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2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

I like classical music
I worked at Krispy Kreme in High School
Favorite movie is Elf
Was born October 16th
Never had a hamburger
Has a matching tattoo with someone in the family
Ride around with passport application in car
Did modern dance & hip hop in college
Rejected opportunity to be in the spelling bee
Was born Nov 11th
Was born Nov 7th
Don’t drink white milk
I never had nails painted
I do not gamble
Failed GA History in middle school
I have 6 sisters and 1 brother
Worst XMAS present - Skates
I like Rock and Roll music
I play chess
I like anime
I do not have a favorite color

Who <3's/ will miss Carly most! Crossword

Who <3's/ will miss  Carly most!  Crossword

What is my Zodiac sign?
Last name of the famous Carly I was named after?
Which restaurant did I get so full at, I had to step outside? (classic)
Color of my eyes?
Favorite musical artist?
Name of my childhood Orthodontist?
City I was born in?
Who did I play in the Classic Christmas Spaghetti Dinner Play for St. Jude's Church Choir?
What did I collect as a SUPER YOUNG kid?
College I graduated from?
Fill in the blank, once at age 3, I once threw up on a Disney ___? (my dad was proud)
What is the origin of my last name?
City I'm moving to in Florida?

For Kiki Crossword


Captain America
Freedom Day
Mom's Birthday month
Favourite Store
Most hated subject
Round but when cut, its a triangle
Can easily be turned into a purse
You're a ....
Kykie, wil jy .....?
Life Sentence
Actor who plays spiderman
I am ...
Pepper Potts is allergic to...
First movie watched at the cinema
First Pets Name
Most loved Teacher

About Me <3 Crossword


What is my first name?
What is my favorite drink?
What is my favorite food?
What is my last name?
What is my favorite anime?
What month did we start dating?
Take the day you asked me out and subtract that by the year you asked me out.
What is my favorite flower?
What's my favorite animal?
What's our song?
What is my favorite color besides black and white?
What is my eye color?
What is my hair color?
What state was I born in?
What is my zodiac sign?
How many languages am I fluent in?
What month was I born in?
Bucket List ->24-> last word

Staff Bingo

Staff Bingo
Bingo Cards

touch my tongue to nose!
eyes change color daily.
love bunnies!
I enjoy singing
need 2 cups of tea.
drove a crane
majoring in forensics
contemporary dancer
perform for large crowds
allergic to peanuts
captain of swim team.
no meat in house
dream job=counselor
chipmunk fear
I love 80s movies!!
I am bilingual
met Mariano Rivera
theater for 15 years
know "Jabberwocky" by heart.
I like to play chess
can juggle
love Greek Myths
I go fishing often
knowfacts about animals.
biggest Disney fan


French Greetings Crossword

French Greetings Crossword

Good afternoon
How are you?
I am fine
I am very well
I'm ok
See you soon
A handshake
A wave

Wonder crossword (Hard)


Auggie thinks of himself as an ______ kid
What was one of Auggie's favorite passions?
The main theme in the book
Auggie was learning from home with his mum, what is this called?
"I wish every day could be _______"
"You can’t _______ in when you were born to stand out"
When a crowd of people stand up and cheer or clap
Who was the teacher that designed a precept every month
What did Auggie dress up as for Halloween?
What was the name of the play Via was in?
Who is the Author of wonder?

Toy Story Crossword


"Reach for the Sky!"
"To Infinity and beyond!"
"Nobody look until i get my Cork back in!"
"Golly-Bob howdy!"
"I'm Trash"
"Some kids play rougher than others"
"Yes i canada!"

Happy 13th Birthday Christian Crossword


Your name
Month you were born
How many years old will you be in 2022
A rubber pouch filled with air
Cheerful or joyous
A special occasion
A measurement of years, or to grow older
use your voice to vocalize with music
People you enjoy being with
The anniversary of when you were born

Christmas Jollity 2021 Crossword


He famously said ‘I think therefore I am’
Name of the dolls, Russian, of course
Greek hero classed as ‘tamer of horses’
What did Frank say he was, in ‘World on a String’?
The designer of King Minos' Labyrinth
The number of heads Cerberus had
They transformed into a laurel tree in Greek Mythology. Clue: they weren't a cute little chick
Santa's country of origin
Another name for Reindeer
The year the Republic of Yugoslavia ended
Famous sequence notably linked to patterns in nature and investments
A stick of this was placed in Rowan Atkinson's gift wrapping in Love Actually
The country was Mike Myers was born in.
The gang of people who used concrete shoes as a method of disposal of unwanted characters.
In order of release date, what was the 3rd Star Wars film
He bellowed, ‘Are you not entertained?!’ in the arena
A famous dance type originating in the 1920’s
Nationality of King Wenceslas
Strong green herbal liqueur - without a fairy
The stoic philosopher who said, ‘It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ clue: he had a nice pair.
Rough number of dog years to human years
The confectionery item Richard Nixon accidentally said he was.
The number of pieces of gingerbread used to make a classic gingerbread house.
Famous Champagne developer (surname) who was also a Monk