that says two expressions are equal.
Numbers, variables, and the products of numbers and variables are all ______.
A term with no variables, that's value remains the same is a ________ _____
A mathematical phrase with operators connecting numbers and variables is an _________.
A three-termed polynomial is a _________.
The degree of the term with the greatest degree is the _______ __ __ ________
Terms that have the same variable(s) raised to the same exponent(s) are ______ ______.
Terms with different variables, or the same variables raised to different exponents are ________ ______.
A one-termed polynomial is a _________.
A letter representing a number or value that can change or vary is a _________.
When the terms of a polynomial are ordered from highest to lowest degree is known as __________ ______.
Numbers or variables that form a product are ________.



Another word for cancer
removal of tissue to check for cancer
surgery to remove only the tumor and smallest amount of surrounding tissue
What is the study and treatment of cancer
Treatments provided after breast surgery to eliminate cancer cells
not cancer
breast xray
A type of tumor found in connective tissue
The greater a women’s exposure to this hormone, the more susceptible she is to breast cancer
inherited mutations of these genes are known to increase the risk of breast cancer
A ____________ is a surgery in which the breast is completly removed
swelling that usually occurs as a side effect when axillary lymph nodes are removed
what do you caLL an abnormal growth or mass of tissue?
what is x-ray energy that kills cancer cells
medicines used to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells
the malignant growth of cells synonymous with cancer
in what condition do systems of a disease get reduced or no longer detectable
for the best possible outcome you want a good ______ from your oncologist
the science of studying the nature of a disease

Forensic Science Crossword Puzzle

Forensic Science Crossword Puzzle

Material that connects an individual or thing to a certain group.
This type of fingerprint has no deltas and accounts for about 5% of human fingherprints.
The most common way to remove organs from the body, during an autopsy, in which all the organs are removed at once.
These type of fingerprints are clearly visible and are made when you touch something such as paint or blood and then touch other surfaces.
The path a bullet takes
The type of glass that is found in the rear and side windows of a car.
Solids that have their atoms arranged randomly.
The arrangement of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel.
The term which encompases all objects that can establish whether a crime has been committed or can provide a link between a perpetrator and a crime.
The process of separating light into its component colors or frequencies.
The study of insects in order to provide a link between a perpetrator and a crime.
Where is DNA located in our bodies?
The study of the uniqueness of friction ridge structures and their use for personal identification.
These types of fingerprints must have one delta and one or more ridges that enter and leave on the same side.
The condition that occurs when there is no heartbeat, no pulse, a cold exterior, and no neurological activity in a body.
The condition after death when the muscle cells deplete ATP and the body begins to stiffen.
A person's last or dying breath; may be preceded with the "death rattle."
A medically qualified public officer whose duty is to investigate deaths occurring under unusual circumstances.
A fingerprint system that uses whorls.
Bullet-proof glass
Fractures emanating outward from a hole.
The instrument most used for examining bullets to see if they've been fired from the same gun.
The long, metal tube that guides a projectile out of a firearm.
These types of fingerprints are formed when you touch something and oil or sweat leaves a print.
The method of removing organs from the body, during an autopsy, in which a medical examiner dissects each organ individually.