Highly organized and focused study group that practices a ten step process to gain deeper understanding of content material
format that is followed to foster active learning to support students as they seek deeper understanding of text during a class group or group discussion
Socratic seminar
Format for classroom discussion similar to debate that focuses on a controversial central statement or topic
philosophical chairs
the act of identifying and accounting for essential information
building a college-going culture through field trip opportunities and by identifying college requirements, understanding college vocabulary, research careers, and college universities
College readiness
The self- _______________ is a technique used to help students have a deeper understanding of how they learn and how they can positively interact with others
Time __________ is a skill that is explicitly taught to help students develop a system to increase organizational skills.
________________ notes is a systematic approach designed by Dr. Walter Pauk of taking notes that require student to divide their papers into a narrow left margin and wide right margin.
The AVID student _________________ is an individual student contract outlining student goals and responsibilities throughout the school year.
AVID _________________ are AVID strategies and framework most effective in the quest for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.
Development of strategies that encourage connecting to prior knowledge, understanding text structure, and using text processing to increase success and confidence with comprehension skills.
Critical Thinking
stands for advancement via individual determination