Puzzles and worksheets similar to Garrett-Murrell Family Bingo

Will Crossword


Your favorite building toy
The nickname you use for Mishy
Mimi tells you to "slow down" when you are playing this
Which bunk bed is yours?
Your "star wars" obsessed uncle
Your baby sister
Your middle name
the fourth book in the Old Testament
The tallest member of your family
One of Sadie's favorite toys
How many cousins do you have?

Stray Kids Crossword


stray kids debut month
year the four youngest (minus I.N) were born
“never give up” song
only song Lee Know has no lines jn
song produced by JYP
ace of the group (full name)
prince of kpop member (full name)
where Bang Chan and Felix came from
American name for Jisung
fluffy puppy
he’s the Maknae On Top (full name)
year maknae was born
FAM language (not English)
Lee Felix’s first language
city I.N is from
producers / writers line

Lange Families Crossword

Lange Families Crossword

What did Ponie steal from the top of a triple bunk?
His birth signalled the first family birthday in March
In which month do we currently celebrate the most birthdays (excl those in the beyond)
What is the shortest age gap (in months) between Mi and Pi's children?
Number of double/triple events celebrated in a year (currently)?
Who is the youngest grandchild of Mi and Pi?
Who was kidnapped as a child?
What was Colin's first mode of transport?
What did Colin find in an envelope on the day Joy was born?
Who is the eldest grandson of Eileen and Walter Lange
One of the "twins" in the family
Pi's mother's name
Mi's maiden surname
What was Eileen Snr very skilled at?
What sport did Walter Jnr play?
What was Ursula's favourite colour?
Name of the 2nd eldest daughter of Eileen and Walter Lange?
Who slept in a shoe box because she was so tiny at birth?
Youngest child of Eileen and Walter Lange
Charmaine was the first sibling to ...?
One of the many gifted singers and organists in the family.
Eldest grandchild
In the book "The Lange Chronicles", who is described as the beauty queen?
Colleen wore long white ... on an outing to the parade.
First family member born in another country?
One of 3 brothers

Ch 20 Key Terms Test Crossword

Ch 20 Key Terms Test Crossword

To leave one homeland to live elsewhere because of economic troubles and settle in another
a minority that speaks a different language or follows different customs than the majority of people in a country
A large open area beneath a ship's deck, often used to house traveling immigrants
A shop or factory where workers work long hours at low wages under unhealthy conditions
to absorb fully; to adopt as one's own; to absorb a group into the culture of a larger population
A building in which several families rent rooms or apartments, often with little sanitation or safety
poor, crowded, and run-down urban neighborhoods
residential areas that sprang up close to or surrounding cities as a result of improvements in transportation
the name associated with America in the late 1800s, referring to the extravagant wealth of a few and the terrible poverty that lay underneath
institutions located in a poor neighbor-hood that provided numerous community services such as medical care, child care, libraries, and classes in English
state educational institutions built with the benefit of federally donated lands
writing which exaggerates sensational, dramatic, and gruesome events to attract readers, named for stories that were popular during the late 1800s; a type of sensational, biased, and often false reporting
A 19th century artistic movement in which writers and painters sought to show life as it is rather than life as it should be
loyalty to a local area
a type of music with a strong rhythm and a lively melody with accented notes, which was popular in early 1900s
stage entertainment made up of various acts, such as dancing, singing, comedy, and magic shows

N & C Couple Crossword


The bride
The groom
The couple met through what dance group (abbrev)?
Nora was born and proposed to in what state of India?
Chaitanya hails from the largest planned city in the world know as ____ ______.
The couple got engaged on what type of vehicle?
Kheer and Leo are beloved family ____.
The nuptials will take place during what month?
For two years, the couple dated ____ ________.
The couple set down roots in
How many years have Nora & Chaitanya been a couple?

Family Bingo

Family Bingo
Bingo Cards

Has Braces
A Cousin
Born in 1950's
A Great Grandparent
Plays a Musical Instrument
Pet Owner
Tallest Family Member
Born in August
Born in 1980's
An Aunt or Uncle
Born in 1990"s
Plays a Team Sport
Likes to Sew
Speaks a Foreign Language
Been married 18 years
Has been on a Cruise
Has more than 2 children
Loves to Bake
Wears Glasses
Been in the Military
Has Driven a Bus
Shortest Family Member
Drives a Mini Van
Born in April


Find the Guest Bingo

Find the Guest Bingo
Bingo Cards

Is Left-Handed
Is related to the bride
is wearing contacts
can speak another language
traveled +1 hour to get here
has been married 10+ years
has 3 or more pets
can change a tire
is a business owner
is engaged
is related to the groom
is the youngest person here
is a vegetarian or vegan
plays Final Fantasy XIV
has a tattoo
plays a musical instrument
has 2 or more children
is wearing pink nail polish
is wearing something blue
been to more than 3 countries
is wearing glasses
love Japanese food
someone wearing pink
tallest person here



Bingo Cards

Baby of the family
Has a pet right now
Has long hair
Has hair
Has traveled outside the U.S.
Has 4 or more children
Has been to a sporting event
Has 2 or more grandchildren
Has had stitches
Has brown eyes
Had the same job for 25 years
Can speak Spanish
Oldest in their family
Never got a speeding ticket
Knows sign language
Lives in PA
Went to college
Has only sisters
Who plays golf
Been married for 40 years
Born in a snow storm
Older than 60
Plays a musical instrument
Loves the beach


Honus and Me Crossword


The main characters nickname
What Joe finds in the attic
The team Honus plays for
The sport they play
The position they play
What he feels when he picks up the card
Someone Joe looks up to
The Honus card got ______ at the end of the book
What the card is to most people
Joe's special power

Christmas crossword

Christmas crossword

who was born on charismas day
jesus mother
jesus farther
on chrismas morning we upwrap _____
he hates chritmas
christmas month
Santa's helpers
the 25th of December is ____
what does santa travel in
a red and white candy
what presents are left under
you open this everyday from the start of Dec to the 25th
you build these outside and put a carrot a a nose
colour of Santa's suit
sparkly decoration that you put on the tree
you put this at the top of the tree