US policy of giving military and financial aid to those countries resisting communist rule
Loans given to Western Europe to help it recover after the devastation of World War 2
- Where the US prevented the spread of Communism by establishing the Truman Doctrine to aid nations threatened by communism.
US (Capitalist democracy) vs. Soviet Union (Totalitarian communist). Lasted nearly 50 years, 1945 to early 1990’s.
After the Shah of Iran was overthrown, a U.S. embassy was taken over and hostages were taken
Period of relaxation during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union
– foreign policy principle of the 1950s and the 1960s stating that if one country fell to communism, neighboring countries would also fall
Wall that divided Berlin from East and West
Treaty that looked to curtail the production and number of nuclear arms
The figurative wall that were the countries under totalitarian and Soviet influence
Nations that were under almost full control from the Soviet Union
Term for the Government of the USSR/Russia
Race that the Soviet Union and the United States got into to make better weapons
Alliance of Western Nations of the Atlantic, created in 1949 and made in order to combat communism and the Soviet Union.
Soviet Union attempting to block off all western influence to Berlin, then the Berlin airlift begins.
War fought in order to contain communism in South-East Asia, turned out to be very controversial
When the Soviet Union tried to expand its influence and communism, it tried to invade Afghanistan, but the war was very unpopular.
Muslim fighters who fought for the sovereignty of Afghanistan when it was invaded by the Soviet Union
Line of latitude that forms the border between North and South Korea
A political and economic system where all property is owned by the government.
One of the first times containment was attempted when the UN pushed back North Korea from invading South
American president that helped ease the tension of the United States with the Soviet Union and China
Clock created by scientists to find out how close the world is to a bad war
A government where there are elected officials that are voted in by the people
An economic system where there is a free market, and private property

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