Vocab revision Crossword

Someone who values their alone time and can struggle to articulate their thoughts to others.
Someone who thrives in social situations is ______
someone confident and friendly can be described as _______
Emotional state of annoyance and anger
somebody who supports a leader
Able to adapt to many different functions
to work by yourself
repeated or copied out words (words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person).
To be the center of attention. To be in the ______ .

Journalism Crossword Puzzle

Journalism Crossword Puzzle

A published false statement
A spoken false statement
The act of using another person's words or ideas as your own.
In a photo layout there should be one larger, _______ image.
When taking a photo or video good _________ is essential.
Aside from good light, good ________ is important in a video.
PBS stands for Public Broadcasting ____________.
Copyright law last for the life of the author plus ________ years.
The _______ determines the how a movie will be filmed.
This person reads television news.
Most younger people get their news from _______.
Most older people get their news from __________.
West Texas was in the news because of an immigrant tent city here.
New York Times slogan appears on front page, "All the News that's fit to _____"
Name of the news museum in Washington, D.C.
This person gathers news and then writes or films a story.
He is credited with creating facebook.
Snapchat was founded how many years ago.
These articles have opinions and are on their own newspaper page.
When you cite what somebody said word for word, that is called a what?
When interviewing anyone you always want to check how what is spelled?
A person who sees a crime being committed is called a ______.
This is the beginning of your story.
The action of damaging the good reputation of someone.
The amendment guarantees a free press.

Character Traits Crossword Puzzle

Character Traits Crossword Puzzle

being courangeous
some who sees the upsides in life
someone who takes charge
some who isn't afraid
someone charitable
someone easy to be with
comforting and easy to be around
filled with anger
wanting something very much
showing envy
not giving sufficient attention
unsettling in a unpleasant way
getting what you want all the time
eager to know or learn something
showing appreciation
being able to work with others
giving someone support
showing a desire to succeed
being competent
immoral or malevolent
quick to understand
lacking excitement
not much emotion
noisy and disorderly
showing willingness
unpleasantly rough
showing no mercy
humorous to others
able to obey, listen
fearing nothing, confident
feeling uncertain
full of energy
wanting your way

Elements of Drama Crossword

Elements of Drama Crossword

a list of characters presented before the action begins
a long speech spoken by a character to himself, another character, or to the audience
a protagonist with a fatal flaw which eventually leads to his demise
thoughts spoken aloud by a character when he/she is alone, or thinks he/she is alone
a humorous work of drama
a person or group of people who act as a narrator, commentator, or general audience to the action of the play
a work of literature designed to be performed in front of an audience
a division within a play, much like the chapters of a novel
a serious work of drama in which the hero suffers catastrophe or serious misfortune, usually becuase of his own actions
italicized comments that identify parts of the setting or the use of props or costumes, give further information about a character, or provide background information; in Shakespeare's plays, these can also appear in brackets, parenthesis, and/or half-brackets
a division of an act into smaller parts
a character who is nearly opposite of another character; the purpose of this is to reveal a stark contrast between the two characters, often the protagonist and the antagonist
lines that are spoken by a character directly to the audience
a conversation between two or more characters

Personality Traits Crossword

Personality Traits Crossword

brave, fearless, heoric
enjoyable, pleasing
nice, kind, pleasant
says please and thank you
likable, appealing, delightful
thoughtful, mindful
sympathetic, considerate
heartfelt, sincere, candid
giving, unselfish
caring, gracious
energetic, creative
idle, inactive, sluggish, lethargic
finds ways to solve problems
extrovert, social, lively
bashful, timid, reserved
structured, orderly, neat
effective, competent, capable, skillful
changeable, flexible, versatile
loyal, trustworthy, faithful, reliable
daring, bold, fearless
happy, jolly, merry, joyful
amusing, funny

Anger Management Crossword

Anger Management Crossword

Anger directed towards self
Cleverly hidden anger
On going anger
Anger directed towards an idividual
Positive anger
Used to monitor anger
anger that can be explosive and intense
Anger that is closely related to frustration
a form of resentment or loathing
Something that happens and you react to it
usually the body's first response to anger is increased
ABC of anger, B is
ABC's of anger, A is
ABC of anger, C is
through mistakes people learn how to
Assertive people are willing to
this type of person forces opinions on others
physical response to anger
behavior response to anger
Angry people are often the ones who let the _____things bother them
The process of learning how to "calm down"

Bullying Crossword

Bullying Crossword

Trys to hurt or control others.
Person being bullied.
Knows that the bullying is going on
To hurt someone else is _____ bullying.
The use of technology to threaten, embarrass, or hurt another person is ____ bullying.
When people try to influence you to do something you don’t want to do.
People who are in your age group or social status
Spreading rumors about another person, purposely leaving someone out of an activity or group or embarrassing a person in public is ____ bullying.
A group of friends that leave others out on purpose.
When a bystander doesn’t help when they see someone getting bullied is _____ bullying
The act of gossiping or telling on someone when they do non-hurtful things to get attention.
The act of persistently annoying someone to hurt them.
To use words in a negative way like insults is ____ bullying.

Mental & Emotional Health Crossword

Mental & Emotional Health Crossword

The ability to handle the stresses and changes of everyday life in a reasonable way.
Having a _________________ attitude
A combination of your feelings, likes, dislikes, attitudes, abilities, and habits
Inherited traits from your biological parents.
habits developed from other influences such as family and culture, friends and peers, and media and technology.
The way you view yourself overall, it may also be described as self-image
How you feel about yourself; confidence
The ability to recover from problems or loss
feelings such as love, joy, or fear
frequent changes in emotional state
a state of uneasiness. It is a form of stress
Mild anxiety can give you ______________ .
Anger can be helpful when you are trying to fight off a(n) _______________ .
Anger can be useful by _______________ yourself to do better
strategies that people use to deal with strong emotions.
refuse to face a feeling you don’t want to accept.
you pretend someone else is having these feelings
taking your feelings out on someone other than the person who hurt you
redirecting your feelings into some other, more positive activity
The need to love and _____ ____________by others
the need to ________________
The need to make a ___________________ in the world
the body’s normal response to the pressures of everyday life.
A hormone that increases the level of sugar in the blood which gives you more energy.

Personality Word Search

Personality Word Search
Word Search

intellectual traits
social aspects



Somebody who plays an instrument.
Somebody who fixes teeth.
A person who serves food.
Someone who fixes cars.
Somebody who catches criminals.
A person who plays sports.
Someone who acts in a movie.
Somebody who helps sick people.
A person who helps a doctor.
Somebody who helps sick animals.
Somebody who puts out fires.
A person who goes to outer space.
A person who paints pictures.
Someone who cleans buildings.
A person who tells us the news.
A person who makes bread
A person who cuts hair
Someone who helps you find information in books
Someone who designs buildings
A person who answers phone calls in an office.
Someone who delivers mail.
A person who sews clothing.
Someone who serves people in a shop.
A person who defends people in court

Relationships Crossword

Relationships Crossword

The type of family where both parents live with their biological or adopted children.
Sole-parent families are families who have ____ parent living with them.
Your grandparents are part of your __________ family.
True or False. Communes are a living arrangement where many adults and their children all live together.
The Brady Bunch was a famous example of which type of family.
True or False: Same-Sex families consist of two adults of the same gender and children.
Couples without ___________ are a type of family.
Which relationship is closer, friends or acquaintances?
People often track there family history through a family _______.
ABS stands for the Australian Bureau of _____________.
WHO stands for the World ________ Organisation.
Families help to develop our ________ at a young age.
A ___________________ is when we believe how someone will act depending on their background. For example gender, culture, race or appearance.
A term used for someone who belongs to the same social group as yourself.
If your friends influenced you to study harder for a test, this is an example of ____________ peer influence.
Peer pressure can lead us to make some poor _______________.
When making decisions it is important to think of the C_________________.
When we are looking for other options to make a decision we are looking for _________________.
Emotions are an example of an _______________ factor when making decisions.
An external factor in decision making could be the ___________________.
Evaluating our decisions allows us to ensure we make _________ ones in the future.
Someone with different values to yourself may make ____________ decisions.
_______ of the moment decisions are made without prior planning.
All your decisions you make with influence how _________ see you.
It is important to think about your decisions and how they affect others, as we make a lot of decisions _____________ thinking about it