St Anthony Crossword

Where was Saint Anthony of Padua born?
What is Saint Anthony the Patron saint of ?
Where did Saint Anthony die?
What was Saint Anthony's name which he was given when he was born?
Where was Saint Anthony going when he became ill and had to turn back?
In one of St Anthony's miracles which animal bowed to the Eucharist?
To which animals did St Anthony preach when the people would not listen?
Whom did St Anthony save from being found guilty of a murder which he did not commit?
What did Charles II of England have restored to him after asking for St Anthony's intercession?
At what age of did St Anthony enter the Augustinian community?
Which city in the USA was named after St Anthony and which state is it in?
When is St Anthony's feast day?
Of which people in America is St Anthony the patron saint?
In art, he is often seen with a white stalk of a flower. What is the flower?

St Clare of Assisi Crossword

St Clare of Assisi Crossword

What was St Clare's first name at birth?
St Clare is the Patron Saint of ___________________
St Clare is the Patron Saint of ________________
With her friend, Francis of Assisi, she founded the Order of ________________
The religious order she founded with St Francis is also known as the _____________
Clare is the Patron Saint of television because when she was sick in bed, she had a ___________ of Mass appear on her wall.
She is often pictured holding a ______________, which is a special stand that holds Jesus in the Eucharist.
She is sometimes seen holding a _______, which is a small box used to carry Jesus in the Eucharist to others.
She was ______________, which means declared a Saint, only ______ years after she died. (space in between words)
Her Feast Day, the special day we celebrate her life, is ___________ 11th.
She was _________ in 1194.
When soldiers broke into St Clare's _________, a special building where religious sisters live, she protected it by showing them Jesus in the Eucharist.
Even though St Clare's family was ____________, she gave it up to serve God.

Oliver Twist Crossword

Oliver Twist Crossword

What is the author's last name who wrote Oliver Twist?
What point of view is this story written?
Oliver has to ask his master for more of what?
What character falls deathly ill in the countryside?
Who is shot in an attempted burglary?
What is Nancy's profession?
Which character’s real name is Edward Leeford?
After Oliver's mother died what did Mrs. Mann steal from his mother?
Who was lurking in Mr. Brownlow's window with Monks?
Where was Oliver born?
What happened to Oliver's mother shortly after his birth?
What kind of mission was Oliver sent on with two other boys?
Where does Monks die?
What was Fagin's punishment?
How does Fagin die?
Oliver was what until he was nine years old?
When Oliver turned nine he went back where?
Who kidnaps Oliver and brings him back to Fagin while Oliver is delivering the books?
Who was Oliver's nurse, employed by Mr. Brownlow?

Henry VIII Crossword

Henry VIII Crossword

What led to Henry's death?
How old was Henry when he married Catherine of Aragon?
How old was Henry when he became heir?
What did Henry VII want his son to join?
Where was Henry born?
Which dynasty was Henry born into?
Who did Henry Arrest 2 days after his coronation?(His fathers ......)
Who was Jane Seymour lady-in-waiting to?
In which month was Edward born?
What relation was Catherine Howard to Anne Boleyn?
Catherine Parr tried to ban ....

Birth of Jesus Crossword

Birth of Jesus Crossword

Who was born in the manger?
How many wiseman came to see Jesus?
Where was Jesus born?
What/who talked to the shepherds?
What was the name of Jesus's father?
What was the name of Jesus's mother?
Which angel appeared to Mary?
Who was the king of Judaea at the time of the birth of Jesus?
What city was Jesus born in?
What did the wiseman follow to find Jesus?
What was a gift the wiseman gave Jesus?
Where did God tell them to go after he was born?
Where was he raised once the returned?
Who said "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to men"?
What was Jesus wrapped in?
What was special about Jesus's mother?
How were the family warned that someone wanted to kill Jesus?
What city did king herod live in?
Children in the region of what age were to be killed?
Who is Jesus descended from?

Flowers for Algernon Crossword

Flowers for Algernon Crossword

what was Charlie being when he made outbursts?
what did Charlie do when he yelled out during the test?
what did Charlie do to things when he got angry?
what was Charlie being when he took the surgery?
doing this made it easy for charlie identify thhings.
Before the surgery, charlie was very mindless.
charlie was never equal to everyone else.
Charlie had this after the surgery when he went back to his old self.
when Charlie saw Ms. Kinnian, he felt this in his heart.
what was algernon?
what did Charlie want when he had the surgery?
because of this, Charlie almost couldnt get the surgery.
Charlie has this. what makes Charlie mentally challenged?
What type of test was Charlie taking when he saw ink blotches?
MS. Kinnian did this to Charlie when she used to talk to him as if she liked him.
Charlie would do this when he was wrong.
Although charlie became smart, he was still doing this.
Charlie would always do this to things when he became smart.
the surgery was never really heard of which means it was this.
what was the reason charlie wanted to learn?
what was charlie when everyone laughed at him?
When charlie hat the surgery what did he become when he found out that everyone was laughing at him?

Women's Suffrage Crossword puzzle

Women's Suffrage Crossword puzzle

Where did the first women's rights convention take place in the U.S?
Who drafted the decleration of sentiments and resolutions?
Who was the president when women got the right to vote?
How may years did the silent sentinels last for?
Who gave the Ain't I a women speech?
Who formed the NWP?
What does the NWP stand for?
Who was the president of NAWSA after Anna Howard Shaw retired?
Lucy Stone and who else founded the AWSA?
What was the name of Fredrick Douglass' newspaper?
Who said they would rather have theri right arm be cut off then have black men have the right to vote before women?
Who did Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton work with to start their own newspaper?
What was the name of Elizabeth Stanton and Susan Anthony's newspaper?
Who was in London with Alice Paul?
What state did Sojourner Truth give her Ain't I a women speech in?
Who was the secretary at the Seneca Falls Convention?
Who chaired the convention at Seneca Falls
Who was the speaker at the Seneca Falls Convention?
Where was the Women's Suffragist Parade held?
Carrie Champan Catt became president of NAWSA after _ resigned?

Saints Crossword

Saints Crossword

where was Dominic Savio born?
what was Dominic Savios motto?
at what age did Dominic Savios enter the school ran by St. John basco
what is Dominic Savios a patron saint of?
when is Dominic Savios feast day?
when is Laura Vicuña feast day
what Pope was Laura Vicuña beatified by?
Laura adopted who's love?
Laura said, "I offer you my ____ for that of my mother."
Laura was a patron saint of who?
who wrote a book about Mickey Magone?
what age did Mickey Magone die due to gastric hemorrhage
Mickey Magone was born in Carmagnola, ___
Mickey Magone was a Italian adolescent ________ of St. John Basco
St. John Basco gave Mickey Magone a _____ and instructed him to go to the assistant priest, Francesco Alberto Ariccio
when is St. Francis of Xavier's feat day?
St. Francis of Xavier is a patron of Catholic ________
St. Francis of Xavier studied at the University of ______
St. Francis of Xavier made vows of poverty, ________, and obedience
St. Francis of Xavier traveled to the _____ _____ to convert non-believers

Of Mice and Men Chapters 4 and 5 Crossword

Of Mice and Men Chapters 4 and 5 Crossword

Who's place does Lennie walk into?
What does Candy want to talk to Lennie about?
Who walks in on Lennie and the dead puppy in the barn?
What does Lennie use to kill Curleys wife?
What animal stall is Curley's wife found by?
Who visits Crook first when the other men are in town?
Who appears during the conversation between Lennie and Crooks?
What game do the men play in the barn to pass time?
What does Curley always talk about when he is talking to his wife?
Where does Lennie go after he kills Curleys wife?
Where does Curley and his wife meet?
Where does Curley send Whit when he finds out his wife is dead?
What does Curley send Whit to get when he finds out his wife is dead?
Where do the men go in chapter 4?
What was Curleys wife wearing when she was talking to Lennie?
What is Crooks?
What does Carlson say he is going to get after they find Curleys wife dead?
What is Lennie going to see when he meets up with Crooks?
What direction does George say Lennie ran towards after the murder?
What was Curley's wife's dream job?
Who says they're going to shoot Lennie when they find Curley's wife dead?
What did Candy say Curley got his hand stuck in?
How much does George say he is going to make at the end of the month?
Where is Lennie when he strokes Curley's wife's hair?
What game were the men playing on Sunday afternoon?
Whose gun did George use to kill Lennie?
Who does Candy first tell when he finds Curley's Wife dead?
What does Lennie take with him whne he leaves for the brush?

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Crossword

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Crossword

Who did Harry and his two friends thinnk was acting suspicous?
Who is the author of this book?
What did Harry live under for years?
Who first tells Harry that he is a wizard?
What was guarding the Sorcerer's stone?
When Harry was a baby who's house did he live in?
Who killed Harrys parents?
Where was Harry when he realized he could be a wizard?
What symbol/shape is the scar on Harry's forhead?
Did Harry ever know about wizardery before he knew he was a wizard?
How did Harry feel about attending Hogwarts Schoolof Witchcraftand Wizardry?
What is the main characters first name?
What was Severus Snape planning to steal?
Who were Harrys main friends?
How old was Harry when he realized he was a wizard?
What is the most popular sport played at his school?
Whats Harrys cousins name?
What is the main characters last name?
What was the three headed dogs name?
What reptile could Harry talk to?

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

Who is the author of "Cask of Amontillado" ?
When did Montresor tell his servants he would be back?
How did the victim die ?
What is the name of the rare Spanish wine Montresor lures Fortunado with?
What does "In pace requiescat" mean?
What is the theme of this story?
“______ cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry”
After reading the story, the reader may wonder if Montresor feels any_____ for his crime.
What was Fortunato’s weakness?
Fortunato’s name is ironic because it means______ in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
When was this story published?
Upon what did Fortunato pride himself ?
What was Fortunado dressed as?
What line the walls in the crypt?
Montressor continues to keep offering to bring Fortunato back home but he_____.
As Montresor builds the layers of stone, how does Fortunato react?
The vibrations of the _____ caused Montressor to cease his labors after the fourth tier.
What kind of narrator is Montresor ?
Fortunato says “ The ____ is mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a ____.”
What is Montresor’s greatest talent?
What genre of writing was Edgar Allan Poe famous for ?
Fortunato exclaims that Montresor is not part of the brotherhood known as the___?
What caused Montresor’s anger and need for revenge upon Fortunato?
What event is going on within the setting of story? Carnival
What was the relationship between Poe and his wife Virginia premarriage? Cousins