Chillscapers Vs. WiseOldClan Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Ironman Purple (or 3 on main)
3 Master casket uniques
Story TOB with 2+ clannies
Get a 1KC NM with only Clan
5 Hespori seeds /<1 min. kill
2/3 GWD Hilts
Sub 40 minute COX
3 Elven Signets
5 Chewed bones
Tench/Tackle Box/Harpoonfish
Dragon Halberd from CG
Ring of Endurance or ROTG
Any Skilling Pet
Any PVM pet
3 Zulrah uniques/<1 min kill
PK someone in the Rev Caves
Kill a mimic
Hunt 200 Chompy
Kill Prif rabbit for Cup X5
20 Soul Wars Crates
PK 20 Green Dragon Bots
Get a Jar drop of any type
Thieve crystal seed/sceptre
Team Photo in a cool location
Any Revenant Unique


Tier 1 Runescape PvM Bingo Cards

Tier 1 Runescape PvM  Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Armadyl Chestplate
Torva Plate Legs/Body
Dragon Rider Lance
Blightbound Crossbow
Telos Orb/Dormant
Pernix Body/Legs
Ascension Signet
Virtus Body/Legs
Mazcab Ability Codex
Seismic Wand/Orb
Bandos Chestplate
Eldritch crossbow Piece
Achto Tempest piece
Achto Primeval Piece
Mutated Barage Codex
Mutated Flurry/Fury Codex
Tier 90 Kite-shield
GWD2 Crest drop
Legions Signet
AOD Chest
Praesul Wand/Imperium Core
Praesul Codex
Uncut Onyx
Achto Teralith


Trio PvM Bingo

Trio PvM Bingo
Bingo Cards

Dragon Rider Lance
Seismic Wand/Singularity
Cywir Wand/Orb
Shadow Glaive (Main/offhand)
Armadyl Chestplate
Torva Armor Piece
Pernix Armor Piece
Virtus Armor Piece
Mazcab Ability Codex
Telos Dormant/Orb/Codex
Araxxor Leg
Ascension Signet
Crest of Seren
Crest Of Zaros
Crest of Zamorak
Tier 90 Shield (Rots)
Achto Armor Piece
Elderitch Crossbow Piece
Mutated Codex (Ed2)
Drygore Weapon
Spirit Shield
Araxxor Hilt
Nex Weapon (Wand/bow/book)
Blade of Nymora/Avaryss


Dipshits Bingo

Dipshits Bingo
Bingo Cards

Dragon Chainbody
Zenyte Shard
Any Wildy Boss Ring
Arcane or Dex Scroll
Any Boss Jar
Any Full Godsword
D pick
Any Kraken Drop
Complete any Barrows set
Any Cerb drop
Magic Seed
Med Clue boot x2
Zamorak Spear
Armadyl Crossbow
Revs: 2 emblems 1 over 4m
Any Skilling/PvM pet
Any Hydra Drop
All 4 DKS Rings Plus D Axe
Any 5 Barrows Items
Zulrah Unique
Vorkath or KBD head
Any Complete Spirit Shield
Bottomless Bucket


The round Table Bingo Cards

The round Table Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

crest of seren
shadow glaive
sara sword
zammy hilt
boss pet
ascensions signet
brodcast from clues
blade of nymora drop
team pic
6 or more members to cap
torva plate legs
virtus wand
skilling pet
arma crossbow
10 arch collerctions as team
5 arch mysteries as team
get 99in any skill
get 120 in any skill
d mattock for bgh
5 hardmode dung floors team
10 dung floors as team
20k runespan points
borrows item


real numbers Crossword

real numbers Crossword

The------- factorization of composite numbers is unique.
For any two numbers,HCF x LCM =----------of numbers.
------ is a sequence of well defined steps to solve any problem.
The-------expansion of rational nimbers is terminating if the denominator has 2&5 as its only factors.
-------- division algorithum is used to find the HCF of two positive numbers.
-------- numbers have either terminating or non-terminating epeating decimal expansion .
decimal expansion of 3/35 is
A proven statement used as a stepping stone towards the proof of another statement is known as
fundamental theoram of ----------------- states that every composite number can be uniquely exprressed as a product of primes aprt from the order of factors
numbers having non-terminating non-repeating decimal expansion are known as

Anime TV Shows Word Search

Anime TV Shows Word Search
Word Search

Avatar The last Airbender
The Seven Deadly Sins
Sword Art Online Two
Fullmetal Alchemist
Kurokos Basketball
Dragon Ball Super
Ghost in a Shell
My Hero Academia
Naruto Shippuden
Samurai Champloo
Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Fate Stay Night
Hunter X Hunter
Legend of Korra
Akame Ga Kill
Blue Exorcist
Dragon Ball Z
One Punch Man
Cowboy Bebop
Kill la Kill
Samurai Jack
Sailor Moon
Tokyo Ghoul
Code Geass
Death Note
Soul Eater
Fate Zero
One Piece
Yu Gi Oh

New Mexico Statehood Crossword

New Mexico Statehood Crossword

The Treaty of _____________ Hidalgo
The Long Walk involved which group of native Americans?
The trail that went from Mexico City to Santa Fe
Which river did the US cross when "protecting" thier new southern border?
Who earned a special name from the Native Americans and was a term of honor?
Corrupt group of businessmen in NM.
Rough Riders were a part of which war?
People who came to NM to get better.
Article ? was not put into the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Idea that the US would span from Ocean to Ocean.
Secret telegram sent from Germany to Mexico during WWI?
Famous road people traveled through NM in the 20's.
What natural disaster hit NM in the 1930's?
Why did we use the Navajo language to make a code in WWII?
Japanese Americans were put into ___________ camps because they were not trusted.
The Bataan Death March took place where?
Building the Atomic Bomb took place in what city?
12th astronaut to walk on the moon was?
Main scientist involved in rocket development
Biggest Air Force Base in NM
Base where bombs and missles were/are tested
valuable mineral found in NM and used for nuclear energy
Blue Lake was given to which group of Pueblo?
_____________ Federal de Mercedes -- organization that fought land grant issues
President who signed NM into statehood.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Word Search

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Word Search
Word Search

Never Ending Mountain
Old Man of the Moon
Fruitless Mountain
String of Destiny
Emperors Fortune
Book of Fortune
Borrowed Line
Queen Mother
Green Tiger
Buffalo Boy
Jade Dragon
Grace Lin

The Life of Moses Crossword

The Life of Moses Crossword

God made His covenant with him and changed his name. (Gen. 15:18)
God's chosen people. (Ex. 1:7)
Took his family to Egypt during the famine. (Gen 42:1)
He grew up in Pharaoh's house as the son of Pharaoh's daughter. (Ex. 2:10)
What kind of child was Moses said to be? (Ex. 2:2)
How many sons did Jacob have? (Gen 35:23-26)
He tried to kill Moses. (Ex. 1:22)
What Moses' basket was made from. (Ex. 2:3)
Where Moses fled to after killing the Egyptian. (Ex. 2:15)
What was Moses' occupation while in the land of Midian? (Ex. 3:1)
Pharaoh told them to kill all the male children. (Ex. 1:15-18)
Moses' sister. (Ex. 15:20)
God changed Jacobs' name to this. (Gen. 32:28)
He was sold into slavery, but became very mighty in the land of Egypt. (Gen 37:26-28)
Where was Moses born? (Ex. 3:7)
Who heard the groanings of the children of Israel? (Ex. 3:7)

Genesis Chapters 1-3 Crossword

Genesis Chapters 1-3 Crossword

In the ___ God created. Gen. 1:1
What God called the light. Gen 1:5
What God called the darkness. Gen. 1:5
What God called the firmament. Gen. 1:8
What God called the dry land. Gen. 1:10
What God called the gathering together of the waters. Gen. 1:10
And God saw that it was ___. Gen. 1:10
The greater light that rules the day. Gen. 1:16
The lesser light that rules the night. Gen. 1:16
God created animals according to their ___. Gen. 1:21
Be fruitful and ____. Gen 1:22
God made man in His ____. Gen. 1:26
Number of days God created. Gen. 1:31, 2:1
What God did on the seventh day. Gen 2:2
God blessed the seventh day and ___ it. Gen. 2:3
What man was made from. Gen. 2:7
Where God put the man. Gen. 2:8
One of the trees in the garden. Gen. 2:9
The fourth riverhead. Gen. 2:14
What Adam gave all the animals. Gen. 2:20
What God made woman from. Gen. 2:22
TAken out of man. Gen. 2:23
Bone of my bones and ___ of my ___. Gen. 2:23
Most cunning of the animals. Gen. 3:1
What will happen if you eat of the forbidden fruit. Gen. 3:3
If you eat of the forbidden fruit, you will know good and ____. Gen. 3:5
The woman saw the tree was desirable to make one ___. Gen. 3:6
Tree from which Adam made clothes. Gen. 3: 7
What God did to the serpent and to the ground. Gen. 3: 14 and 17
The serpents new mode of transportation. Gen. 3:14
God put this between the serpent and its seed and the woman and her seed. Gen. 3:15
The serpent will do this to the heel of the woman's seed. Gen. 3:15
In ___ you will bring forth children. Gen. 3:16
The cursed earth will bring forth thorms and ___. Gen. 3:18
In the ___ of your face you will eat bread. Gen. 3: 19
Name Adam gave his wife. Gen. 3:20
Material from which God made clothes. Gen. 3:21
Weapon the cherubim used to guard the garden