Parenteral Products Crossword

Waste products from microbes, Polysaccharide that withstands heat of sterilization and they can induce fevers in patients
One route of Parenteral injection
Venous disease that generates a blood clot when a blood vessel breaks and prevents blood from flowing to the outside
What colligative prop, is essential because the injection volume resides in muscle without dilution
What is the onset of SC when compared to IM?
SC injections have a narrow control of PH and ________
Which antimicrobial agent has caused toxic responses in neonates?
Buffer PH must be ____________ compatible
Chelating agents are similar to what other additives?
Provide an example of a multi-dose container
Glass is composed principally of __________ with varying amount of other oxides
Which type of glass to pharmacist typically use?
The bigger the gauge of the needle the _________ the needle size

Injections Crossword

Injections Crossword

Drawing back on the syringe plunger, to demonstrate that the needle tip is not located within a blood vessel.
Refers to the diameter of a needle
Angle of IM injection
The insulin syringe is divided into ____ rather than millimeters for measurement.
Preferred injection site for adults.
Container of medication that must have air added to withdrawal the medication.
Is a method used to prevent leakage of meds & prevent pain.
After giving an injection the nurse applies gently pressure to the site. Do not _______ as this can cause damage to the underlying tissue.
Glass container that has a prescored neck that is snapped off to allow access to the medication

Food Additives Crossword

Food Additives Crossword

These enhance the attractiveness of food.
Type of food additive that whitens flour.
Category of food additives that enhance keeping quality.
Type of flavor enhancer.
What do antioxidants retard?
Category of food additives that mix fat and water soluble substances.
What is a type of antimicrobial agent?
These increase viscosity.
Sodium bicarbonate adjusts what?
These chelate metal ions.
Who approves food additives in the USA?
The most common leavening salt?
A caloric sugar alcohol that is used as the sweetener in sugarless gum.
What is the first requisite of any food?

Milady Chapter 15 - Scalp Care, Shampooing, and Conditioning Crossword

Milady Chapter 15 - Scalp Care, Shampooing, and Conditioning Crossword

Shampoo designed to wash away excess oiliness while preventing the hair from drying out.
Water that contains minerals that reduce the ability of soap or shampoo to lather
Water that had had the impuritites(such as calcium and magnesium and other metal products that would make the product unstable) removed.
Shampoo containing an active chelating agent that binds to metals(such as itn and copper) and removes them from the hair, contains an equalizing agent that enriches hair, helps retain moisture, and makes hair more manageable.
Product aplied to hair prior to any thermal service to protect the hair from the harmful effects of blowdrying, thermal irons, or electric rollers.
Product that does not remove artificial color from the hair.
Also known as hair mask or conditioning pack; chemical mixture of cpmcemtrated protein and intensive moisturizer
Conditioner that promotes healing of the scalp
Shampoo that does not contain harsh soad detergents. They are formulater with little to no alkaline soap base; manufacterd as wetting agents to be compatible with hair and soft water sources, and generally are known to be sensitive to artificial hair color and to maintaining the natural oils in the hair.
Special chemical agent applied to the hair to deposit protein or moistrurizer to help restore hair strength, infuse moisture, give hair body, or to protect hair against possible breakage.
Shampoo that us balances to the pH of the skin and hair (4.5 to 5.5)
Shampoo created by combining the surfactant base with basic color pigments that help to extend the vibrancy of the haircolor while adding hydration for hue intensity
Also known as moisturizing shampoo; shampoo designed to make the hair appear smooth and shiny and to improve the manageability of the hair.
Also known as powder shampoo; shampoo that cleanses the hair without the use of soap and water.
Substances that absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture.
Product formulated to add moisture to dry hair or promote the retention of moisture
Shampoo containing special chemicals or drugs that are very effective in reducing dandruff relieving other scalp conditions
Shampoo used for checmicallt processed or relaxed hair that is designed to re-balance the pH level of the hair by neautralizing any alkali and unwanted residues in the hair; after a chemical interaction, it works to help return the hair to the average pH.
Product designes to penetrate the cortex oand reinforce the hair shaft from within.
Product used to remove oil accumulation from the scalp; used after a scalp treatment and before styling.
Productm usually in creambase, used to soften and improve the health of the scalp.
Rainwater or chemically softened water that contains small amounts of minerals and, therefore, allows soap and shampoo the lather freely.
Shampoo that contains a variets of strengthening and nourishing ingredients and is designed to repair damaged and brittle hair.

Phlebotomy Crossword

Phlebotomy Crossword

Universal Precautions are regulated by
Potential error from filling tubes in the wrong order
How often should glucose monitors have QC checks
Why would a collection tube loose vacuum
Type of safety inspection performed on equipment maintenance logs
Complication from removing the needle before the tourniquet
What is present in a urinalysis sample to indicate infection
Complication from underfilling a Gray tube
Position for CPR
Primary function of RBC's --transport...
Puncture of bone for a heel stick can cause
The anticoagulant found in the Lavender tube
Type of tube to use for Blood Cultures
Antiseptic agent used to clean the site for a Blood Culture
When calculating blood volume, you need to know the pts.
Tube color used for blood typing
Term for using sense of touch to locate a vein
Lab Dept. that tests cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, and proteins

Plant Nutrition Crossword

Plant Nutrition Crossword

A form of iron that cannot be bound up in the soil
Encourages root development
A fertiliser supplying several nutrients and formulated for a specific plant or group of plants
For foliage development
An organic nitrogenous fertiliser (4,3,4)
Added to soil to lower pH
A fertiliser supplying two or more nutrient
Encourages fruiting and flowering
Deficiency causes bitter pit and blossom end rot
Bulky organic material
A form of nitrogen
Deficiency in Rhododendrons caused by high pH
A fertiliser supplying only one nutrient
An organic phosphorous fertiliser

E Chapter 5 Crossword

E Chapter 5 Crossword

Requires manufacturers to provide and MSDS
What is an MSDS?
Chemical products that destroy all bacteria, fungi, and viruses (but not spores) on surfaces
Effective for cleaning blood and body fluids
An item made from a material that has no pores or openings, and cannot absorb liquids
Breaks down films and removes the residue of products such as scrubs, salts, and masks
Single-celled microorganisms that have both plant and animal characteristics
Assuming all blood and body fluids are potential sources of infection
The ability to produce and effect
A form of formaldehyde, has a high pH, and damages the skin and eyes
A process that completely destroys all microbial life, including spores
Harmful microorganisms that can cause disease or infection in humans
List the FOUR ideal living conditions for bacteria (alphabetical order)
Division of cells
Binary fission creates
Harmless organisms that may perform useful functions
A type of fungi that is not harmful to people in the salon
Resembles a string of beads, causes strep throat and blood poisoning
Spiral-shaped, causes syphilis
Most common type of bacteria
Parasitic submicroscopic particle that infects and resides in the cells of a biological organism
Grows in pairs and causes pneumonia

Chapter 45 Crossword

Chapter 45 Crossword

primary function is delivering oxygen to the cells and picking up CO2
what type of blood can be used for hematocrit?
life threatening allergies are conteracted by ____?
which parr of the body are patch tests performed?
allergy nasal smears determine _____ count.
abnormalities of the red blood cells
medical name for deficient circulating erythrocytes
cannot be performed if a patient has sickle cell anemia
nothing to eat or drink for at least 12 hours
requires immediate intervention by a health care provider
NOT a symptom in the first stages of HIV
if a urine specimen cannot be tested within an hour, it must be ____?
How many minutes do you observe an allergy patient for any reactions after immunotherapy injections?
Their function include phagocystosis, killing of bacteria, and releasing pyrogen
Their function includes phagocystosis of microorganisms and cell debris

Common Medical Laboratory Terms Word Search

Common Medical Laboratory Terms Word Search
Word Search


Vaccination Crossword

Vaccination Crossword

A substance injected to stimulate the production of antibodies.
Surname of the father of Immunology.
Another word for vaccination.
The skin is an example of this 'line' of defence.
A type of white blood cell, second line of defence
These are produced in the third line of defence.
A disease causing microorganism.
These produce an immune response upon re-infection by the same microbe.
The name of the cow that gave the milkmaid cowpox.
Infectious disease caused by a virus that can cause paralysis.
MMR is a vaccine against rubella, mumps, and what?
Bacterial infection of the nervous system, enters through cuts and scratches.
Secondary, typically undesirable effects of a drug or medical treatment.
A disease that can be passed from one person to another.
Prokaryotic cell type that can cause disease.
Infectious agent that can multiply in living cells.

Microorganisms Crossword

Microorganisms Crossword

Microorganisms that cause infectious disease
Pathogen that lives in blood
Bacteria that requires oxygen for survival
Bacteria that live without oxygen
Small microbes that pass through most filters
Microbes that grow on other organisms
Animal pathogen, parasites
The way microorganisms enter the body
Number of portals of entry for microorganisms
Spread of disease by contact with pathogen
Confined to one area of the body
Spread through the body
Usual amount of specific disease in a community
Excess of normal occurrences of a specific disease
Increase in normal number of cases of specific disease in a defined geographic area
Epidemic spread over several countries
Recently appearing infectious diseases in a population
Ingested or injected substances that have ability to inhibit growth or destroy pathogens
Chemical agents that treat disease
Biologic or chemical agents that create immunity
Absence or control of microorganisms
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Bacteriostatic agents used on skin
Bacteriostatic agents used on inanimate objects
Process of destroying all living organisms
Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
Organism that lives at the expense of another
Encapsulated bacteria in an inative state