Ruby Crossword

An orange fruit
What Eskimos live in
Our Girl Dog's name
Your Brother's name
Your Sister's middle name
Your middle name
Our boy dog's name
Our street name
What suburb so we live in?
Your brothers school name
Your teachers surname
Your year 1 teachers surname
Who sings 'Electric'?
What you had for dinner tonight
What grade you are in
Our surname

Friends Crossword

Friends Crossword

The name of the coffee shop where the group of friends hang out
Bing (played by Matthew Perry)
Jennifer (plays Rachel)
Creepy coffee shop guy who is obsessed with Rachel
Joey (played by Matt LeBlanc
The pet monkey belonging to Ross
Ross and Monica's surname
David (plays Ross)
Lisa Kudrow's character, surname Buffay
Famous song by Phoebe Buffay
"Ohhhh Myyyyyy Gooooodddd" famous quote by this character
Performs the theme song "I'll Be There For You"
Phoebe Buffay's twin sister
The gift Phoebe gives to her brother after finding out he and his wife cannot have children
The doctor that Joey portrays on Days Of Our Lives
The British girl Ross marries, whose name he forgets at the altar
The name of Ross and Rachel's daughter
Water fowl kept as a pet by Joey and Chandler
The name of joey's agent
The setting of the show

The One and Only Ivan Crossword

The One and Only Ivan Crossword

Who it the owner of the Big Top Mall?
What is the place Ivan was sent after living in the Big Top Mall?
What is the name of the elephant Ivan used to live with?
Where was the first place Ivan lived?
Who is the main character of the story?
What is the name of the dog that lived in Ivan's cage?
What does Ivan love to do?
What is the name of the elephant that Ivan lives with after Stella leaves?
What is an adjective for Ivan starting with the letter H?
What is the name of the girl that comes to the Big Top Mall every night?
What is the name of Julia's dad?
What does Stella ask Ivan to do when she leaves The Big Top Mall?
Why did Stella leave The Big Top Mall?

To Kill a Mockingbird: Part I Crossword

To Kill a Mockingbird: Part I  Crossword

morphine addict
highly respected housekeeper of Jem, Scout, and Atticus
Aunt Alexandra's grandson and Scout's cousin
Boo Radley's real name
The children use it to try to deliver a note to Boo
Atticus describes them as animals
The setting of this novel
"a fur-trapping apothecary from Cornwall whose piety was exceeded only by his stinginess"
An uncared for house that everyone is scared of because of the stories they've been told
A lawyer and father of Jem and Scout
Scout's young teacher from North Alabama
New boy who visits for the summer and befriends Jem and Scout
Dill's real name
Dill's aunt
The town gossip
Jem and Scout find mysterious gifts left here
She loves all of nature's beauties, but despises nut grass
Believes Scout should wear dresses and play with tea sets
Atticus will defend his client, __________-, in court
Atticus' brother, Scout's and Jem's uncle
Aunt Alexandra's lazy husband
What Scout does to Francis
Uncle Jack learns how to treat ____________
Mrs. Dubose's caregiver
Scout learns to dislike
Jem looses his
Dill tells Atticus that he, Jem, and Scout were playing
Visits the Finch home for lunch
Jem and Scout are surprised to learn that Atticus is skilled with a
Character call Tim Johnson a ______
__________ destroys Miss Maudie's house
Scout's full name JEAN LOUISE
Nathan Radley adds this to the tree

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword

Scouts real name
Scouts brother
Jem and scouts aunt
scouts "husband"
Her house burnt down
Boo radleys real name
What family charged tom robinson
Which ewell was "attacked"
Who was Tom Robinsons lawyer
who is the mother figure for scout and jem
What is atticus' nick name
Who shot the sick dog
Who was scouts mean teacher
What did jem lose on the radleys property
To kill a
The author
What was mrs dubose addicted to
Boo radley killed who
What filled the hole in the tree
Who filled the hole in the tree
Where did scout and jem go dressed up
Aunt alexandra wants scout to behave what way
What happened to Tom Robinson
Why did jem stop playing with scout
Who did scout invite to dinner

Inuit Word Search

Inuit Word Search
Word Search

Inuit Circumpolar Council
Throat singing

Supernatural Crossword

Supernatural Crossword

The famous last name
The head of hell after Lucifer
Dean's nickname for his brother
The boys' mother
The angel we all know and love
The symbol you wear to protect against evil
The expression Dean makes when he's said a bad joke
When Sam came back from Hell, which part of him was misssing?
The infamous gun
They come from Hell
The Winchester boys make our panties...
Dean's baby
"Driver chooses the music, shotgun shuts his..."
Castiel's famous insult: "Hey! ..."
How did Jo and Ellen die?
The surname of the boys' father figure
Unknowingly, Sam broke the last seal and started the ...?
What colour eyes does this demon have?
The name of the woman who stole the colt
Bobby's famous insult
Carry on my ... son
Whos hotter than Sam and Dean?
One of Dean's favourite bands
Who convinced John to buy the Impala?
When Dean came back from being abducted by fairies, what was Sam in the middle of?

A Dog's Purpose Worksheet

A Dog's Purpose Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

What is Bailey's favorite toy?
Who owns Bailey
What is Ellies's job
What dog does Maya help take care of
What is the first dog in the book name
What is Ethan's favorite sport
What is Toby's brother's name
Who dog seems to be "incharge" at the dog place in the beginning of the story
What other animal lives with Bailey
What was the hores's name
Who was Ethan's girlfriend

Common & Proper Nouns Crossword

Common & Proper Nouns Crossword

PROPER NOUN: What is the capital of the USA?
PROPER NOUN: Who is the President of the United States?
PROPER NOUN: What state do you live in?
PROPER NOUN: What is the capital of Florida?
PROPER NOUN: What is an animal that barks?
COMMON NOUN: Something you read that rhymes with "cook"
PROPER NOUN: What ocean do we live closest to?
COMMON NOUN: A place where an animal lives
PROPER NOUN: Name the country that is above the USA
PROPER NOUN: Name the country below the USA
PROPER NOUN: What country do we live in?
Common Noun: What is the name of the person that teaches?

Bridge to terabithia Crossword

Bridge to terabithia  Crossword

The name of Leslie's dog
The name of the bully leslie and jess face
The music teacher at lark creek elementary
How old is jess
What colour do jess and Leslie paint the living room
Jess takes Leslie to ____________ on easter
What is the name of the family who used to live in Leslie's house
Who is Jess and Leslie's Teacher
The name of the student who believes he's the fastest kid in 5 grade
What form of revenge do Jess and Leslie use
Jess puts all his money into what for maybelle

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

the narrator of the story's nickname
the narrator's brothers nickname
the narrator's dad's full name
the boys nickname that came every summer
the man's last name who tried to kill Jem and Scout
the boys nickname who was locked up in his room
the woman who took the narrator and the narrator's brother to her church
the man's full name who was charged with rapeing a mans daughter
who accused a man of rapeing her
what was the narrator's aunt's first name
the old lady's last name who the children didn't fond being around
the state in which the story takes place in
the animal the narrator's brother was told never to shot
the author of the story
the county which the story takes place in
the last name of the family that lives next door to the narrator
the boy who scares the narrator and their brother on the way to the play
the narrator's teacher who told her to stop reading
the boy's full name who came to the Finch's house for lunch
the lady's last name who's house burned down
the name of the church that the Finch's go to with their cook
the Reverend's last name
the Judge's last name
the narrator's grandpa's full name
the narrator's aunt's grandson's first name