Welcome back to the office @ MSA! Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Fist bump someone
Clean your desk
Walk Around
Re-Organize your desk
Say hello to your manager
Say hello to your VP
Say hello to someone new
Walk to someone's cube
Have an in person meeting
Show pic's from being remote
Find a place to hang mask
Someone mentions the weather
Take a stroll around building
Had meeting in Donner
Meet a friend getting coffee
Meeting in conference room
Got water from Lunch Room
Lunch in lunch room
Someone tells bad joke
Get office supplies
Get asked about weekend plans
Give a nod to someone
Elbow bump someone
Fist bump a second person


Manners and Etiquette Crossword

Manners and Etiquette Crossword

What should you say if you walk in front of someone?
Letting someone use something you are using is called?
When you ask for something you say?
When you receive something you say?
When you receive a gift you send a what?
If your parents ask you to do something, you show them what?
If you make someone else upset or sad, you say?
If someone is having a bad day and you see them upset, you ask?
When you meet someone you say?
If a door is closed, you should always ___ before entering.
If you borrow something you should always ___ it.
You should ___-__ after yourself; don't expect others to do it for you.
If you loose at a food game or board game, loose with ___.

Xyngular Bingo Challenge

Xyngular Bingo Challenge
Bingo Cards

High five someone
Pack a healthy lunch
Like Xyngular on social media
Take 15 minute walk
Have a walking meeting
Stretch 3x a day
Get away from desk 3x a day
Talk to someone new
Find a way to help a coworker
Take a Xyngular product
Drink 8 glasses of water
Try a new workout
Find your winter workout
Share your favorite workout
Try a new product
Wear Xyngular swag
Try/share a healthy recipe
Say hi to an executive


Social Skills Crossword

Social Skills Crossword

Back and forth conversation- like a tennis match
The thing that you do to make your appearance neat and clean
View of someone of something
Where you go to get the job done
It is important to do this when working on a team
The limits
Information to help you improve
Meet each other halfway
What your face says
Communicating with no words
Speaking up for yourself to get what you want or need
Acting in a way that respects others and your job
Adjusting to changes
Combined effort, communication is key!
Feeling anxious or being upset by something or someone

By The Great Horn Spoon Crossword

By The Great Horn Spoon Crossword

a situation in which a difficult decision has to be made between two or more alternatives
the fact of being required or indispensable
irritate intensly; infuriate
a mentally ill person
walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace
push, elbow, or bump against someone roughly
ecstatically happy
pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner
represent something as being larger, greater, better, or worse than it really is
with no particular purpose, reason, or foundation
solid rock underlying loose deposits such as soil or alluvium
fighting with fists
the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed
move out of or away from something and come into view
look keenly or difficulty at someone or something
so frightened that one is unable to move
activities or events celebrating a special occation
utterly odious or wicked
send off to a destination or for a purpose
prevent from continuing or being carried out properly

Hobby-Themed Crossword Puzzle

Hobby-Themed Crossword Puzzle

I enjoy sitting in a theater, watching something on the big screen, and especially eating buttery popcorn when I go to the ________.
You may use a brush, pencils, an easel, and canvas to do this hobby
When you read the ________ you may see headlines, articles, comic strips, the weather, and crossword puzzles
I like to _______, when music is playing. I move around to the beat, sometimes by myself, and sometimes with friends
When you _________, this may include running, walking, riding a bike, swimming, or dancing to work up a sweat
This hobby includes exercise for meditation and relaxation
I love a good fiction adventure story, but sometimes non-fiction biographies are interesting too.
You form clay with your hands with the help of a pottery wheel, and then you bake it in a hot oven.
I can watch them on the television or go to the game and eat cracker jacks. 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out.
When you go ________ you must be very quiet so you don’t scare them away. You sit in a boat, either on a lake or in the ocean with a pole and worms to try and catch some dinner.
These are people who you enjoy spending time with and who are not related to you by blood
These are people who you are related to by blood and you can love to spend time with them
What is a sport that requires you to kick a ball into a netted goal on the other side of the field?
This type of art requires a camera, for example you can capture images of items, people, nature
This physical activity involves using your legs to stroll outside. This can be done at a park. (Walking)
People make meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in their kitchens. This verb is called ___.
When you want to watch the news, what electronic item/device do you watch? This item has a screen and a remote.
This is something you do when you hear or say something funny. It makes you smile and be happy.
You use your voice to say lyrics of songs in a melodic way. This is accompanied by music.
These are activities that come in boxes with items inside and instructions that tell you how to play with them. An example is Monopoly.

coping Skills Crossword

coping Skills Crossword

Something you do to get your mind and body active; to stay healthy
Please _________ your name at the top of the paper.
Your learn how to do this inside the lines on your paper when your are little
You can write your thoughts in this place
You go to the theater to watch this
When words come out of your mouth
You watch this after you finish your homework and before bed time
You use your ear buds to listen to
When you are sleepy in the middle of the day during the summer you take a
When your room is messy you need it ________it
You can do this with your hands or a machine to make clothes
when you sit in a quiet place by yourself to focus on calming down
Some times you do this when you are mad, sad or even happy
It takes less muscles in your face to do this; opposite of frown
You use your legs to do this
You need money to go to the mall and do this activity
You need a book to do this activity
you go outside and plant a
an artist likes to
Not your family
inhale then exhale
you do this at church, when your are in trouble and just before you eat
Beyonce can sing and
Sometimes you just need to play a fun board
You __________ a cake in the oven
When someone is crying that you care about you may want to give them a

Work Health and Safety Crossword

Work Health and Safety Crossword

The Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) often referred as ____ Health and Safety
As a business owner there are _____ requirements that you must comply with to ensure your workplace meets WHS obligation
WHS involves the assessment and migration of risks that may impact the health, safety or ____ of those in your workplace
One of the responsibility of an employer is to provide safe _______
One of the responsibly of an ________ is to protect their own health and safety
Anything with the potential to cause injury
The likelihood of this hazard resulting in an injury
One of the step to manage work health and safety risks is to ______ hazards
Codes of _____ are practical guides to achieving the standards of health, safety and welfare required under the Work Health and Safety Act and WHS Regulations in jurisdiction
An employee has a legal duty to _____ with an employer
An employer has a legal duty to provide
There are many hazards in an office such as incorrect workstation set-up, poor lighting, poor layout of furniture and equipment, poor ___________ etc...
One of the hazards when working in an office environment is ________ hazards
A disorder you get from sitting too long in an office
Some of the leading type of disabling office accidents are: falls and slips, _____ and over-exertion, struck by or striking against object and caught in object
The type of basic hazard categories is ______, chemical, biological and ergonomic
Some of the safe work practices are to never stand on the char or table to reach anything. The top of your computer should be at ____ level to avoid neck strain. Use safe lifting practices (bending your knees)
Loose lying cables can cause: tripping hazards, _________ and damage to equipment
If injuries or accident happen you must report all injuries or accident __________
Duties of employers to their employees is to train them, provide protection and maintain a healthy working __________



Your own personal space to put papers, books, coats, etc.
Your hourly map of what classes you have.
One of the best parts of the day---done during 5/6 period.
Landon's mascot.
The principal of our school.
Required class for all students.
The sound of this lets you know it's time to go to another class.
Red and ___________ are our colors.
This class is the last one of the day. It helps you get prepared for the next day.
Each student gets one of these for their own personal use.
Go to this place first thing in the morning. Not allowed to go to your locker first.
This is used to carry your Chromebook and is allowed in the classroom.
In order to do well in school, you need to be here.
This keeps others from getting into your locker.
Should be turned OFF and out of sight.
This lets you know what is acceptable dress at Landon.
She is located in the main office.
Where breakfast and lunch are served.



Don't leave to go to the _____________ during instruction.
You may use this unless someone is talking to the class (student or teacher).
What you say when you walk in the door.
This is the same as the restroom policy
You are invited to sit in the _______________ during independent work time. The teacher will set an alarm for ten minutes to give others a turn.
Your teacher will escort you to this for the first two weeks.
Get in line quietly at the door for this.
You have to ask for a pass, but you can't visit this after 1:30 pm.
You have to ask for this. It's a good thing to have during reading time.
You should take this off the wall and return it when you go to the bathroom.
These are not allowed to be used in class unless the teacher gives you permission.
_______ (two words), you should clean up your space and push in your chair.
Hopefully you won't need these, but there are three of them before you are given a consequence.
You should get to know this guy. He was a former math teacher!
It's okay to have this in class as long as it's not a distraction to you or the other students.
You should try to bring _______ to your classes to keep hydrated.
To get ready for high school, you should be in the habit of doing this every day or night.

Kitchen Safety Crossword

Kitchen Safety Crossword

Always clean up ____ or broken glass immediately
Never ____ in a kitchen or food laboratory
Never light a ____ near a gas leak
Call the ____ ____ if there is a gas leak
Do not leave anything ____ near a stove
Make sure to not wear ____ clothing near the stove
Make sure to keep stove tops free of
Use ____ to pick up hot pans
Turn pot handles to the ____ to avoid getting bumped
Never let ____ near the stove unsupervised
Cut ____ from your body
Keep products in original
Make sure to tie ____ back before cooking
Always have a ____ ____ in your kitchen
Never stick a metal object in the
Always keep a copy of ____ numbers on the fridge
Never leave in the sink
Before working in the kitchen, wash your
____ ____ appliances as soon as you are done with them
To clean up broken glass, use a ____ paper towel