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Law Ed Unit 1 Crossword


Number of Justices on the Supreme Court
highest court in the land
What does the Executive branch do to approve a law after it passes both houses of congress?
What branch of government writes laws?
the study of law and legal philosophy
laws that regulate public conduct and set out duties owed to society
laws that regulate relations between individuals or groups of people
criminal offenses that have a penalty of a term of more than one year in prison
criminal offenses that have a penalty of a term of less than one year in prison
the level of proof required to convict a person of a crime
lawsuit that can be brought by a person who feels wronged or injured by another person
the person accused of committing a crime
the person or company harmed in a civil case
the government’s attorney in a criminal case
The power of government is split between state and national governments
Each branch of government prevents the others from becoming too powerful.

AP Gov CAP Crossword

AP Gov CAP Crossword

An official currently holding office
A person being sued
Powers directly given to the federal government in the Constitution
A group of people who listen to a case and decide whether the person accused is guilty or not
Government charges an elected official (usually the president) with a crime
Written statements that wrongfully damage another's reputation
Person who is employed by a corporation to try to influence policy decisions
Handing out government jobs to people who belong to the winning political party
Judicial use of prior cases as the standard for deciding similar cases
Procedure followed by the states to approve Constitutional amendments
Established by Marbury v Madison
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Group of people sharing a common interest that seeks to influence public policy
Presidential rejection of a bill
Guaranteed by the bill of rights
Lowest level of federal courts
Right to bear arms
Theory that the government is run by a small number of wealthy individuals
Court case that established right to privacy
State legislatures create oddly shaped congressional districts that favor the party in power

Democracy Crossword!


a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor.
a formal and organized choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position
a formal choice between two or more candidates
Annamie Paul runs this party
Jagmeet Singh runs this party
Andrew Scheer runs this party
Justin Trudeau runs this party
the governing body of a nation, state, or community.
The Official Opposition is viewed as the caucus tasked with keeping the government in check.
a written grant by a country's legislative or sovereign power, by which a body such as a company, college, or city is founded and its rights and privileges defined.
the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.
the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.
having or relating to a system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs.
of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of a country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded.
relating to a city or town or its governing body.
form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations.
a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.
the head of an elected government; the principal minister of a sovereign or state.
a prime minister or other head of government.
the elected head of a city, town, or other municipality.

Owens Democracy Puzzle Crossword


A grant of rights
To have a duty that you have to do
To be able to do what you would like
Something that you will always be able to do
Someone who controls a group of people
The type of government that leads a whole country
The type of government that leads a province
The type of government that leads a city or town
The type of government when one person has power over all of the other citizens
When the community votes for a party that has one leader or representative
When a small amount of people holds power over everyone else
To vote for a party or leader
To share your choice with others on a certain topic
The party that mainly focuses on climate change and global warming
The party with the leader of Erin O’toole
The party with the most amount of seats in the house of commons
Where the political parties that won a seat all join together to make rules for Canada and talk about what’s best for the citizens
The leader of the party with the second most seats. Their job is to make sure the Prime Minister is still doing things that are good for the country
A king or queen
A person who runs for an election or job postition
The party with the fourth most seats in the house of commons

The Civil War 1861-1865 Crossword


a sea fort built on an artificial island protecting South Carolina from naval invasion
passed after the civil war in 1870
american white supremacist terrorist hate group
process in which the House of Representatives make up the first major step required to remove a government official from office
a landmark supreme court decision that upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation
elected 16th president of the United States
first major land battle of the American Civil War
the initial Civil War strategy devised by General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army
one of the South's most successful generals during the American Civil War
elected 18th president of the United States
provided protection for federally appointed officials who required conformation by the U.S. Senate
known as the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, was established in 1865
a period from about 1865 to 1877 where federal laws offered observable protection of civil rights
restrictive laws designed to limit the freedom of African Americans
first amendment to the U.S. Constitution during the period of Reconstruction

Semester 1 Word Search

Semester 1 Word Search
Word Search


Democracy Crossword


something that grants you rights and freedoms in your area
the duty to do something because you have been blamed/accused for something that wasn’t right, whether an apology or something else.
being able to do something without being judged or accused of wrongdoing.
a legal entitlement or allowance to do something, a right can also have some responsibilities if you do something bad.
a person who has control of the people in a area
the type of government that controls country
the type of government that controls a city/town
the type of government where one person possesses all the power
a system of government that is run by elected representatives that are voted by the people in the area.
a system of government where a group of people have power, the people are usually rich or well known.
a session that is used to vote for representatives to run for the government
the choosing of a choice that you prefer over the other
the party that cares most about environment
the party that is lead by jagmeet singh
the party that is lead erin o’ toole
the party that’s leader runs for prime minister
a political system where people work together to manage the country and parts of the country.
where a party that almost was elected helps to make laws, for example the conservatives will argue with the prime minister's party and will be like an opposite opinion type of group, but they can also agree or add to stances.
someone who helps manage a country, they can be classified as a head of state, and is usually a queen, king, or emperor
a person nominated for an election, whether being municipal, provincial, federal.

"The Muslim World" Crossword


belief of one god
Prophet of Islam
The submission of the will of Allah
One who has submitted
Migration over 200 miles north of Mecca
House of worship
pilgrimage to Mecca
Holy book of muslims
model for proper living
Law that regulates family relationships, business, moral conduct etc..
Succesor or Deputy
family who came into power
Party of Ali
followed of Muhammads example
group whom rejected the luxurious life of Umayyads
powerful group who took over the empire
the state where extraordinary group of muslims formed
A group who was formed to keep political control
A library, academy, and translation center
Art of beautiful handwriting

US History Chapter 3 - A new plan of Government Word Search

Word Search

Articles of Confederation
Checks and Balances
Legislative Branch
Electoral Collage
Shayss Rebellion
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch
Natural Rights
Land Ordinance
French Writer
New York City
Magna Carta

Term 2 6B/6G Cross Word!

Term 2 6B/6G Cross Word!

What do we watch every week in the class?
Who is the most superior class?
Who is the six black teacher?
Who is the six gold teacher?
What did we learn about in HASS in Term 2?
What is the forbidden word in the 6B/6G class?
Who is the best drawer in the class?
Which table has the most chatter?
Do I have any more Idea's?
Who is the smartest guy in this class?
Who is sus in 6 gold?
Who comes in the class to teach genre?
What is the best team? Blues or Maroons?
What is the best movie on earth?
who is pro person