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Who <3's/ will miss Carly most! Crossword

Who <3's/ will miss  Carly most!  Crossword

What is my Zodiac sign?
Last name of the famous Carly I was named after?
Which restaurant did I get so full at, I had to step outside? (classic)
Color of my eyes?
Favorite musical artist?
Name of my childhood Orthodontist?
City I was born in?
Who did I play in the Classic Christmas Spaghetti Dinner Play for St. Jude's Church Choir?
What did I collect as a SUPER YOUNG kid?
College I graduated from?
Fill in the blank, once at age 3, I once threw up on a Disney ___? (my dad was proud)
What is the origin of my last name?
City I'm moving to in Florida?

Clue 1: Use the first letter from each answer to find the location. Crossword


How old will Oriana be?
What is another event that is celebrated on Oriana's Birthday
What month was the birthday girl born in?
In what month did Oriana have her first dermatologist treatment?
What is the birthday girls sister's name?
What day does Oriana's Birthday fall on?
Who is the dinosaur in Oriana's favorite show?
What is the birthday girls name?
Who choose Oriana's name?
Oriana's had her first birthday in?
Oriana is an eager and enthusiastic little girl. Another word for this is?
Alessia likens Oriana to another famous sister from her favorite movie?
Oriana was supposed to be born in which month?
One of Oriana's favorite things to do is?
Which character was on Oriana's 2nd Birthday Cake?

About Me <3 Crossword


What is my first name?
What is my favorite drink?
What is my favorite food?
What is my last name?
What is my favorite anime?
What month did we start dating?
Take the day you asked me out and subtract that by the year you asked me out.
What is my favorite flower?
What's my favorite animal?
What's our song?
What is my favorite color besides black and white?
What is my eye color?
What is my hair color?
What state was I born in?
What is my zodiac sign?
How many languages am I fluent in?
What month was I born in?
Bucket List ->24-> last word

about me Crossword


The two women that most inspire me
The date of the best day of my life
My Best Friend
worst thing ever to come into my life
My favorite food
The reason I want to do better
people that hurt me
People I hurt
My two favorite boys in my life
hold a grudge against
favorite color
name of my cat
what is my goal in life
What is holding me back
color of my eyes
what year was i born
number of kids i have
what do i long to be in this life
besides liquor my favorite drink is
what can i not stand
what do i absolutely love to do
My moms maiden name
My biological grandfathers name

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

I like classical music
I worked at Krispy Kreme in High School
Favorite movie is Elf
Was born October 16th
Never had a hamburger
Has a matching tattoo with someone in the family
Ride around with passport application in car
Did modern dance & hip hop in college
Rejected opportunity to be in the spelling bee
Was born Nov 11th
Was born Nov 7th
Don’t drink white milk
I never had nails painted
I do not gamble
Failed GA History in middle school
I have 6 sisters and 1 brother
Worst XMAS present - Skates
I like Rock and Roll music
I play chess
I like anime
I do not have a favorite color

Lange Families Crossword

Lange Families Crossword

What did Ponie steal from the top of a triple bunk?
His birth signalled the first family birthday in March
In which month do we currently celebrate the most birthdays (excl those in the beyond)
What is the shortest age gap (in months) between Mi and Pi's children?
Number of double/triple events celebrated in a year (currently)?
Who is the youngest grandchild of Mi and Pi?
Who was kidnapped as a child?
What was Colin's first mode of transport?
What did Colin find in an envelope on the day Joy was born?
Who is the eldest grandson of Eileen and Walter Lange
One of the "twins" in the family
Pi's mother's name
Mi's maiden surname
What was Eileen Snr very skilled at?
What sport did Walter Jnr play?
What was Ursula's favourite colour?
Name of the 2nd eldest daughter of Eileen and Walter Lange?
Who slept in a shoe box because she was so tiny at birth?
Youngest child of Eileen and Walter Lange
Charmaine was the first sibling to ...?
One of the many gifted singers and organists in the family.
Eldest grandchild
In the book "The Lange Chronicles", who is described as the beauty queen?
Colleen wore long white ... on an outing to the parade.
First family member born in another country?
One of 3 brothers

THS Crossword


Who is the New principle
Name of the Newspaper
New art teacher
Where is THS ranked in RI
What sports team went undefeated for the 2021 fall season
Who was the DJ for Homecoming
Who is everyones favorite former custodians
Who was the Principal before Mr.Ashley
Who won spirit week
What is the unofficial school anthem
The street the High School is on
Name of advisory period
What is the newest club in THS
Who is the schools social worker

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

Who was Mary betrothed (engaged) to?
Mary was made pregnant through the power of the ____ ____
To spare her shame, Joseph decided to do what in quiet?
Joseph receives a message in a dream from what?
Joseph is the descendant of what great Israelite King? Son of ?
Joseph is told he will have a son and he is to give him a name that in Greek is
Even though Mary is with child, she remains a ____.
Isaiah was an Old Testament _____ who told of a savior that would be born of a virgin.
This is the Hebrew name of the Greek name Jesus and it means ("God is with us" what a perfect name!)
Joseph did as the Lord asked and he took Mary as his ____ into his home
What town was Jesus born in?
Ceasar ____ wanted the world to be enrolled (censused) to collect taxes from everyone.
Joseph takes a pregnant Mary from _____ to Bethlehem for the census.
Mary gave birth, wrapped her baby in swaddling clothes and laid him in an animal feeding trough, known as a
An angel appears to _____ watching their flocks.
The ___ of the Lord shone around the workers in the field and they were filled with fear (awe of God)
The angel speaks, I proclaim to you ___ ___
The news of the angel will bring great __
A ____ has been born!
A multitude of angels sing, Glory to God in the
The shepherds go in haste to Bethlehem to see the new born ___
Mary reflected on these things in her __
The shepherds return home, ____ God
The Season that prepares our hearts for Jesus
Jesus is the ____ of the world!

carman Crossword


Who is this card for?
Who is Michael?
Who is in charge of group?
What is first name of group?
What is second name of group?
What street does Carman live on?
What central US state did Carman live in?
What month was Carman born in?
Name someone else born in January.
What are one of Carman's likes?
What are Carman's favorite colors?
Does Carman make cards?

Wonder crossword (Easy)


The book title
The school Auggie goes to
Auggie is in grade ________
Who was the girl who gave Auggie the astronaut helmet?
What is the name of the principal at Beacher Prep?
A device that improves hearing
The boy Via met at school
What was Julian doing to Auggie that was not acceptable
The name of the Pullmans dog
What was Auggies mums name?
What was Auggies dads name
What was the name of the Pullmans new dog?