PSW 2021 Crossword Puzzle

The GNL application used for instant messaging and online meetings.
Before case management, case information was collected in these huge volumes and the IMD reference these regularly when looking for older files.
This system was first installed in Supreme Court in February 2008, and is used to record courtroom audio.
The last women hung in St. John's, in 1834. Some people swear that she still haunts the halls of Supreme Court.
The IM Division stays busy drafting these verbatim documents for Court of Appeal criminal cases.
A new courthouse was unveiled here in May 2010.
Law Courts Alerts launched this type of notification system in May 2016.
The application used by staff to report overtime and to use leave.
This judicial centre is responsible for circuit court in Clarenville.
This higher court started operation as a separate division in 1975.
This judicial centre is located in the "big land".
VIQ records this in the courtroom
This judicial centre is located in the town that doubled its size on September 11, 2001.
This judicial centre is located in the town who hosted the SalmonFest for many years.
All court files and vital records are stored here.
This ceremony is usually held in Courtroom No. 1 for new lawyers.
All confidential materials must be disposed of in a _____ shredding bin.

Judicial Branch Crossword

Judicial Branch Crossword

People or things that can prove one side’s version of what happened
The document that created the judicial branch
Asking an appellate court to review a case
Type of case about someone accused of committing a crime
Court system that deals with United States laws
Court system that deals with state laws
Type of case relating to peoples’ rights
Group of people that decides a case after hearing the evidence
Number of justices on the Supreme Court
the court of last resort
The Supreme Court’s power to decide what is constitutional
The lowest court in the federal system
minority opinion
Term used to protect the rights of individuals
False accusations in writting
An opinion in the supreme court that emphasizes the majority
Practice of spying for a foreign power
The review by the supreme court of a decision made by a lower court
Supreme court Chief Justice
The right to remain silent

U.S. Constitution Crossword Puzzle

U.S. Constitution Crossword Puzzle

This Article states that the Constiution is the "Supreme Law of the Land"
The first 10 Amendments of the Constitution
A major source of income for the government
the introduction to the Constitution
changes made to the Constitution
This Article outlines how laws are made
This Article says that 9 states must ratify the Constitution
This Article explains how Amendments are made
This Article outlines the responsibilities of our President
This Article describes the branch of the government that is responsible for "interpreting the law"
There are Seven of these in the Constitution
The branch of government that houses the President and Vice-President
The branch of government that houses the Supreme Court
The branch of government that houses Congress

Supreme Court Terms Crossword

Supreme Court Terms Crossword

This term is an order issued by the Supreme Court directing the lower court to send records for a case in which it will hear an appeal
This term is a written statement submitted by the lawyer for each side in a case that explains to the judge why they should decide the case in favor of that lawyer's client
This is a court decision in an earlier case with facts and laws that are similar to a case in a court at the time that will usually govern the decision of a later similar case, unless a party can show that it was wrongly decided or that it differed in some significant way
Permission given to a person who is poor and cannot afford for the case to go to the Court
Has the power to review the judgment of another lower court with an appeal
Area over which the court has authority to decide case
A judge of the supreme court of a country or state
A promise to tell the truth
The decision of a judge or jury
A written opinion by one or more justices that agrees with the verdict but wants to put it in own words
A disagreement between parties that is resolved by the court(This is what goes to court)
One party writes this because they disagree with the court's decision asking another court to decide if the trial was conducted correctly
An opinion written by a justice that disagrees with the majority opinion
A punishment ordered by a court for a defendant who has committed a crime
The person accused of a crime
An opinion agreed on by over half of the justices
Latin means "friend of the court" a people interested in influencing the outcome of a lawsuit but not an actual party
A place where cases are decided during a tribunal
a court of justice
The highest court in the United States

Three Branches of Government Crossword

Three Branches of Government Crossword

There are how many justices on the Supreme Court?
There are how many senators for each state?
The Legislative Branch is also known as what?
The head of the Executive Branch is who?
The president has the power to do this if he doesn't like a law.
The Supreme Court interprets the laws and checks to make sure they are what?
The building associated with the Legislative Branch.
The President appoints who to the Supreme Court?
Which branch has to approve the justices?
The President can only serve two terms for a total of how many years?
Supreme Court justices are appointed for how long?
The number of representatives that a state has is dependant on what?
"Checks and _____________" is the way each branch can keep from having too much power.
The President is also known as the "Commander in _______?"
The Supreme Court is what branch?

judicial branch Crossword

judicial branch Crossword

In the state court judges are elected for how many years
If you are a delinquent or unruly what is the age for you to go to a juvenile court
Highest court in ga
Court that can issue search warrants
How many supreme court are there in GA
Civil wrong doing of an individual
Who reviews the death sentence cases
Court that handles minor traffic incidents
Number of counties in GA
Court that handles wills and estates
Which court handles cases involving violations of city law
Highest trial court
What is the job of the judicial branch to Georgia citizens
What did you do if you got the death penalty
What judges are elected by partisan elections
Most serious crimes
Appellate court other than supreme
Occurs when a written law is broken
Reviews cases that have been already decided by a lower court
Less serious crimes with less than a year in prison
Which court look at all felony trials
What type of case does felony and misdemeanors go to
Which court deal with land deed disputes
What are the delinquent behaviors that bring a juvenile to the adult process

Courtroom Workgroup Crossword

Courtroom Workgroup Crossword

The examination in court of the issues of fact and relevant law in a case for the purpose of convicting or acquitting the defendant.
Professional courtroom actors, including judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, public defenders, and others who earn a living serving the court.
An elected or appointed public official who presides over a cour of law and who is authorized to hear and sometimes to decide cases and to conduct trials.
an attorney whose official duty is to conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the state or the people against those accused of having committed criminal offenses.
Ant info having a tendency to clear a person of guilt or blame.
A licensed trial lawyer, hired or appointed to conduct the legal defense of a person accused of a crie and to represent him or her before a court of law.
A court officer to keep order in the courtroom.
An attorney employed by a government agency or subagency or private organization, providing defence services to indigents.
A person with special knowledge and skills recognized by the court as relevant to determination of guilt or innocence.
Eyewitness, character witness, or other person called on to testify who is not considered an expert.
A written order issued by a judicial officer or grand jury requiring an individual to appear in court and to give testimony or to bring material to be used for evidence.
Movement of a trial or lawsuit from on jurisdiction to another or from one location to another within the same jurisdiction.
A member of a trial or grand jury who has been selected for jury duty.

Supreme Court Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Supreme Court Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

the lower federal courts, beneath the Supreme Court
the authority of a court to hear a case
power shared by federal and state courts to hear certain cases
in civil law, the party who brings a suit/some other legal action against another (the defendant) in court
in a civil suit, the person against whom a court action is brought by the plaintiff; in a criminal case, the person charged with the crime
the power of a court to hear a case first, before any other court
the authority of a court to review decisions of inferior (lower) courts
a judicial philosophy in which supporters believe that judges should decide cases based on the original intent of the Framers or those who enacted the statute(s) involved in a case, or on precedent
court decision that stands as an example to be followed in future, similar cases
a case involving a non criminal matter such as a contract dispute or a claim of patent infringement
a court's list of cases to be heard
a transcript of proceedings made in trial court
an order by a higher court directing a lower court to send up the record in a given case for review; from the Latin meaning "to be more certain"
a method of putting a case before the Supreme Court; used when a lower court is not clear about the procedure or rule of law that should apply in a case and asks the Supreme Court to certify the answer to a specific question
detailed written statements filed with the Court before oral arguments are presented
officially called the Opinion of the Court; announces the Court's decision in a case and sets out the reasoning upon which it is based
written explanation of the views of one or more judges who disagree with (dissent from) a decision reached by a majority of the court
written explanation of the views of one or more judges who support a decision reached by a majority of the court, but wish to add or emphasize a point that was not made in the majority decision
a case in which a defendant is tried for committing a crime as defined by the law
satisfaction of a claim payment

The Federal Court System Crossword

The Federal Court System Crossword

What is a lower federal court?
What is it when a court has the authority to hear a case?
What is it called when a case can only be heard in federal court?
What is it called when a state or a federal court can hear a case?
Who is the person that files a suit?
Who is the person that has a complaint against him or her?
What is the court called where a case is first heard?
What is it called when a court hears a case on appeal?
What is when someone violates a federal law?
What is it called when when a case involves a noncriminal matter?
What is the term used for describing the list of cases to be heard in a court?
How can a case reach the Supreme Court when a lower court is unclear about a procedure or the rule of law that should apply in a case?
What are examples to be followed by the Supreme Court?

Branches of Government Crossword

Branches of Government Crossword

Headed by the president.
Headed by Congress.
Headed by the Supreme Court.
Judicial Branch decides if laws are ___________.
Executive Branch __________ laws (reject).
Legislative Branch has ____ senators from each state.
There are ______ judges in the Judicial Branch.
Legislative Branch makes ________.
Executive Branch __________ people (excuse).
The three branches of government were created to make sure that one person or group did not have too much ___________.
The _________ gives advice to the President about important matters.
Eecutive Branch ________ treaties.
Legislative Branch is loacted in the __________.
The Executive Branch is located in the _______________.
The Judicial Branch is located in the __________.

Judicial System Crossword Puzzle

Judicial System Crossword Puzzle

Judicial official who hears cases
Group of citizens who decide a legal case
Highest court in the land
Number of justices on the Supreme Court
Where the Supreme Court gets its authority
Local courts that deal with big cases
Local courts that deal with smaller cases
People under age 18
Type of court that settles financial disputes
Person who keeps track of financial transactions
To ask a higher court to review your case
Decision of a judge or jury
Guidelines set by previous legal decisions
Branch that deals with interpreting the law