20 years worth of released music LPS! Crossword

Leo's 1979 LP. His lowest charting to date!
Suzanne Vega's third studio LP from 1990
Another of Tina Turner's quite big LPs from 1989
Junior's 1988 fourth studio LP
Go West's 1987's LP album
Howard Jones's 3rd LP album from the year of 1986!
Sting's 1985 debut solo album
Kim's 1984 LP album!
Madonna's 1983 LP also titled The First Album
Laura Branigan's 1982 LP - her proper first!
Abba's 1981 LP - their last studio album!
Judie Tzuke's 1980 LP - her 2nd album!
Robert Palmer's 1978 - his 4th solo LP release!
Joan Armatrading's 1977 - her fourth LP!
Gallagher and Lyle's 1976 Break Thru LP!
Pink Floyd's 1975 other rather quite Famous LP album!
Fleetwood Mac's 1974 LP album - The last one with Bob Welch!
Steve Wonder's next huge selling - his biggest yet LP from 1973!
The 1972 LP that broke Carly Simon and made her a really big name!
The 1971 LP by Bee Gees that featured 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart'
The debut 1970 Carole King solo LP!



Three Chinese members left.
One of the members is in jail.
Kpop legend.
Furry Group.
Was on a JYP survival show. "Trainees vs JYP"
A popular soloist who fell down the stairs during his Instagram live.
Lost a member in 2018 from dating.
Before debut they were known as KQ FELLAS
Paved the way.
A jointed made by SM.
Gay Rights.
Every member released a solo song before official debut.
Host of Kpop Club

Harry Styles Crossword 2017

Harry Styles Crossword 2017

Name of Harry's home town
Harry's star sign
Harry's favorite TV show
What song did Harry sing for his X-Factor audition?
Name of the band Harry was put into in 2010?
First ever album with One Direction
Second album with One Direction
Third album with One Direction
Fourth album with One Direction
Fifth album with One Direction
What year did One Direction go on Haiatus?
What year did Harry release his first solo album?
Title of Harry's first solo album
First single released as a solo artist

Harry Styles Crossword

Harry Styles Crossword

Boy band in which Harry Styles was a member of
Harry's mom
Harry's sister
Song Harry performed for his X Factor audition
First solo song?
Birthday is in which month?
First television appearance was on what show?
Christopher Nolan movie in which Harry was featured in
Harry's middle name?
Where did Harry work before he was famous?
What was the name of the band Harry was in before 1D?
Harry's favorite movie?
Harry's favorite food?
Harry has an abnormal number of ________
Where is Harry from?
First album
Second album
Third album
Fourth album
Fifth album

Lana Del Rey Crossword

Lana Del Rey Crossword

What is Lana Del Rey's real name?
One of her iconic stage names was May _______
The song "Cruel World" is featured on which studio album?
Her first studio album was called "__________ aka Lana Del Ray
What song features the lyrics "And when he calls, he calls for me, and not for you."
Lana was sent to boarding school as a teen because of her addiction to _______
Lana studied ___________ at Fordham University
The lyrics "I say you the bestest, lean in for a big kiss, put his favorite perfume on" appear in what song?
Lana's debut album was called ______
Which song on her 5th studio released album features rap sensation A$AP Rocky?
The lyrics "climb up to the H of the hollywood sign" are included in which song featuring The Weekend?
The lyrics "If he's a serial killer then whats the worst that could happen to a girl who's already hurt?" are features in which song off of her album Norman Fucking Rockwell.
What unrealeased song features the lyrics "on the war path cause I loved you just a little to much"
"______ doesn't have a problem. Lying to herself cause her liquors top shelf"
Which album features the song "Salvatore"
Which state did Lana grow up in?
Which song features the lyrics, "They think I don't understand the freedom land of the 70s."
Lana was featured in the song ________ with Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande
Which female icon from the 50s does Lana often compare herself to?

Hip Hop Crossword Vol. 1

Hip Hop Crossword Vol. 1

DJ Afrika Bambaataa co-founded what hip-hop awareness group in 1973? (4,6)
In the 1992 track 'Back to the Grill', what did Nas wave at nuns? (9,4)
At the 1998 Grammy Awards, ODB crashed the stage to tell America that Wu Tang is for the ‘…’
What 2016 album did Stu enjoy listening to whilst processing Tier 2 UK Visa Applications? (8,10)
Chicago rapper Fatimah Nyeema Warne is better known as?
Southern rapper Travis Scott is from which state?
A Tribe Called Quest had how many original members?
The Notorious B.I.G. married which R&B singer? (5,5)
'The Number Song' by DJ Shadow samples a bass line from which amazing Metallica track?
What is the name of Madlib's alter ego? (4,4)
In Kendrick Lamar's debut single 'HiiiPoWeR', who put a hex on him? (7,1)
What is Sasha's favourite Hip Hop song? Hint: it was a smash hit in 2015. (4,5)
Which brand manufactures the famous TR-808 drum machine?
Who is the famous rock guitarist to feature on a single from the 1986 hip-hop album Raising Hell? (3,6)
William Jonathan Drayton Jr. popularised the role of the hype man, often yelling 'Yeah, boyeeee!' What is his stage name? (6,4)
Owned by Universal Music Group, which record label is home to artists such as Kanye West, Pusha T and Nas? (3,3)
Anderson Paak is from which seaside city west of Los Angeles?
The name of a vinyl Jared bought Stu by Aesop Rock and TOBACCO (6,3)
Food dish and surname of 25 year old rapper from Florida
Tyler, the Creator's debut studio album
2018 album Stu really enjoyed by rappers Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs and producer The Alchemist
Which supergroup meet Metal Face on 2018 album featuring MF DOOM?
Which city did Eminem grow up in?
Fourth word in Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M

Early 2000s R&B Artists Crossword

Early 2000s R&B Artists  Crossword

This artist released his first album in 1994 at the age of 15
This singing group was originally named "2nd Nature"
sings "Say Goodbye"
sings "so sick"
He gets his rap name from the comic book character Punisher
known as Tej Parker in Fast & the Furious
sings "no scrubs"
sings ''let me love you ''
this artist was shot in his face in his lower gum of his mouth and had to get surgery for his mouth
his album ''Recovery'' was the best selling album of 2010 worldwide
born January 11, 1971
sings "whats luv"
her album Songs in A Minor went platinum five times
DJ Clue helps start this artists rap career
when she was 16 she was discovered by P Diddy's Bad Boy Records

2017 Pop Culture Trivia Crossword

2017 Pop Culture Trivia Crossword

Which artist won the Grammy for Album of the Year with "25" at the 2017 Grammy Awards?
Released in 2017, which teen drama TV series is based on characters by Archie Comics?
Reaching number five on the Billboard Hot 100 in February of 2017, which singer had "Love on the Brain"?
Starring on the Dick Van Dyke Show as Laura Petrie, and later getting her own show, which cultural icon died in January of 2017?
Who won the men's 2017 World Junior Figure Skating Championship in March of 2017
Marking the debut of Arnold Schwarzenegger as host, who won Season 15 of the "New Celebrity Apprentice"
Originally released in 1977, what Fleetwood Mac album made a resurgence on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart in March of 2017?
Released in March of 2017 for the Wii U, what is the latest installment of "The Legend of Zelda" video game series
In this TV comedy series, Vanessa Hudgens plays the role of Emily Locke, Director of Research and Development for Wayne Security.
Which movie won the Oscar for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony
Known for songs like Johnny B. Goode and Maybellene, which rock and roll pioneer died in March of 2017?
The most successful film in Golden Globe Awards history, what film won all seven awards for which it had been nominated?
Which American songwriter/singer released their thirty-eighth studio album titled "Triplicate" in March of 2017?
Finish the title to this 2017 monster film release, Kong - ????? Island.

Pop Culture Crossword

Pop Culture Crossword

What film studio made WALL-E, Toy Story and Brave?
In which country was Lego invented?
The longest running show ON BROADWAY is...
Which show was based on the autobiography of Gypsy Rose Lee?
What was the name of the first hippie musical?
Which show, starring Robert Preston and Barbara Cook on Broadway?
Which show about Danny and Sandy was made into a film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.
What did the Little Shop hold in the movie which premiered in 1982?
What cult classic was made in 1975?
Which 90s revival hit shares its name with a gangster city?
Famous movie or play about a lion?
What movie or play is about a village girl falling in loe with a beast?
What famous movie or playabout a girl that's not in Kansas anymore?
The prequel for The Wizard of Oz
Who was US President when America entered World War II?
Who succeeded Nixon as President of the USA in 1974?
What film adapted from a one-woman off-Broadway show is considered the most profitable movie in Hollywood history?
Which candy did the boy in E.T. use to lure the extraterrestrial?
What was the original title of the horror classic "Halloween"?
What kind of animal was Baloo in The Jungle Book?

Figurative Language Crossword

Figurative Language Crossword

Peter Piper picked a pair of pickled peppers
Bob built a big black barrel out of big black bananas
The food was so spicy my mouth was on fire!
I had to walk a million miles to get here!
Can you believe how messy his room is? The trash is piled to the ceiling.
I'm so hungry I could eat my stomach!
Her opportunity was knocking at the door.
The wind howled through the night air.
The computer throws a fit everytime I try to use it.
The car hacked and coughed as it tried to make it up the hill.
Her hair is like silk.
His scream was as loud as a tractor
The moon's light was as bright as a bulb
I was as tired as a bear in hibernation.
Life is a highway
Love is a rose
My homework is a beast
My mom says my room is a pig pen

Selena Quintanilla CrossWord

Selena Quintanilla CrossWord

Know as the "Queen of Tejano" and "Mexican Madonna"
Where did Selena got shot?
Name of the band Selena was in
Father of Selena
Who murder Selena
Husband of Selena
Last album of Selena
How did Selena died?
Selena's older sister
Selena's fist song that was a hit
Selena's last name
Where is Selena from
First name of Selena's mother
Actress that played Selena in the movie
Apart from "Queen of Tejano" what was another nickname of Selena
Selena was the first female to dominate what type of music
what instrument did Suzette played in the band
Selena's first award was a
Selena’s first album to achieve a gold record status was
Selena considered the option of becoming a fashion