Puzzles and worksheets similar to Hungry Games Bingo

1 Samuel 1-14 Crossword


I hunted my fathers donkeys in this mountain region
For the Lord will not ______ His people 1Samuel 12:22
I judged Israel all the days of my life
I cried out to the Lord and He answered my prayer
We have military and financial control over our area
The Lord came to my house, I fell on my face before the Lord and was broken up
I am king what tribe of Israel am I from
A flask of this was used to anoint the king
I am the king's son
Israel became this to the Philistines
Jonathan ate this in the forest
How often did Elkanah go to worship and sacrifice
Eli's sons are described as ...
Samuel ministered to the Lord wearing this
I am commander of King Saul's army
My name means "the glory has departed from Israel"
The Lord of Hosts
King Saul always took this kind of man for himself
What body part of Eli was broken
What kind of priest did the Lord say He would raise up

Let me introduce myself... Crossword


What is my favorite color?
favorite movie?
What attracted me to you ?
Least attraction
I'm Clingy Needy and loves...
My fav tickle spot
messages and
kisses are ...
lunch fav: Steak ceaser salad and a tall....
Music choice
If you aint ....
...You aint ...
Sock on or off?
Sock on or
social butterly ...and
Painting is my
Im a stumbling emotional over the top

New Hope Thanksgiving 2021 Crossword


Something weird about me is that I don't wash my belly button.
My favorite hobby is to ride horses.
My dream date would be to stargaze and have a picnic.
My favorite candy is a whatchamacallit.
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
My Zodiac sign is a Cancer.
My favorite music is pop.
My hidden talent is that I am very good at gymnastics.
My favorite food is Peanut Butter.
My dream job is to be a Nurse.
My favorite season is Winter.
My favorite animal is a dog.
My favorite band is Citizen Soldiers.
My favorite drink is Mnt. Dew.
My favorite store is 5 Below.
My dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii.
My hidden talent is that I can grab things with my toes.
My favorite color is Teal.
My Zodiac sign is a Libra.
My favorite color is Pink.
I like all music.
My favorite fast food is Culvers.
My favorite color is orange.
My Chinese Zodiac is a Rat.

RyRy hard crossword RAWWWR


What is my fav colour
Whats my fav video game
What is my fav car
how do i transport to take to school
What month did mom die in
What is my fav number
What do dino say
What my fav animal
What saies on my beanie
What my fav show

Enthuse - Guess Who? Crossword


The happiest guy who loves to wear a bright/loud shirts
My long pink nails won't get in the way of my drawing
He 'nose' how to find you!
She lurrvveeesss Pokemon and drawing!
He is wheelie good at making friends ;)
This little pocket rocket loves to dance and watch TikTok
Zoom Zoom - You will see this young lady on the road soon.
I'm softly spoken but I've got a lot to say
Our dark knight who creates the coolest sound effects
Craig and I are just two unlikely peas in the coolest pod
Catch me boogeying in my Akubra
Who else could breakdance while singing the Brisbane Lions theme song?
I'm an avid gamer with a love for Skylanders
Have you seen my Tiktoks with ReRe?
She's a barefoot non-travelling gypsy
I LOVE Jesus :)
I definitely think there is too many Disney live action remakes!
My beautiful niece works at CFN
Watch me dress up and dazzle you with my diamond art

Get To Know Me BINGO!

Get To Know Me BINGO!
Bingo Cards

I can speak another language
I have a sibling
I have brown eyes
I Can Play an Instrument
I have broken a bone before
I have never lost a tooth
I like chocolate
I have blue eyes
I have visited another state
I like to fish
I have a pet
My birthday is in December
I am good at math
I like to dance
I love to play sports
I like video games
I have ridden a horse
I can do a cartwheel
I have gone camping in a tent
My favorite season is summer
My favorite season is winter
I am an only child
I have never had a pet
I love Girl Scouts!
I have flown on a plane
Math is my favorite Subject
I don't like chocolate
I love to read books
I am left handed
My favorite color is orange
My favorite color is Black
I am afraid of spiders


About me Crossword


The thing I wanted to be when I grow up in Grade 1
My first crush at Reddford
Then name I said was my 'middle name' when I was younger
My BTS bias
Which place did we go to to watch a movie?
Who did I have a crush on the longest
What is my favorite colour
When did I stop doing swimming lessons?
What can I sometimes be afraid of?
What is the third language I am learning?

For Kiki Crossword


Captain America
Freedom Day
Mom's Birthday month
Favourite Store
Most hated subject
Round but when cut, its a triangle
Can easily be turned into a purse
You're a ....
Kykie, wil jy .....?
Life Sentence
Actor who plays spiderman
I am ...
Pepper Potts is allergic to...
First movie watched at the cinema
First Pets Name
Most loved Teacher

OUR BRAIN Crossword


Someone who is very smart, is very In____________________.
The organ of our body that controls our thinking and our body movements
This test measures how intelligent we are
If we like to sing songs and can play musical instruments, we are m _ _ _ _ sm_ _ t
People who are good at dancing and sport are b _ _ _ s _ _ _ t
The use this part of our brain to remember things
Our brain uses 20% of the ox_ _ _ _ that our body needs
This animal has the largest brain of all living creatures
A mouse's brain is ________________ than a cat's
When we make ______________ in our mind, it helps us to remember things
Someone who likes to be outdoors and knows the names of animals and plants, is ______________ smart.
If you have a good memory, you can _________________________ things well
Another word for "smart"
Our brain controls our whole body and can do so many things! Our brain is really p__________________________.
An elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, but humans are more ______________________________.have larger
Someone who likes reading and is good at languages, is _________ smart.
When we think about many things, we have a lot on our _____________.

oi Crossword Puzzle


Mom __________ water on the stove.
I have a R5 ____________.
You may ___________in our game.
Please do not ____________ it for everyone.
Please do not make a loud ___________.
She has a lovely singing ____________.
Please may I go to the ____________.
It is rude to ____________ your finger at someone.
I plant a seed in the _____________.
There is a copper ____________.
Mom wraps my sandwich in tin___________.