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APES Review - The Living World Crossword


coldest biome
resource _______ maximizes biodiversity
these species do not belong here
mutualism or parasitism
African grassland biome
carbon _______ takes it out of the air
island _____ looks at richness
international protection for endangered species
super critical species
the first species to arrive

Travel and Tourism Sectors Crossword


What type of visitors holiday in their own country?
This is the reason most people go on holiday.
This is the name of a flight with a duration of less than 3 hours
This is the location you would visit to plan a holiday.
This type of flight is where you would receive a luxury service.
This is the name given to where you leave or enter a destination.
This is the main method of transport in London.
This type of holiday would involve a long stay on a boat.
This type of holiday includes your flight, accommodation and transfers.
Which method of transport is the most convenient for domestic travellers?

Seven Continents of the World Crossword


The largest continent.
Highest mountain in Asia.
The ______ Wall of China.
Biggest country in Africa.
The longest river in Africa.
Mount Everest is part of this mountain range.
The Victoria Falls is found on this continent.
The richest country in the world is on this continent.
Walt ______ World.
On what continent is the Amazon Rain Forest?
This continent is found at the South Pole.
Smallest country in the world is on this continent.
This landmark is in Paris.
Kangaroos are found on this continent.



The Jackass penguin is also known as the __________ penguin.
The Jackass penguin is the only penguin that nests off the coast of __________.
Jackass penguins are ____________.
Jackass penguin’s distinctive feature is a _________ above its eye.
The Jackass penguin has a thick coat of _________ feathers for insulation and waterproofing.
The African Wild dog lives in the __________ biome.
The African Wild dog returns to the same den despite being known as being _________.
The African Wild dog has very long ears to help it hear its _________.
The African Wild dog is also known as the _________ dog.
The African Wild dog is one of the most _________ carnivores.
The African Wild cat is the closest living _________ to the domestic cat.
The African Wild cat lives in the __________ biome.
The African wild Cat’s coat colour helps them ________ into their environment.
The African Wild cat rarely drinks ______.
When confronted the African Wild cat raises its furr to appear more ________.

Over Fishing Crossword


The maxium amount of fish that can be taken from an ecosystem without harm
Net that catches the least amount of bycatch
The fish that are caught by accident
The agency that monitors the amount of fish caught
If fish lower on the food chain get overfished the population of organisms at the top of the food chain will _________
The FOA believes _______ of the oceans fish population is depleted
When fish are caught at a rate faster than ecosystems can recover
The harvesting of seafood for food to make a profit
The gathering of certain sea life in order to produce products
How many tons of stock are caught and discarded every year
A technique where a net is dragged through the water
When a wall of netting is used to circle a group of fish
A straight line of netting placed on the ocean floor with weights
Scientist believe that in order to reduce overfishing there needs to be harsher ______
seafood counts for _____ of the worlds food needs

Parts of an Ecosystem Crossword

Parts of an Ecosystem Crossword

all living and nonliving things in an environment and their interactions with each other
all the members of a species living in a specific area
bigger than an ecosystem and classified by its physical factors like temperature, snow, and rainfall, a biome is a naturally occurring habitat (examples: forest, desert, tundra)
different populations interacting with one another in an ecosystem
nonliving parts of an ecosystem
living parts of an ecosystem
any animal that eats plants or any other plant eating animal
any plant or algae that produces oxygen and food that animals need
any organism that breaks down plants and animals
An animal that eats plants
an animal that eats other animals
an animal that eats both plants and animals
the path of energy of food from one organism to another
the overlapping of food chains in an ecosystem
the study of how living things and nonliving things interact with each other

Canine Disruptive Behaviour Crossword


Typically, aggression occurs when a dog is exposed to a____
Dogs that are ______ may overreact to certain stimuli and appear aggressive to observers
______is a change in behaviour in the presence of something the dog considers valuable.
When trying to correct resource guarding behaviours we can use high ______ food drops to teach the dog that our presence indicates good things.
To address unwanted barking, we first need to understand the ______.
Three reasons why a dog may bark include fear, alarm barking and ______.
When training a dog not to bark the most important step is to prevent ______ as this strengthens the neural pathways and increases the likelihood of re occurrence.
Nipping is a ______ behaviour for puppies.
It is important puppies remain with their litter and mother until 8 weeks of age so that they may learn bite ______ and the consequences related to nipping.
Housetraining may be more difficult if the dog has a ______ and has become accustomed to eliminating on a particular surface (eg. Grass, ca Grass, carpet, newspaper).
Many people believe male dogs use marking to mark their territory. What is another possible reason for this behaviour?
When a puppy is chewing on something they should not be you should calmly interrupt and ______ it with an appropriate, puppy safe item
One reason destructive behaviour may occur is a lack of physical and/or mental ______.
If destructive behaviour is focused on points of entry, it is likely due to ______.
The best solution for deterring digging is to provide the dog with mental and environmental ______ if they are going to be left outside.
Digging can sometimes be managed by using a dig pit, which provides a controlled location for the dog to participate in “______” digging.
We can offer an ______ behaviour to be performed to stop a dog from jumping up.
Rather than yelling at the dog the best thing you can do when a dog jumps up at you is ______ them.
By using words such as “no” and “leave it” your dog may learn that items on counters or tables are only off limits when you are ______.
When we want to redirect our dog's attention from the food or item on the counter, we can use an attention noise. What should you not use to get their attention?
To avoid conflict between household dogs, you should not allow the dogs to ______ at one another, rather, calmly interrupt
Many conflicts between household pets can be due to incompatible personalities and ______.
One of the most important behaviours you can teach your dog is ______.

Memories of Andrea's time at Leigh Crossword


the new walls were talked about for years before your arrival, but you had to deal with inconvenience repair to this
here is your bag, now drive along
kept us inside for 7 days also name for an older woman on the prowl
gave us a renovated office and a new gym floor
the forest fires created a lot of this, which kept us inside
because of these, falling trees kept us inside
these dirty trousers created quite the smell while the K’s are drumming
sharing our land with many 4-legged
this baby was born in our forest
upgraded to improve ventilation
created a cozy and united staff
a well-deserved drink choice on Friday nights
acceptable drink to get you through the day
these hide our smiles and our looks of exhaustion
created these on our land to play within
veins, hips, and eyes oh my
caused unexpected evacuations
a collaborative K partnership that required this
the school rocks to this beat, thanks to your brother’s connections
the dad that made a tearful speech every September
this message was graffitied on the boy’s bathroom wall especially for you
time spent with a small group of 5-year-olds
not the boxer, but the owl that gave us something to write about
this was an uninvited flying visitor in Michelle’s room
used to alert you of sick kids in class
you taught Kindergarten on this day
the messenger of joy was found in a portable
an embarrassing assembly moment when you had to do this
resulted in temperatures above 40 degrees
friend, colleague and co-pilot
the man was here, moved to the creek then to see the Habs
this person is your frontline right-hand
after a few years of being overpopulated, we lost some of our staff and students to this new school SMILING
this head teacher ran our morning meetings before her departure last year

ou and ow words Crossword


Sometimes see this when there is rain and sun together.
The day after today.
The past simple of find.
Use this to dry yourself after you wash.
Children and plants do this when they get bigger.
Rain comes from these things in the sky
These give us light from outside and we can see through them.
Say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
A faster way to wash than a bath.
A type of home, maybe a terrace, a cottage or a bungalow
A small brown animal, or something that we use with our computer.
I put my head on this when I sleep.
A white ingredient of bread and cake.
I like to grow these in my garden; they are beautiful and colourful.
The opposite of fast.
On a wintery day, children like to build it with the white stuff.
He works in the circus and makes us laugh.

Get to Know HROO Crossword

Get to Know HROO Crossword

SSU who announces jobs
SSU who handles discipline and unions
SSU where reasonable accommodations are worked
SSU who classifies jobs
HROO team sounds like a police team
Type of employees ERS works with
One could say they are "delegated" to "examine" applicants
Office who services VA department level staff
This team will strategically guide our customers
Office who handles HRIS, Resources, Training, Consultation and Quality
The HROO office with the largest customer base
Form known for use in classifications
Biggest project for ER/LR beginning in Sept each year
What does the "c" in HRMACS stand for?
Who grants DEO's authority to announce?
Type of jobs DEO announces
R&S does this in addition to recruitment
SWAT provides services to any _____ entity
SBO will be a _______ between the customers and SSUs
The Front Office services _________ and ___________customers