Desk & Guest Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Guests give tickets to MEA
Dog in the building
Can I walk to the Gardens?
Where is the ride?
So, it's our first time here
Do you have AAA discounts?
What are your hours?
Can I just watch the lab?
Where is your bathroom?
Can I take my drink upstairs?
Is there a map of the muesum?
Do the shots have alcohol?
Having to refund a ticket.
Guests sitting on the ledges.
Kids touching tasting sample
Is there another restroom?
When's the next High Point?
Verbal driving directions
Guests try to use the tap
Guests only going to the shop
What's a membership?
Is the lab extra?
What else is around here?
Where should I park?
Guests overwhelmed by prices


Lab Safety Crossword

Lab Safety Crossword

In case of a fire, you should know the location of this important piece of equipment.
You should always ________ the day's experiment before you begin, paying close to safety issues.
Secure loose or dangling _________ before beginning a lab.
Wearing this will protect your clothes.
In case of a fire in the lab you should _________.
What you need before you bring an animal to the lab or classroom.
_______ one chemical with another can be dangerous. Never do so unless the textbook or your teacher has specifically asked you too.
Never work _________ in the laboratory.
Never pour water into this; instead, slowly pour this into water.
If a chemical comes into contact with your eyes, wash them for at least ____________ minutes.
Handle scissors, scalpels, knives, and other _________ objects with extreme caution.
When heating something in this type of glassware, never point it at yourself or anyone else.
Never _________ any liquid while in the lab, unless specifically instructed to do so by your teacher.
Know where this communication tool is before you begin any lab; you may need to find it in case of an emergency.
Report accidents to your teacher, no matter how _________ they may seem.
Some of these are corrosive.
Only _____ lab equipment as your teacher instructs you to do so.
Don't wear ___________ in the laboratory, closed toe shoes are the best to wear.
This kind of glassware is dangerous to use because it has stress points where the glass may break.
_______ carefully to your teacher; they may tell you important information regarding the lab or equipment.

Conjunctions Crossword

Conjunctions Crossword

The movie we wanted to see was no longer playing, ___ we had to choose a different one.
I don't like golf, ______ do I like tennis.
_______ or not it rains today, we will still have practice tonight.
She will want cake ____ ice cream for dessert on her birthday.
I don't have enough money to buy the video game, ____ if I save up my allowance for two weeks I think I can afford it.
I won't be able to make it to the party tonight, ________ I cannot provide any refreshments.
You can't park here; ______ there should be open spaces in the lot behind the building.
Don't touch the pot ________ the stove is still on.
____ you didn't bring your textbook today, you'll have to share with the student next to you.
At the restaurant, I always order steak ____ chicken.
She won't be playing in the game tonight _____ she has a knee injury.
You may go to the soccer game ______ you clean your room.
_____ I was tired, I tried my best to finish all of my work.
______ you can get your driver's license, you must take Driver's Ed and practice driving with an adult.

Dance Trivia Crossword

Dance Trivia Crossword

How many positions are there in ballet?
What ballet term means "to melt"?
Every time your foot leaves the floor in a ballet class, it must be...
What is the language of ballet?
So You Think You Can __________
To strike
To turn
If you're not ________, you're late!
It is proper etiquette to have your hair in a _______for class.
Dance like no one's _____________
Where did Hip Hop originally come from?
Movement in jazz where the dancer extends the leg and arches the back at once?
Slow motion movement
Big kicks
You must turn out from your ________, not your feet
Miss Armanii's last name
Two brushes, one to the front and one to the back? (tap)
Rahway Dance ___________
Dance Theatre of __________
American ___________ Theatre
Alvin ________
___________ __________ City Ballet

The Safety Connection Crossword

The Safety Connection Crossword

Handle scissors, scalpels, knives, and other __________ objects with extreme caution.
Report any accidents to your teacher, no matter how ________ they seem.
Never ________ any liquid while in the lab.
Some of these are corrosive.
_________ lab equipment only as the teacher instructs.
Never place this where someone may trip over it.
When you are heating something in this, always point it away from yourself and others.
Know where this communication device is in your lab. You will need it if there is an emergency.
This kind of glassware is dangerous to use because it has stress points where the glass may break.
_______ is one chemical with another can be dangerous. Never do so unless the teacher tells you to.
Do not wear these in the laboratory.
If you get a chemical in your eyes, rinse them with water for at least this many minutes.
What you need before you can bring an animal to the classroom.
________ the day's experiment before you begin, paying special attention to safety issues.
Know the location of this important piece of safety equipment.
Never pour water into this; instead slowly pour this into water.
Never work ________ in the lab.
Secure loose ________ before beginning a lab
Wear this to protect your clothing.
What you should do in the even of a fir in the lab.

Science Lab Safety Rules Crossword

Science Lab Safety Rules Crossword

What do you have to get to start a lab activity?
You will never do what in the classroom?
instructed by the teacher you wear what?
If you have allergies or medical condition you should do what?
You will always do what while using chemicals and unknown substances?
What rule is you will not touch any unknown substance or equipment without teacher permission?
what rule is you will never taste any substance in the lab?
What rule is I will follow teacher instructions for smelling or touching any material or substance?
If there is chipped or cracked glassware what do you do?
Why will I do all of these things?
What rule is I will always report any accident hazards or spills to the teacher immediately?
What rule is I will keep my work area clean uncluttered and organized?
What is the most important rule of all?

Science Safety Crossword Puzzle

Science Safety Crossword Puzzle

____________ goggles protect your eyes from danger
what do you use on your hands for safety
What should you wear on your body for safety
What is used to exinguish a fire
Who should you notify if you have a safety concern
What should you do if you get something in your eye
What do you use if you spill chemicals on you
You should ________ pay attention
Instead of run, what should you do in the lab
If you don't __________ to the instructions, you won't know what to do
WIth _________ cut, you should report it to your teacher
Never ____________ chemicals
With __________ burns, immerse in water and notify the teacher
You should never touch or step in this is if it is broken
It is not safe to try these without asking a teacher
_______________ the location of safety equipment

Crucigrama Crossword

Crucigrama Crossword

I can draw very well, and it is fun
I like to play sports.
I am well behaved.
My room is messy so everything is not in the right place that it should be
I got in trouble
I like to clean my room so that everything is in the right place
My friend calls me a couch potato
My mother acts this way when I'm in trouble.
My neighbor is very sympathetic
My dad does gets his work done
My brothers and I are not short
My mom and dad are not tall
His sister is not handsome
Giants are very big
My aunt said that I was looking nice at the wedding
His baby cousin is not old
Her sister's hair is close to the color orange
Henry is a stand up comedian , and the people always laugh at his good jokes
I am not little nor am I medium sized.
My great grandmother is not young.
My hair color is a bit lighter than black.
Many of my friends have a hair color that is close to yellow
I have many of these in school, and we sometimes go out to see movies
She is not a boy, she is a.
He is not a girl, he is a.
There are many of us in school, and we where uniforms.
When a male teenager gets older they become.
My mother is not a girl, she is a.
What is the singular version of people.
Another word for extremely.
Another word for small.
This word is also used in slang as " cause."
Can be used as " we-all" in a sentence.

Vine Reference Crossword Pt. 2

Vine Reference Crossword Pt. 2

"4 female ghostbusters?" " The feminists are taking over... 'IM an ___- ____ "
"Can i get a ___ ? " "Can I PLEASE get a ____"
"so you just gonna bring me a ___ gift on my ___ to my __ party on my __ with a__ gift? " "happy ___?"
"That was ____"
"miss ___ ?" "miss ___?' "miss ___." "Oh man f***in' god she f***in' dead"
"___ BOOOY, I LoVE YoU"
"Brandon, ask me what type of tree this is? " no." "just ask me" ' i-its a ___ tree"
"heyyy. I wanna be _____"
".....___?" "-DO I LOOK LIKE-"
"U stoopid." "no i not" "whats 9 + 10? " '___'
"I don't need ____, they disappoint me"
"B***h called me ugly I said bitch where, she said under all that ___, I said b***h ..where??"
"we have a lot of laughs.." 'f**k off janet, Im not going to your f**kin ___"
"Hi. My names ___ and you're watching my life crumble into pieces" "da-doii-doiiiiii"
"I have ___ depression"
'IM __"
"GIVE ME YOU ___ MONEY" *law and order DUN DUN*
"She's drunk asf**k y'all" "IM WASHIN ME AND MY ____ b**ch" 'im washin me and my ____"
"hurry up were gonna be late for school!!" "bruh, chill. I don't know why you're in a big time ___" *UH-UH-UHH*
"Oh my goi... oh my goi he on ____ mode”
"you ready to f***in DIE ?!?!?" "i-i-imma ___ b***h, you can't kill me"
"what is up __?" "no, what you say dude" "SQUARE UP ___" "STEP DA F**K UP ___"
*sees rat in walmart* "___" .."is that real"
*slides on ice * "Good __"
"Welcome to Jesus Christ ____, Sir, you are live..'yea, JESUS CHRIST F**KI SU-'"
"Next time you f**kin' put your hands on me I'mma f***in' rip your __ off b***h" "What did he do to you ?" "-cause HE F**kiN PuSHeD mE"
"if your name is ___, and you're really handsome, come on raise your hand!"
"Hi, and this is my impression of ___ when she goes to wash her hands, but the waters too hot" "OoAoO...thank you.'
"Kim and Collin, run in here and come get yo' juice.." "s***"
"When will you learn ... WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?" "tHaT Your ___ HaVe COnSeQUencEs!!1!"

Macbeth Act 1 Crossword

Macbeth Act 1 Crossword

How many witches are there?
What is Macbeth's title at the start of the play?
Who do the witches tell their descendents will become a line of kings?
Who is the king of Scotland at the start of the play?
What is the missing word? Fair is _____ and _____ is fair?
At the start of the play, what word beginning with V does the sergeant use to describe Macbeth?
What is it called when a character shares their thoughts and feelings with the audience?
What theme so the witches introduce?
Complete the line: 'look like th'innocent flower, but be the ____________ under't.
Who calls on the spirit world to 'unsex me here'?
Complete the quote: 'I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only ______ ________'
Who are the Macbeth's going to frame for Duncan's murder?
Complete the theme, appearance and ___________.

Bill of rights crossword puzzle

Bill of rights crossword puzzle

Which amendment protects you from searches without reason?
Which amendment stops soldiers from staying in a home without the owners consent?
You have the _ to a speedy and public trial.(what is the blank)
Amendment 1 allows you to practice your what dreely?
Acoording to amendment 2 You have the right to
How many amendments are in the bill of rights?
Crime that is punishable by the death sentance
If you are the defendant you have the right a?
You have the right to peacefully _ ?
First ten amendments of the costitution?
Cops need this to search your home.
Gathering signatures to make a change is called a ?
The 7th amendment gives the right to a trial by a ?
Amendment 9 gives you rights not listed in the
What is a abreviation for the president?
You can't make a law removing your freedom of ?
Amendment 5 does not allow _ jeopardy
Amendment 5 does allow?
Amendment 6 gives you the right to a __ Jury
Amendment 2 says there can be a well regulated?